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Sermon For Kids - Walking in Faith (Trust)


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In our Christian journey God guides us and protects us as we walk by faith (trust in God).

Published in: Spiritual
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Sermon For Kids - Walking in Faith (Trust)

  1. 1. Sermon For Kids - Walking in Faith (Trust) In our Christian journey God guides us and protects us as we walk by faith (trust in God). www. Creative Youth Ideas .com
  2. 2. www. Creative Youth Ideas .com Description Faith and trust are much the same thing in the Christian Experience. We trust in God and have faith that he will guide us and protect us in our walk with Him.
  3. 3. www. Creative Youth Ideas .com Materials a blindfold Preparation Scatter chairs and obstacles around the room.
  4. 4. www. Creative Youth Ideas .com What to Do • Ask for a volunteer. • Explain that the volunteer will be blind-folded and then receive directions from you to walk from predetermined points A to B in the room. • The goal is to get the volunteer to the predetermined destination without bumping into things.
  5. 5. www. Creative Youth Ideas .com • Before blindfolding the volunteer ask, “Do you trust me to guide you? “Do you have faith in yourself and in me to get from here to there without being able to see where you’re going? I will be with you for the journey and guide you along the way. Are you ready?”
  6. 6. www. Creative Youth Ideas .com Take It to the Next Level You can use this to illustrate faith, trust, and also raise awareness of visual impairment and other physical challenges.
  7. 7. www. Creative Youth Ideas .com • How is this similar to following God? • How is this like our spiritual walk in faith? • Why do you think the Bible calls our spiritual life a “walk”? • In what ways does God guide us?
  8. 8. www. Creative Youth Ideas .com • What is the destination that God has planned in advance for us? • Is everyone’s journey the same? • What lessons can you learn from this to help you in your own spiritual walk? • What is ONE step you will take this week in your spiritual walk?
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