Youth Icebreakers: Rudolph Dodgeball


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A Christmas version of a common tag game called Catch the Dragon's Tail

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Youth Icebreakers: Rudolph Dodgeball

  1. 1. Youth Icebreakers: Rudolph Dodgeball A Christmas version of a common tag game called Catch the Dragons
  2. 2. Materials A red ball (Rudolph’s nose) that is easily thrown, but made out of a soft material similar to a nerf ball or other material that would not hurt a person who was hit by
  3. 3. Game Preparation 1. Divide the group into equal teams made up of five or more youth 2. Choose one team to go first by being “Santa and his Reindeer”. 3. Reindeer form a line by holding the waists or the shoulders of the person in front of them. They may not let go. This will leave only the front person with his hands free. This person is designated
  4. 4. 4. Only Rudolph is able to block the red ball (Rudolph’s nose). The person at the other end of the reindeer team is Santa. 5. All other teams join together to form a large circle around Santa. Leave room for Santa and his reindeer to move about inside the
  5. 5. Game Play 1. The idea is for the people in the circle to try to hit Santa with Rudolph’s nose. 2. Once hit, that person leaves the sleigh team and sits out until either time is up or everyone has been eliminated from the
  6. 6. 3. When Santa is eliminated, the next person in line becomes Santa. Only Santa can be eliminated when hit. 4. The strategy for the reindeer is to hide or protect Santa by moving around and having the lead person try to block throws so Santa doesn’t get
  7. 7. 5. Set a time limit (2 minutes?) and count the number of Reindeer left in the sleigh team at the end of the time. 6. Let each team take a turn at being Santa and his Reindeer. The winner is the team who had the most reindeer attached to the
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