Christian Icebreakers - Favorite?


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These discussion questions make great icebreakers to allow people to get to know each other a little better by asking them about their favorites

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Christian Icebreakers - Favorite?

  1. 1. Christian Icebreakers - Favorite?
  2. 2. These discussion questions make great icebreakers to allow people to get to know each other a little better. Have other discussion questions using the word ‘favorite”? Please add them as comments.
  3. 3. • Do you have a favorite painting or drawing? What makes it special to you? • Growing up, what was your favorite comic strip? • Growing up, what was your favorite fairy tale or children’s story? • What are your favorite television shows? How frequently do you watch them? • What is one of your favorite quotes? Why is it special to you? • What is your all-time favorite movie, and how many times have you seen it?
  4. 4. • What is your favorite bumper sticker or t-shirt slogan? • What is your favorite poem or saying? Why is it your favorite? • What is your favorite style of music? • What was your favorite subject in school? Why? • What’s one of your favorite birthday memories? • What’s one of your favorite questions to ask? What’s your favorite question to answer? • What’s one of your least favorite things to do? Why?
  5. 5. • What’s the name of your favorite magazine? What do you like most about it? • What’s your all-time favorite band? • What’s your all-time favorite meal, and how often do you enjoy it? • What’s your favorite aroma or fragrance? • What’s your favorite beverage? • What’s your favorite Bible verse and why? • What’s your favorite board game? Do you usually win? • What’s your favorite color? Why?
  6. 6. • What’s your favorite fast-food restaurant and how often do you go there? • What’s your favorite genre of literature? • What’s your favorite kind of candy? • What’s your favorite picnic memory? • What’s your favorite place to go when you want to be alone? Why? • What’s your favorite room in your home? Why? • What’s your favorite spectator sport, and how often do you watch it?
  7. 7. • What’s your favorite subject to discuss? Why? • Where’s your favorite place to take out-of-town guests? • Who was your favorite teacher growing up, and what did you like most about him or her? • Who’s your favorite comedian? • Who’s your favorite talk show host?
  8. 8. This EBook not only provides 52 of the world’s most popular group icebreaker activities, but also includes lesson ideas and questions to smoothly transition into discussions about issues common to most groups. Click here to find out more! Icebreakers Ahead: Take it to the next Level