Christmas letters to santa


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Instead of writing letters to Santa, why not write a letter to God?

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Christmas letters to santa

  1. 1. Creative Youth IdeasChristmas Letters to SantaInstead of writing letters to Santa,why not write a letter to God?
  2. 2. Dear Santa,Please when you come to my housewould you bring me a doll that eatsand cries, and my little pony andvideo games. I dont want you tobring me another brother, but mymom says that you are going to bebringing one around Christmas, but Ialready have one and he just gets inmy stuff and breaks it. You can bringmy dad a new job cause the mill heworks at is not working right now...Thank you so much and mom says wewill leave cookies for you by the doorthats because we dont have achimney.Love, Sarah
  3. 3. Dear Santa,I want a skateboard for Christmasand my mom said I cant have askate board unless I wear a helmetand pads – so I guess youd betterbring those
  4. 4. Dear Santa,This is my Christmas list: a bike and awii and a basketball hoop the kindthat you sit in the driveway and Iwant surprise stuff too. Santa - I havebeen very good this year. If my sistersays anything about me breaking hertalking doll, I just want you to knowthat it just stopped talking – I hadnothing to do with it even if I washolding it.JasonPS And Im really very sorry aboutBlackie, her
  5. 5. Unfortunately, it seems that the children writing letters to Santa this Christmas wont be getting a response. According to an Associated Press article on the 18th of November, 2009, this is because the US Postal service says it will no longer deliver the letters to North Pole, Alaska as it has done since 1954. But wouldnt it be great if, instead of writing letters to Santa, kids wrote letters to God?
  6. 6. Ask youth to think back to when they were young and wrote letters to Santa. • What did they ask for? • What things did they tell him? • Did they believe he would respond?
  7. 7. If we can put so much faith in a fictional man in red, why cant we put even more faith in the Baby in the Manger? Do we talk to Christ in the same innocent way, sharing our hopes and dreams and with faith that he will answer?
  8. 8. Ask youth to write a personal letter to God, sharing their hopes, their wishes, their fears, their joys and their sorrows. What would they ask from God this Christmas? Set up a cross and ask the youth to place the letters as a Christmas gift under a different tree - a cross - the tree upon which the Savior died to bring us life. The fact is we have all been bad. None of us have done good. But God in His great LOVE for us sent us the Greatest Christmas gift of all - He sent His son to the earth - born to die that we might live!
  9. 9. The greatest gift we can givehim in response is our heart,our life - to bring everythingto Him and place it at thefoot of the cross.So this Christmas, instead ofa letter to Santa, lets writea letter to God!
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