Summer Youth Camp - Falling Leaf


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In this group builder, youth will learn to trust one another.

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Summer Youth Camp - Falling Leaf

  1. 1. Summer Youth Camp - Falling Leaf In this group builder, youth will learn to trust one another.
  2. 2. Game Materials Blindfold (optional) Optimal Group Size 8-12 youth. For large groups, break the group up into smaller ones of 8-12 people
  3. 3. Game Venue Open area large enough for the groups to form two lines facing each other. Game Preparation Preclude this game with a reminder that there should be no funny business in this game. Each person must be able to trust the group explicitly. Everything said and done must be toward building this trust.
  4. 4. Game Play 1. A group of 8-12 youth line up in two lines facing each other about a body’s width apart. 2. A blindfolded volunteer lies face- up on the floor between the two lines. (Alternatively you can ask the person simply to keep their eyes shut.) 3. The two lines then lean over and placing their hands palms up, carefully position them beneath the volunteer. Hands should be gently placed from head to foot in order to fully support the person’s body.
  5. 5. 4. Slowly and gently raise the volunteer off the floor while gently rocking back and forth lengthwise. Imagine a “falling leaf” gently rocking back and forth as it falls from a tree. 5. The group continues to raise and rock the volunteer until he/she is lifted above their heads and then proceed to lower them back to the floor in the same manner. Repeat the activity with each member of the group.
  6. 6. Optional Debrief • How did it feel as you were lifted and lowered back to the ground? • How did you feel, placing yourself under the control of the group? • Did you have doubts, when you began? • What things allowed you to trust the group? • Is trust important in a youth group? • What are some areas that you have difficulty trusting others?
  7. 7. Optional Conclusion Life is full of opportunities requiring trust. We don’t have to face life alone. Unfortunately certain experiences in our past may make it difficult to trust people. We keenly remember when trust was violated and may find it difficult to trust again. Yet, when we are in a group where we feel love and trust, it empowers us to take risks and push ourselves beyond our comfort zone.
  8. 8. When we know we can count on the support of others, we can try new things and test our abilities. It is this support group that is one of the most important aspects of church life. With the support of the group we can “rise to greater heights than we could on our own.”
  9. 9. Application Choose one way you can be more supportive of others in the youth group this week. Scripture Ephesians 4:1-3; Galatians 6:2
  10. 10. Bible Studies based on the book of Jonah Only. This youth camp curriculum was designed to teach the basic truths of obedience in addition to evangelism in the context of a Biblical character. The advantage of going through a book and looking at one man's story is that we see not only the teaching but the example. It becomes much more real! Camp Curriculum - Whale of a Tale -> Tell me about “Whale of a Tale”
  11. 11. Creative Youth Ideas Camp Bible Study Series “Who Do You Say that I AM?” -> Tell me about “Who Do You Say that I AM?” Jesus asked the disciples, "Who do others say that I am?" It was easy to answer because it required no conviction, no commitment, and no risk. But then he follows that question with another, "Who do YOU say that I am?"
  12. 12. Live the Fruitful, Abundant Life Jesus Promised. Great for youth camps or weekly Youth Bible Study. There are 7 Primary Bible study Sessions in the series. -> Tell me about “Fruit Of the Spirit” Creative Youth Ideas Youth Camp Bible Study Series “Fruit Of the Spirit”
  13. 13. "The Great Adventure" is western themed Bible study series loosely based around the song of the same name by Steven Curtis Chapman. It was initially written for a large Texas Church to use for their Summer Youth Camp but has since then proven popular around the world. Camp Curriculum - The Great Adventure -> Tell me about “The Great Adventure”