Shawn L. is Hollywood's most exciting and motivational fitness
specialist. He knows what to say and how to say it, to upli...
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News Flash! ....................................................................................... 4
News Flash!                                Superstarcase.com -
                                            Pressing It!
Superstarcase.com and Superstarcase.org have been
Laura Ortiz: Superstarcase
                                 on the resea...
In the Pipeline                         Latest Product Releases
Superstarcase.org International Film    The development of...
Casting Notices:                           Cast, Casting, Castings
Superstarcase only casts projects that      Internation...

                                              Do you think I'm not serious? If ...
SUPERSTARCASE.ORG                           Our Plan for the Future of
GET INTO MOBILE                                    SEE THE BEST OF
Pin-ups                              Purrfection Pin-ups
We are also venturing into the field of
independent movie making, with some added
twists. We've added our other venture,
Due to the explosive
passion of this type of
photography, like in the
1950's, the lust factor and
the voyeuristic hedonism...
Truly, it is an amazing day for
                        Hollywood, really. The legendary
                        eatery an...
                       E's Eclectic Event
Taco Nueve - E's
Hollywood is a
great p...
New Appointments

                    Congratulations to our new
                    associated Talent &
Scott Hamilton
                                        Director of Public Relations &
Tirelessly, he assaults press junkets, industry events and the most happening party
spots in town, only in order to public...
El Compadre (Auténtico                7408 Sunset Blvd
Mexicana Restaurant)                  Hollywood, CA ...
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Superstarcase Magazine (C) 1 May 09


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Superstarcase.org & Superstarcase.com Magazine for information, news and showcasing artists, content creators and events of all our entities.

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Superstarcase Magazine (C) 1 May 09

