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Development of human support robot


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Development of human support robot

Published in: Engineering
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Development of human support robot

  1. 1. Robots are becoming our modern tools Pepper from Softbank JIBO from MIT Media Lab Roomba from iRobot
  2. 2. Research and Development for Human Support Robotics
  3. 3. Who am I? Kensei Demura 11th Grade Robotics Engineer/Researcher Programmer
  4. 4. My Goal Make the next industrial revolution with Robotics
  5. 5. Research Project
  6. 6. Development of Human Support Robotics
  7. 7. Abstract Development/Research of Human Supportive Robot usable for both @home and outside Human companion robot, pepper, for @ home Load carrier robot, LS3, for outside
  8. 8. Why robots, usable for outside and @home, are needed? Cost Convenience
  9. 9. Hardware Design Lightweight Small Durable Maintainable Scalable
  10. 10. Result of the Hardware Design Able to move properly in both home environment and outside Tsukuba Autonomous Robotics Challenge Able to move through the leaves, branches and sand Japan Intelligent Robotics Challenge Able to go through narrow paths
  11. 11. Software Human Recognition : Background Subtraction with LIDAR Image Software Tools : ROS, OpenCV, PCL, julius Human Tracking : PN, PID control Mapping : SLAM LIDAR Visualization by Rviz
  12. 12. Further Study 1. Development of Speech Recognition usable in both @home and outside 2. Development of Object Recognition System in Both @home and outside
  13. 13. Thank you for listening!