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Handout for Sakai 2010 session

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Sakai10 ken romeohandout

  1. 1. Sakai and Language Assessment Ken Romeo, PhD :: Academic Technology Specialist :: Stanford University :: Sakai and the Stanford Language Center :: The Present Assessment Program Methods  ACTFL Oral Proficiency Standards (ACTFL, 1999)  Oral Placement and Exit exams  More face-time for instructors  put diagnostic assessment online (CourseWork) Exit Assessment: SOPI Definition  Based on live Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI): Nationally standard format  Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview (SOPI): Instructions + Image  Thinking‎ ‎ rompt  Response P  Next  Software requirements  High stakes: content security and reliability  Enrollment from existing courses (Sakai)  Non-standard roles: Coordinator, instructor  No student control (playback or recording, test progression) = no web delivery  Securely archive audio recordings (Sakai) SOPI Software (Project Manager: Makoto Tsuchitani)  Application (Developer: Casey Dunn)  Sakai Monitor Tool (Developer: Zach Thomas) Technology Integration: Key Points  Each part has a pedagogically valid purpose and is not focused on technology.  Uses a standalone application with connection to Sakai to do what the web can’t.  All instructors create material based on the same standards-based framework.  Implementation takes a huge number of human hours and coordination across many different groups. SOPI Application SOPI Monitor Tool