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I recommend my new BIBLE COMPANION - a 1488-page comprehensive Bible Commentary - featuring over 4,800 mini-lessons covering Genesis to Revelation. One of the most thorough Bible Study Guides ever written by a Pentecostal author. Suitable as a Daily Bible Reader. Volume 1 - Old Testament, Volume 2 - New Testament. Keep one volume on your bed stand, and one by your favorite chair.

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My Daily Bible Companion

  1. 1. TWO-VOLUME SET Old Testament – New Testament4800+ Lessons Genesis to Revelation
  2. 2. "Thank you for the daily Bible studies. They are a great start to my day. They give me hope and inspiration anytime I read them." E.S., Florida,"I have immensely benefited fromyour Bible topics one may not get "I am one such honored person toanywhere. Thanks so much, and may receive such blessed messages and IGod bless you." S.N., Kenya surely enjoy reading them, inspiring as they are," B.S., Namibia"Your short lessons teach me a lot Iactually never realized nor understood "We are growing spiritually due toas I read the Word of God. ...when I your teachings. You are a the chapters then is my One day we will meet in the clouds,"understanding opened." I.M., S. Africa E.M., Zimbabwe"I am blessed each day to read these "Your messages are always so good,wonderful lessons.“ U.I., Nigeria very informative and helpful! Thank you so much for all the time and"I am so blessed by the Bible studies. effort,“ D.L., MissouriI read them every day after my worktime." D.G., Cambodia "You are really a man sent from God. I have been blessed by the day-to-day"Your lessons always guide me and devotional messages. I appreciatestrengthen me." N.R., Sri Lanka your teachings," S.T., Belgium
  3. 3. "We are being changed by your teachings." E.M., Italy "Thanking you very much for the daily“I do my best to share your Bible Bible studies. They help me in my day-lessons with our Christian friends in to-day activity and growing more inMuslim countries and Pastors in spiritual life. I read them before sleepseveral preaching points." J.C., and in the morning before going toPhilippines office." J.K., England"Thanks for your wonderful Bible "Everyone needs to read your lessons.studies. We are teaching them in our They are stirring and informative. YourSunday school." S.S., Pakistan daily Bible studies are a blessing to my family." K.H., Texas"I love your teachings and am proud tobe one of the beneficiaries of your "I lack words to appreciate your goodteachings." Rev. Dr. G.E., Nigeria work. Being in an Islamic country, I am so blessed by your Bible studies.“"Thank you very much for your Bible G.M., Saudi Arabiastudies!" Pastor D.K., Sri Lanka "I enjoy your Bible studies and praise"These Bible studies minister to me. the Lord I am being bless greatly. I useThings have been confirmed to me, them with the ladies at Church." E.J.,questions answered.” J.H., Wisconsin Mauritius
  4. 4. "Thank you for the lessons." B.L., Guyana "I value and appreciate the level of your"Your Bible studies are really so teachings being made available to us."encouraging and blessing to me. The R.A., Nigeriamajestic God will bless you." J.S., India "Thank you for your good news from"Thank you for the Bible studies." the Holy Bible. I am reading it everyM.R., Paraguay day." T.T., Kiribati“Your Bible studies have helped me. I "AWESOME lessons!" L.W., New Yorkam growing a lot in the Lord with thehelp of your Bible studies." N.B., India "My sincere gratitude for your wonderful messages. I get really"Thank you for the spreading of Gods inspired. So much is being imparted toWord. I learn a lot daily through your me through your daily devotionals.lessons. I thank the Almighty for your Every time I read them my spirit isdaily messages." M.V., Fiji charged." N.S., Swaziland"Thank you so much for your lessons. "I enjoy your daily Bible studies veryDay after day I can see how it is much. You are doing a very worthwhileneeded to know Gods mind and will for work for our Lord." Missionaryour lives." C.C., Burundi R.T., Mexico
  5. 5. "I have been blessed so much with your Bible studies. I am now pastoring and have found your teachings to be very helpful. We love to print these"I want to thank you for the daily Bible studies for our members so they canstudies. I cant wait to read them and also have spiritual depth." C.Z., Zambiamake them my everyday lifestyle." S.W.,S. Africa "Thanks for the daily Bible studies. They are very helpful for my ministry"God has given you the gift to share the and even my study at seminary."Word across the globe for people like Pastor U.M., Liberiame. I have sent your lessons to like-minded people and they have been “This is a big help for me to understandmuch encouraged. I pass them on to my the scriptures. As a Bible study leader, Icolleagues, and I have seen some want to share this with my brethren.”change in them." J.B., Qatar E.A., Philippines“Thanks for the lovely Bible study "I have been reading your Bible studieslessons. No words to say . Very, very for some time. I really enjoy them. A lothappy while reading.” Dr. W.T., India of things we dont hear from our pulpits any more." Rev. D.D., New Jersey“Your daily Bible study is a life line.There are no words in my vocabulary to “I really enjoy your Bible studies.tell you what a blessing it is for me and Thanks so much for them.” Missionaryall that I share it with.” R.Y., Georgia J.A., Brazil
  6. 6. Can be read on any computer with free downloadable software. Copyright, 2012, Ken Raggio