Using Google Plus to Grow Your Business


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Trendstream, which publishes the Global Web Index, released its fourth quarter data showing the number of active Google+ users has grown to 343 million, making it the second-largest social media network after Facebook. This fact alone is something to take notice of. But your involvement with Google+ goes way beyond how popular the platform is.

Google+ is now the core of everything Google. Having a presence on the platform and actually using it to promote your website, company and events now affects how well your website ranks in a Google search.

Google+ is also a tool for authentication. Google is attempting to authenticate every piece of content on the web and associate it with a real business or person. This helps keep down the spam and other low-quality content from their search results.

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Using Google Plus to Grow Your Business

  1. 1. Using Google+ toGrow Your Business Ken Partain
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