Youth Camp - Travel Scavenger Hunt


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Next time the youth go on a road trip to summer camp or to any other destination, have a Travel Scavenger Hunt.

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Youth Camp - Travel Scavenger Hunt

  1. 1. Youth Camp - Travel Scavenger Hunt Next time the youth go on a road trip to summer camp or to any other destination, have a Travel Scavenger Hunt.
  2. 2. Preparation Make a list of items, street signs, and other information that can be found while travelling to a destination
  3. 3. Scavenger Hunt Description Next time the youth go on a road trip to summer camp or to any other destination, have a Travel Scavenger Hunt also sometimes known as a Car Rally Scavenger Hunt or Road Rally Scavenger Hunt. Give each youth a list of items to watch for while traveling. The list can be made up ahead of time and adjusted for the specific scenery. These also can be added as part of a road rally.
  4. 4. Example items [Miles to a specific destination], [Specific breed of dog], [Specific model and color car], Airport sign, Ambulance, Baby Stroller, Barn, Billboard with a child on it, Bus, Cat, Cemetery, Churches of several different denominations, City Dump, Construction, Cows, Cul-de-sac, Dam, Danger, Dead End, Deer, Deer Crossing, Detour, Dirt Road, Do Not Enter, Do not pass, Dog in a car, Exit, Fire Station, Flashing red light, Flat Tire, Food store, For Sale sign, Fountain, Grain silo, Handicapped Parking, Helicopter, High Voltage, Hiring, Horse, Hospital,
  5. 5. Hotel, Ice on Road, Intersection, Keep Out, Keep Right, Large clock, Library, License plate that starts with “Q” [or letters - or all letters], License plates from other states, License plate with three identical digits on it i.e. 777, Lighthouse, Low Water Crossing, Merge, Motel, Motorcycle Gang, Museum, Name of a Bank, Narrow Bridge, Neon Sign, No parking, No right turn on red, No Swimming, No Trespassing, No U-turn, Oil Pump, One Way, Palm Tree, Person talking on a phone, Playground, Police Car, Policeman, Pond or Lake, Post Office, Price of Gas, Radio Tower,
  6. 6. Railroad crossing, Rest Area, Road closed, Road Narrows, Road Work Ahead, Round about, School, School Crossing, School Zone, Sharp Curve, Shopping Cart, Signs in foreign languages, Slippery When Wet, Slow, Slower Traffic keep right, Someone on a Bicycle, Someone wearing a cowboy hat, Speed bump, Speed Limit, State Park, State Prison, Statue, Steep Incline, Stop, Subway, Taxi, Tow Truck, Tractor, Trespassers will be prosecuted, Various street signs, Watch for Falling Rock, Water Tower, Winding Road, Windmill, Window Cleaner, Yield Sign
  7. 7. Create your own: The more specific the information and the more obscure and difficult to obtain it, the better. Be creative and try to make the list educational as well as fun.
  8. 8. Additional Guidelines 1. Have an adult in each vehicle (besides the driver) to verify each spotting of an item. 2. Only the first person to spot a particular item can get credit for it. If there are more than one of an item, the first person to spot each instance gets credit.
  9. 9. 3. You can limit the hunt to street signs or combine it with items and information. Information might be the highway numbers, miles to a particular destination or other information found along the way. 4. At the final destination, tally the results and award the youth with the keenest eyesight!
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