Youth Icebreakers: Christmas Taboo


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Can you get your team to say the chosen words in the time limit without using the taboo words?

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Youth Icebreakers: Christmas Taboo

  1. 1. Youth Icebreakers: Christmas Taboo Can you get your team to say the chosen words in the time limit without using the taboo words?
  2. 2. Materials 1. Taboo Words List. The Taboo word, in all caps is the word that the teams will try to guess. Also included are five supporting words that the clue giver is not allowed to say. Print them out and then cut them apart and place them in a bag for participants to draw from. 2. Timer. It can be an hourglass from a board game, or simply an egg timer that you can set for a minute and let it
  3. 3. Game Objective The point of the game is to have your teammates guess the word that is on your card without saying the word itself, or several other key words that are listed on the
  4. 4. Game Play 1. Split the youth into at least two teams. 2. One person on each team gives the clues to a person on THEIR OWN team who tries to guess the “taboo word” within a time
  5. 5. 3. The other team must be shown the card and insure that the clue giver doesn’t say either the “taboo word” or any form of the supporting words for that clue. (e.g. If ‘Christian’ is a supporting word, to use the word ‘Christianity’ is also a violation.) If the clue giver uses one of the “taboo” words, the opposing team gets a point. If the person guessing the word doesn’t guess the word within the time limit, the opposing team gets the
  6. 6. 4. If the word is correctly guessed the team guessing the word gets the point and continues to draw cards until the time elapses. 5. When the time elapses, the timer is reset and it’s the opposing team’s turn to guess
  7. 7. The Words ADVENT: Christmas, holiday, December, date, celebrate ANGEL: Sky, Heaven, Gabriel, wings, halo BETHLEHEM: born, city, stable, birth, place BIBLE: scriptures, read, testament, book, God BELLS: ring, metal, cup, sleigh, jingle CANDY: stocking, cane, chocolate, sweet, dessert CANDLE: light, burn, wick, wax, melt CAROLS: songs, sing, house, knock, music CHRIST: Jesus, Lord, Redeemer, Savior,
  8. 8. CHRISTMAS: tree, Santa Claus, holiday, December, 25 CHRISTMAS EVE: 24, night, presents, Santa, evening CHURCH: Christian, service, mass, worship, Sunday DECEMBER: cold, Christmas, winter, Hannukah, month ELVES: Santa, helpers, toys, workshop, small EGG NOG: drink, milk, rum, glass, celebrate FRANKINCENCE: wisemen, magi, gift, myrrh, gold GABRIEL: Angel, Mary, visit, messenger, birth GENEALOGY: ancestor, family, tree, relative,
  9. 9. CHRISTMAS TREE: lights, ornaments, star, decorate, evergreen GIFTS: presents, surprises, give, Christmas, children GINGERBREAD: man, cookie, sweet, house, dough GOLD: wisemen, gift, frankincense, myrrh, metal HALLELUJAH CHORUS: song, sing, praise, worship, Handel HEROD: king, wisemen, Magi, ruler, baby HOLLY: Plant, red, berries, green, leaves INN: hotel, room, stay, stable, innkeeper IMMANUEL: name, Jesus, God, Christ,
  10. 10. JESUS: baby, manger, Mary, God, Savior JOSEPH: Jesus, father, carpenter, Mary, betrothe d JOY: feeling, emotion, happiness, delight, ti dings MANGER: Jesus, stable, hay, baby, animals MARY: mother, Joseph, Jesus, Bethlehem, bab y MISTLETOE: Kiss, tree, plant, tree, berries NATIVITY: manger, animals, shepherd, baby, Jesus NAZARETH: Christ, Jesus, Joseph, city, childhood NORTH Santa, home, elves, snow, cold
  11. 11. NUTCRACKER: nuts, suite, dance, music, ballet ORNAMENT: tree, decorate, round, branch, Christmas PEACE: war, calm, still, hate, earth PLUM PUDDING: plum, dessert, Christmas, baked, food POINSETTIA: Christmas, flower, red, leaf, Mexico REINDEER: Rudolph, sleigh, Santa, red- nosed, antlers SANTA: sleigh, reindeer, Kris Kringle, Saint Nicholas, toys SAVIOR: born, city, David, Christ, Jesus SHEEP: shepherd, wool, lamb, flocks,
  12. 12. SHEPHERD: field, flocks, sheep, angels, Bethlehem SLEIGH: ride, Santa, reindeer, toys, fly SNOW: cold, frozen, flakes, winter, white SNOWMAN: Frosty, ice, snow, water, round STABLE: inn, innkeeper, room, barn, animals STAR: wisemen, sky, night, moon, heavens STOCKING: hung, chimney, fruit, gifts, candy SWADDLING: clothes, wrapping, cloth, material, baby TAX: Joseph, pay, government, city,
  13. 13. TOYS: Santa, elves, Christmas, children, gifts WINTER: season, cold, snow, Christmas, December WISEMEN: star, gifts, gold, frankincense, myrrh WREATH: green, round, ribbon, circle,
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