How to set up a Christmas tree


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How to set up and decorate a Christmas Tree

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How to set up a Christmas tree

  1. 1. Creative Youth Ideas How to Set Up A Christmas Tree Set up and decorate a Christmas Tree
  2. 2. Christmas Tree Decorating IdeasIn the midst of the holiday season withChristmas right around the corner everyoneis hustling and bustling to get theirChristmas shopping done and their homesdecorated for the holidays so they can enjoytheir family Christmas traditions. Offices,shops, and churches are also beingdecorated for the Christmas Season.One of the most common and belovedChristmas traditions is putting up aChristmas tree. Christmas Trees are also acommon Christmas decoration in shops,public places and churches.
  3. 3. The Origin of the Christmas TreeAccording to tradition, theChristmas Tree originated inRiga, Latvia. The Christmaslegend says that a monknamed Boniface used itstriangular shape of anevergreen tree to explain thetrinity - that God was Father,Son and Holy Spirit. From thatpoint on, the Germans calledthe tree "Gods Tree."
  4. 4. In Western Germany in the16th century, evergreentrees were used in plays torepresent the tree in thegarden Eden with Adam andEve and they weredecorated with apples.(Actually an apple is nevermentioned in the Bible asthe forbidden fruit from theGraden of Eden, but thatsthe tradition.)
  5. 5. Anyway, they were called"Paradeisbaum" (ParadiseTrees) and were soonbrought into homes anddecorated with apples andother fruits to celebrateChristmas. Later, dates,pretzels, and nuts were alsoused to decorate the
  6. 6. To add meaning to thetradition, the evergreentree was also recognizedas a symbol of eternal lifebecause its leaves werealways green. Sooncandles were also addedto the evergreenbranches to represent thestars that would haveshown in the sky thenight of the Saviors birthand to symbolize thatJesus was the light of theworld.
  7. 7. Besides apples and other fruits, tradition says they also added Communion wafers wrapped in gold and silver foil that represented the fact that Jesus came into the world to save it, that like the communion bread, his body would be broken to save us from
  8. 8. Later the wafers were replaced with cookies cut into the shapes of bells, angels, stars, and hearts. All of these add to the tradition of the Christmas Tree and how it is used in Christmas Celebrations around the world
  9. 9. Trimming the TreeMany families have their ownunique ways of setting up theChristmas tree for the holidays.Putting up and trimming the tree isa great way to bring the familytogether and enjoy the Christmasholidays. There are many excellentideas for decorating your Christmastree to consider too. Of course, allChristmas Trees look great withlights on them.
  10. 10. When setting up your Christmas Tree, the very first decision that has to be made is to decide exactly what kind of Christmas tree you want to decorate. There a several kinds of trees that are traditional holiday favorites. Some Christmas trees are considered regional favorites, but you can usually get any kind of tree you want to
  11. 11. Fir trees are always a great choice and the three that stand out are the Noble, Douglas, and Frasier Firs. The boughs of these Firs are usually very full and they smell terrific. The Blue Spruce is an excellent choice for the same reasons as the Firs. Some pines are also very good for Christmas decorating
  12. 12. When decorating your Christmas tree you should consider using both garlands and tinsel in order to add color and to fill in the open areas of your Christmas tree, which will give your Christmas tree a fuller appearance. The good thing about garland and tinsel is that it is relatively inexpensive, which is not something you generally hear about anything over the holidays.
  13. 13. Another great thing about garland and tinsel is that it comes in a wide variety of colors, which means that you should be able to find your favorite Christmas colors easily. One drawback to garland and tinsel is that it is flammable so be careful when hanging these items on your tree.
  14. 14. Most people who have beenbrought up in families wherethe celebration of Christmasand trimming the tree inparticular is a very importanttradition tend to have manyheirloom decorations thatthey place on the trees. It isalways a great idea todecorate the Christmas treewith ornaments that areimportant to the family andhave sentimental
  15. 15. Just be careful with thesetypes of tree decorationsbecause they tend to be veryfragile. Many of the olderChristmas Ornaments aremade of glass, or some kindof ceramics, although theymay be made of othermaterials as
  16. 16. If you need to go shopping forChristmas ornaments thereare a couple of things toconsider before you makeyour purchases. The first thingto think about is how safethey will be, and thatquestion is usually answeredby whether or not you
  17. 17. Children like to play withornaments particularly if theyare of favorite cartoncharacters or somethingsimilar, and in this case plasticornaments are a safe bet.Glass ornaments are of coursevery beautiful and come inmany shapes, colors, and sizesand if your children are olderor if you do not have any aresafe and a great
  18. 18. In addition to store bought ornaments, and heirloom ornaments, hand-made ornaments are also great and can be very meaningful. Check out a craft site for great ideas for hand made
  19. 19. However you decide to decorate and trim your Christmas Tree, you can make it a special occasion that will be treasured and looked forward to as a family for many years
  20. 20. For more Christmas Party Ideas Visit out website at