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Christmas Activities - Do-It-Yourself Snow Man


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Give youth a variety of items to build a Christmas Snowman.

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Christmas Activities - Do-It-Yourself Snow Man

  1. 1. Christmas Activities - Do- It-Yourself Snow Man Give youth a variety of items to build a Christmas Snowman.
  2. 2. Materials Items for the creation of snowmen: You can use marshmallows, and a variety of candy corn, jelly beans, toothpicks, and other items.
  3. 3. Activity 1. Divide the group into teams and give each team supplies to build a snowman. 2. Each team must create their best “snow man.” 3. Award the best snowman.
  4. 4. You can also have other categories such as • “Most Creative” • “Biggest Snow Man” • “Most likely to survive the winter” • “Most unlikely to survive this meeting.”
  5. 5. Variations 1. Use Playdoh 2. Build the snowman in someone’s mouth 3. Play the “Snowball Fight” Game and then transform one of your team members into the best snowman. Use the wadded up newspaper to fill a couple white sheets wrapped around a person to make the snowmen round!
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