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Summer Youth Camp - Shared Vision


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Use this exercise to illustrate the importance of a shared vision.

Published in: Spiritual
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Summer Youth Camp - Shared Vision

  1. 1. Summer Youth Camp - Shared Vision Use this exercise to illustrate the importance of a shared vision.
  2. 2. Group Size: any number Time: 5 minutes. Applications: Vision, Goals, Objectives. Materials Pencil or Pen and sheet of paper for each participant
  3. 3. Activity Say “You are going to now be given a test. Your performance on this test will determine your future in this organization. I am going to give you a pair of words or phrases and you are to choose the correct answer from each pair and write it down.”
  4. 4. Read each set of choices a couple of times. Answer any questions by simply saying “Write down the correct answer.” 1. Red or green 2. Purple or blue 3. Horizontal or Vertical 4. Stars or planets 5. 5 or 50 6. Up in the Air or Down on the ground 7. Metal or cloth
  5. 5. After you have finished reading the various choices, select a couple of participants and ask them read their answers out. Let them know how many they have gotten correct.
  6. 6. Debrief • Ask “How did you feel about this performance test?” (frustrated, confused, didn’t make sense, not enough information, unfair) • Ask if anybody knows the correct answers?
  7. 7. (The correct answers will relate to the American Flag – Change the choices based on your own national flag) Invite the participants to imagine the national flag. Quickly run through the choices again – with the whole group responding out loud. DEBRIEF What does this activity mean to you?
  8. 8. KEY CONCEPT: A SHARED VISION • We tend to get frustrated when we don’t have the complete picture. • Our choices are easy when everyone shares the same vision. • We need to share the vision, the goal, the big picture with people when we give them tasks so that they can make the right choices when decisions arise. • We can make the right choices by seeing which options align with the vision.
  9. 9. Business Application: • Do you delegate tasks without sharing the vision of what this task will accomplish? • How do your gifts, talents, skills and abilities contribute the big picture in your company?
  10. 10. Personal Application: • Do you have a dream, a goal for your life that guides your important decisions? • Are your decisions decided by the whim of the moment or do they bring you closer to your dream?
  11. 11. Spiritual Application: • What is your place in this world? • Do you know the Creator’s plan for your life?
  12. 12. Relationships Application: • Do you have problems with communication because you lack a shared vision? • Do you make decisions in relationships based on your vision of what others need and want? How would this change the decisions you make?
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