Christmas envelope


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Gift a gift to someone who really needs it this Christmas.

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Christmas envelope

  1. 1. Creative Youth Ideas Christmas Envelope Gift a gift to someone who really needs it this Christmas.
  2. 2. Its just a small, whiteenvelope stuck among thebranches of our Christmastree. No name, noidentification, noinscription. It has peekedthrough the branches ofour tree for the past 10years or
  3. 3. It all began because myhusband Mike hatedChristmas---oh, not the truemeaning of Christmas, but thecommercial aspects of it -overspending...the franticrunning around at the lastminute to get a tie for UncleHarry and the dusting powderfor Grandma---the gifts givenin desperation because youcouldnt think of
  4. 4. Knowing he felt thisway, I decided one yearto bypass the usualshirts, sweaters, tiesand so forth. I reachedfor something specialjust for Mike. Theinspiration came in anunusual
  5. 5. Our son Kevin, who was 12 thatyear, was wrestling at the juniorlevel at the school he attended;and shortly before Christmas, therewas a non-league match against ateam sponsored by an inner-citychurch, mostly black. Theseyoungsters, dressed in sneakers soragged that shoestrings seemed tobe the only thing holding themtogether, presented a sharpcontrast to our boys in their spiffyblue and gold uniforms andsparkling new wrestling
  6. 6. As the match began, I was alarmedto see that the other team waswrestling without headgear, a kindof lighthelmet designed to protect awrestlers ears. It was a luxury theragtag team obviously could notafford. Well, we ended upwalloping them. We took everyweight class. And as each of theirboys got up from the mat, heswaggered around in his tatterswith false bravado, a kind of streetpride that couldnt
  7. 7. Mike, seated besideme, shook his headsadly, "I wish just oneof them could havewon," he said. "Theyhave a lot ofpotential, but losinglike this could take theheart right out ofthem."
  8. 8. Mike loved kids-all kids-andhe knew them, havingcoached little league football,baseball and lacrosse. Thatswhen the idea for his presentcame. That afternoon, I wentto a local sporting goods storeand bought an assortment ofwrestling headgear and shoesand sent them anonymouslyto the inner-city
  9. 9. On Christmas Eve, I placed theenvelope on the tree, the noteinside telling Mike what I had doneand that this was his gift from me.His smile was the brightest thingabout Christmas that year and insucceeding years. For eachChristmas, I followed the tradition---one year sending a group ofmentally handicapped youngstersto a hockey game, another year acheck to a pair of elderly brotherswhose home had burned to theground the week beforeChristmas, and on and
  10. 10. The envelope became thehighlight of our Christmas. Itwas always the last thingopened on Christmas morningand our children, ignoringtheir new toys, would standwith wide-eyed anticipationas their dad lifted theenvelope from the tree toreveal its
  11. 11. As the childrengrew, the toys gaveway to morepracticalpresents, but theenvelope never lostits allure. The storydoesnt end
  12. 12. You see, we lost Mike lastyear due to dreadedcancer. When Christmasrolled around, I was stillso wrapped in grief that Ibarely got the tree up. ButChristmas Eve found meplacing an envelope onthe tree, and in themorning, it was joined bythree
  13. 13. Each of ourchildren, unbeknownst to theothers, had placed anenvelope on the tree for theirdad. The tradition has grownand someday will expand evenfurther with our grandchildrenstanding around the tree withwide-eyed anticipationwatching as their fathers takedown the envelope. Mikesspirit, like the Christmasspirit, will always be with
  14. 14. May we all remember Christ, who is the reason for theseason, and the trueChristmas spirit this year and
  15. 15. For more Christmas Party Ideas Visit out website