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Icebreakers - Christmas Hoax


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Use the Christmas icebreaker to find out a little about each other

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Icebreakers - Christmas Hoax

  1. 1. Icebreakers Christmas Hoax Use the Christmas icebreaker to find out a little about each other
  2. 2. Game Play • Each person in the group writes answers to four Christmas questions. • Three of the answers are to be true and one is to be a hoax. • Questions should center around Christmas.
  3. 3. For example, the following are suggested questions for Christmas: 1. What is the most unusual Christmas gift you ever received? 2. What is the most meaningful thing that happened to you during a Christmas Holiday? 3. What is your favorite Christmas food? 4. What is your favorite Christmas tradition or symbol? ETC
  4. 4. Each individual reads his or her answers to the group. The others guess which one is a hoax. After all have guessed, the person tells which answer was the hoax.
  5. 5. Variation Toss all the answers in a bowl and have people read the responses, guess the person and guess the answer which is a hoax.
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