Youth Ministry Illustrations - Easter Twister


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Twister is a very simple game that can become very complicated as the players can easily get tied up in knots. Play a classic game of twister replacing the colored dots with symbols commonly associated with Easter.

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Youth Ministry Illustrations - Easter Twister

  1. 1. Youth Ministry Illustrations - Easter Twister
  2. 2. Twister is a very simple game that can become very complicated as the players can easily get tied up in knots. Play a classic game of twister replacing the colored dots with symbols commonly associated with Easter.
  3. 3. Game Materials 1. Easter symbols: Choose from among the following symbols based on the size of your group.
  4. 4. Easter items related to the Biblical account: Gray fleece or donkey (Matthew 21:2- 5), Palm branch or a coat (Matthew 21:8-11), A vial of perfume (Matthew 26:7-13), A lock of hair (Matthew 26:7-13), 30 silver coins or 3 10-cent coins (Matthew 26:14-15), A strip of terry cloth fabric or towel (John 13:4- 11), A communion wafer or bread (Matthew 26:17-29), A communion cup or grape (Matthew 26:17-29), , Praying hands (Mark 14:32-42), A watch (Mark 13:37), Rooster or a feather (Luke 22:61), Piece of rope (John 18:12), A leather whip (John 19:1), Small piece of soap (Matthew 27:20-24),
  5. 5. A piece of scarlet cloth (Matthew 27:28), A crown of thorns (Matthew 27:29), A cross (John 19:16-22), nails (John 19:16-22), Dice (John 19:23- 24), darkness or Black circle (Luke 23:44-45), sponge with vinegar (John 19:28-30), spear (John 19:32- 37), A shattered or split rock (Matthew 27:51, 54), Purple cloth (Matthew 27:51), Clean linen cloth or gauze (Matthew 27:57-61), Spices (Luke 23:55-56), A stone and wax or paraffin (Matthew 27:65-66), an empty tomb (Matthew 28:5-8), Sign reading “King of the Jews”
  6. 6. Easter items NOT necessarily related to Biblical account: Basket, Bells, Bonnet, Bunny Hop, Candies, Chicks, Chocolate, Chocolate Rabbit, church, Cottontail, Daffodil, Easter Card, Easter Egg, Egg Hunt, Egg Tree, Faberge, Hard Boiled egg, Hot Cross Buns, Jelly Beans, Lamb, Lilies, Marshmallows, New Clothes, Parade, Passover, Pastel Colors, Peeps, Pretzel, Rabbit, Ribbons, Spring, Straw, Sunday, Sunrise
  7. 7. 2. The normal mat in the boxed game that forms the playing surface is decorated with six circles each of red, yellow, green and blue. Instead of the standard twister mat, cut Easter shapes from colored construction paper and use sticky-tack to adhere them to the floor. You can place them randomly or in rows of a single symbol for each row like the original twister game. Vary the number of symbols and rows to accommodate the size of your group.
  8. 8. 3. There are two spinners. If you don’t have a spinner you can easily make one. Make a twister spinner that includes right hand, left hand, right foot, left foot. You can also paste these onto the side of a die and roll the die in place of a spinner. The second spinner must contain the same symbols as those placed on the floor. In place of a second spinner you can put the symbols on small cards and place them in a bag.
  9. 9. Game Objective Touch the symbols on the floor with the correct body part as indicated by the spinner and the color and phrase of the symbol drawn from the bag. Do not let any other part of your body touch the ground.
  10. 10. Game Play 1. An appointed person spins the spinner and chooses the symbol (rolling the die or pulling the card with the symbol on it from the bag) and calls out instructions for the players to follow, such as: “left hand: Blue: Cross”, “right foot: yellow: Empty Tomb”.
  11. 11. 2. The players follow the directions, moving their hands and feet to the relevant symbols and try not to fall over–a knee or an elbow on the ground and they’re out. Use the wrong body part or the wrong symbol and you are also eliminated from the game 3. The board can get quite crowded and the participants quite distorted hence the name “Twister.” How flexible are you?
  12. 12. Variation Instead of playing on an individual basis, divide the group into teams. The team with the last remaining members in the game wins.
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