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Make room for Jesus


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Will you make room for Jesus this Christmas by making room for others?

Published in: Spiritual, Education
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Make room for Jesus

  1. 1. Creative Youth IdeasMake Room For JesusWill you make room forJesus this Christmas bymaking room for others?
  2. 2. Edwin Markham tells a story abouta cobbler who loved the Lord. Onenight he dreamed that Christwould come into his shop onChristmas Day. He got excitedabout the visit and began to makehis shop presentable. He decoratedthe walls, swept the floor andplaced a chair for the welcomedvisitor. He could hardly sleep inexpectation of the morning ofChristmas Day. He opened up theshop early and then
  3. 3. First, a poor beggar camein. The cobbler noticedthat the poor man hadshoes with holes in them,so he gave him a pair ofshoes he hoped to sell tosomeone who needed aChristmas gift. But he feltgood about helping
  4. 4. Then at noon someonerang the bell. An oldwoman stood there barelyhaving strength to openthe door. The cobblerrecognized she washungry so he shared hislunch with her. She feltmuch better, thanked himand was on her
  5. 5. By this time the cobbler waswondering when Jesus would come.Before long a crying child came andstood in front of the window of theshop. The cobbler wanted to findout what was wrong and invited thelittle fellow in. The child washomeless, lonely and desperate.The cobbler knew he could take thechild home and provide a niceChristmas evening for him. But hewanted to wait for Jesus to come. Adoubtful thought crept into hismind: "Is Jesus really comingtoday?"
  6. 6. It was dark outside and the foodwas ready at home. So the cobblerwalked home with the boy. Afterintroducing the child to his wife,the cobbler went into his room andcomplained to God: "Why is it Lordthat your feet delay? Have youforgotten?" Jesus answered hisquestion: "Lift up your heart for Ikept my word. Three times I cameto your door, as beggar, a womanand a child. I was pleased to knowyou had room for me."
  7. 7. We will please theLord, when wemake room for himby loving others.Make room for thePrince of Peace!
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