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Geography Unit 1 Cape

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Cape workshop runaway bay

  1. 1. CAPE Workshop Runaway Bay, October 2009Accessible ReferencesFOR TEACHERS AND NOT STUDENTSUnit 1, Module 1, Population and Settlement Pro-natalist population policies ; ageing populations – JapanChappel, Julian (2004). The dilemma posed by Japan’s population decline. Electronic Journal ofContemporary Japanese Studies.Discussion Paper 5. Anti-natalist population policies– MexicoCommission on Population and Development Population policy in Mexico and its relationship todevelopment (Microsoft Powerpoint)presentation) Rural Settlements, Changes in rural settlementsNagle, Advanced Geography Chapter 12, (Google Books) Rural gentrification. Urban models and their applicabilityUrban patterns (Microsoft powerpoint) 1, Module 2.Hydrologicl, Fluvial, Coastal, Limestone Threats to Coral ReefsAmerican Association for the Advancement of Science
  2. 2. Sea level changes and coastal landforms landscapesWeathering and Limestone landscapes.News Article. St. Ivo School (web)The limestone scenery of the Malham Area 1 Module 3- Natural Events and Hazards Hazard risk mapsNOOA Coastal Services Centre: Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Steps. Hazard Analysis. a risk map…. add valuations!! Without valuations it is a hazard and not a risk map.)Flood hazards 2, Module 1 Climate, Vegetation, SoilsClimate ChangeNational Environment Satellite, Data and Information Service. Investigating the Ocean. El Niño/ La Niña.
  3. 3. Erosion, Conservation 2: Economic ActivityModern farming in the European Union; factors affecting farming in the EUHaggett, Peter and Graham Bateman (2001) Encyclopedia of World Geography. Google Book EnglandAgriculture.(This has 23 volumes, each covering a country. To access, you must include country and subjectmatter)Agriculture in the EU and the Caribbean Vidal, Saving St. Lucia. 26 February, 2007Environmental impact of agricultureGutberlet. J. Impacts of Industrial Development in Brazil. (web)Potential impact of climate change on agricultureRosenzweig, Cynthia and D. Hillel (1995; 2004) Potential impacts of climate change on agriculture andfood. Consequences 1 (2). not under estimate the depth expected –Concentrate on the tropics and the potential impact intropical areas. The changes anticipated – temperature, rainfall, extremes, carbon dioxide, sea levelrise. Effect of each n different types of crops (C3, C4), changes in both quantity and quality)
  4. 4. New International Division of LabourGlobalisation: The rise of the new international division of labour. the car industrySteve Schifferesbbc news, 28 February, 2007; 2 Module 3. Development and Disparities in Development. Small island developing statesBriguglio, L. Small island developing states and their vulnerability. (2000). Vulnerability of small island developing states in the Caribbean. of MyrdalBrazil Application of FriedmannGutberlet. J. Impacts of Industrial Development in Brazil (web)(These are just 2 of the many papers that TEACHERS could use to tease out the application of themodels. What are the main arguments in the models? For example, for Myrdal, identify thespreadeffects, that is the crumbs that flow from the core to the periphery. However emphasize(demonstrate) that the flow in the opposite direction is faster so that the status quo is maintained.For Friedmann, identify the initial advantage of an area, the increasing attraction to investors etc. andthe flow of labour and resources from the periphery as the core grows at the expense of theperiphery. Produce strong case studies)
  5. 5. AIDCongressional Budget Office (1997) The role of foreign aid in development, F. (2005). Aid and Development: Will it work this time? International Policy Network. Debt ReliefRaghuram, Rajan (2005) Straight Talk: Debt Relief and Growth., M.G. and B. Getachow (2008) Can debt relief lead to development in Africa?, O (2005)Will debt relief make a difference? BBC news 11 JanuaryClubbing Together. Appropriate TechnologyAkabue, A. (2000). Appropriate technology for socioeconomic development in Third WorldCountries.Journal of Technological Studies (EJournal) C. Wicklein. Philosophical Rationale for Appropriate Technology, debt relief and appropriate technology are being presented as the means of overcoming globaldisparities. What are the arguments for and against?)
  6. 6. Figure 3-15 see if you can see the pattern of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 as you move to the westWilma BaileyOctober 22, 2008