  2. 2. Shawn L. is Hollywood's most exciting and motivational fitness specialist. He knows what to say and how to say it, to uplift and keep you motivated to reach your goal. Whether it's a group or an individual, Shawn L. will take you over the top. Some of his clients include Hollywood's A List, cast members of quot;The Ellen Showquot;, quot;Six Feet Underquot;, quot;Seventh Heavenquot;, quot;Monsters Ballquot;, quot;X-Menquot; and quot;The Debatersquot; to name a few. 2
  3. 3. Table of Contents News Flash! ....................................................................................... 4 In the Pipeline.................................................................................... 6 Casting, Casting, Casting ..................................................................... 7 A Maniacal Manifestó ....................................................................... 8 Supestarcase.org................................................................................ 9 Purrrfection Pin ups ............................................................................... 11 El Compadre .................................................................................... 14 E’s Eclectic Event Emporium .................................................................. 15 New Appointments .......................................................................... 16 Scott Hamilton ........................................................................................ 17 Local Sponsors ................................................................................. 19 3
  4. 4. News Flash! Superstarcase.com - Pressing It! Superstarcase.com is looking for various artists For newly minted and seasoned performing artists who want to do alike, the past few years have been killer, re: our international commercials. careers. The promise of the Internet does loom mightily at the forefront of the entertainment It's our serious venture to industry, but as of yet hasn't delivered on all the expose our artists around the pumped up hype. world and to get you working through these tough Rather, all we've really seen are new ways, from economic times. which to be departed from our money. Yes, the promise of the Internet is still very much alive Sign NOW up at but, at what cost? Do we sit and wait, ruminate, Superstarcase.com today! vacillate or pontificate on the myriad of possibilities that may be available to us, one day or do we take action with what we've got now? I vote the latter... action now. We've all heard the adage, quot;While the grass is growing the horse is starvingquot;, time to stop starving. Superstarcase.com is a program designed to help performers, of many ilk’s (actors, dancers, models, comedians, break dancers & rappers), blossom and expose their talents to an international, world audience (various countries). Writer, producer, musician, composer, Let's face it; the Internet has forced the world to content creator, acting instructor, grow in sophistication. No doubt about that. choreographer and programmer, gee, that's a lot of hats. Peoples from all over are ready to experience the Kenny Beck performances of fresh talent who bring a unique, new millennial slant to the metamorphosed performing arts. As little more than 1/4th (approximately 1.6 billion) of the world’s population is on the Internet (internetworldstats.com), there is a huge upswing to shaping your career to be geared towards this dynamic and exciting market. Co-Publisher Suresh Patel 4
  5. 5. Superstarcase.com and Superstarcase.org have been Laura Ortiz: Superstarcase on the research and development path for more than World Star Project 10 years and stands at the ready to be the quot;major domoquot; to lead the charge into a bright future for artists, writers, producers and other content creators who want their work exposed around the world! If you are an entertainment industry professional who wants to take part or know more about what we're talking about, checkout the following links: superstarcase.blogspot.com kennybeck.wordpress.com artrangerworld.blogspot.com www.superstarcase.org kennybeck@superstarcase.org If you are an artist in any of the She is as talented as she is following categories: beautiful. Laura Ortiz is slowly starting to capture the Acting-Dance-Modeling-Comedy-Singing-Break dancing-Rap imagination of a lot of people. Your best bet is to check out: www.superstarcase.com, sign up and join for FREE (a limited time offer). Check out the links above too. They may give you some useful information or links to help you further your career domestically. Whatever we can do to help artists, we're here for you. Peruse the News: You'll find out about some of the projects we created to you back on track and working in you chosen profession. Watch out for the Superstarcase Globe. We appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have to help us improve opportunities for you around the globe. Send them to the following: Comments and suggestions: info@superstarcase.com lauraortiztv1.blogspot.com 5
  6. 6. In the Pipeline Latest Product Releases Superstarcase.org International Film The development of an online projects involving several countries. conference/convention of world entertainment professionals to develop strategies for the Superstarcase.org International creation of projects for our chosen artists. Television project involving several countries. An online collective, collaborative production medium. Superstarcase.org International Music and Video Game projects Project for Collaborative Charitable cooperatively being developed by Productions several countries Plus a whole lot more to get your career moving in the right direction. Superstarcase International Artist Directory Superstarcase International Select Superstarcase artist will be featured in this section. We will focus on artists who are totally Power Directory committed to making their career international in every respect. If you are an artist with a desire to This directory will include only, establish your presence in several countries around international power brokers, in the world, first join Superstarcase.com. all aspects of the entertainment industry, who are signatories and Once we've reviewed your application and work, part of Superstarcase.org’s we'll let you know how to join the directory. It has been designed, as a select tool, to introduce you to Professional Productions Group. the most important entertainment entities and power They are those who brokers. Associated with Superstarcase the world are committed to the over. Superstarcase Program For the Creation of International, World Productions (Various Countries). Join Superstarcase.com today! If you are desirous of being a member and have the unique qualifications necessary, please send an email to: kennybeck@superstarcase.org 6
  7. 7. Casting Notices: Cast, Casting, Castings Superstarcase only casts projects that International Commercials - Cast includes various we create for an international, world ethnicities of performers including actors, singers, dancers, audience (various countries). rappers and break dancers. Here's what you should submit Productions include film, television, is a cell phone video, no more than 30 seconds in length, music video gaming and live events. telling us how great you are as a product. Remember, cell phone video no longer than 30 seconds long. Send to: Looking for 6 to 10 Rapping, Singing, submissions@superstarcase.com Dancing and Comedic performers for a new, multi-formatted production based on the quot;Music and Times of Jimmy Search for Three Baaaad Female McHugh - Jimmy McHugh, Do you Singers Hip Hop Tooquot;? We need 2 to 3 dynamic rappers who are unafraid to take these, American Classics on, being For a unique collaborative effort featuring artists from newly arranged and produced by Kenny different countries and cultures. Superstarcase is Beck (Superstarcase.org in association developing a whole new concept in cooperative, with Superstarcase.com). For a international entertainment and we're looking for you! discography of Jimmy McHugh songs, Right now we need three singers to form our international go online to girls Super-group. Full of twists and surprises to make jimmymchughmusic.com/songs.htm them be recognized around the world. Submit your video audition of no longer than 1 minute and 30 seconds. Send to: An acapella rendering of one of His great classics, is all you need to submissions@superstarcase.com submit. Just keep it at no longer than 1 minute and 30 seconds, that's all. We Preliminary Casting for even want your submissions in different languages. If you are bi-lingual, that Superstarcase.com Showcases: means you can submit in each language you are fluent in. Send to: submissions@superstarcase.com These showcases are international in scope and will take place in various signatory countries around the world. They will feature the following: Actors, actresses, singers, dancers, models, break dancers & rappers These again, are multicultural, multilingual events, designed to find competent performing artists from all around the world. Showcases will begin in May 2009. Tania Cheng and Her Crew: Superstarcase World Star Project 7
  8. 8. SUPERSTARCASE: A MEGALOMANICAL MANIFESTO? Do you think I'm not serious? If we hearken to a As the plot thickens and agenda's begin to unfurl themselves, I wake at 4 am. thousand years or so, what was the entertainment Unable to rest my weary head, I begin business like, back then? I'm not talking about the to wonder, quot;was it something I atequot;? mechanical devices, inventions or gadgets that help Dispatching that thought, just as quickly propel the performances. I'm talking about the as it popped into my head, the business of entertainment as pertains to audience restlessness consumes me. I really reach, productions; agenda's...There were no would like to return to my slumber, but telephones, no television, radio or satellites to seemingly I can't. broadcast with, through or on. No forms of world wide, mass communications whatsoever. You see, earlier in the evening, I wrote a quot;commentatorquot; an email discussing a subject we had engaged in the day This is unless you want to count conquering or before, two of her television warring armies (and navies) military vessels, productions. Here, at 4 am in the crossing vast bodies of water, to spread the quot;gospelquot; morning, I wake wondering if what I of their fearless leaders. Pretty easy to be fearless scribed was to quot;vitriolicquot; a message to under those circumstances, I guess. Not much has be writing someone I really don't know? changed either, especially in regards to; still being I reconcile that it was not. It could have under the cloud of war, religious persecution and been worse. greed of money. In many instances I found myself biting an acrid tongue, because of the respect I Of course we can go down a list of grievances and have for what the individual is doing, accomplishments of our quot;modern societiesquot; (which advocating for a more helpless segment would have, even then, been called quot;modernquot;), but of the world population, children. At my thoughts and comments will only be about the what point do you cross the line effects of multimedia mass communications on the between civility and blatant rudeness? world entertainment industry: quot;How and quot;why not Never! That is the answer I strive for. I use them to shape the next levelquot;? never really wanted to even offer the slightest opinion and that's all it was, an opinion. My opinion. But, you asked... Since none of these wonderful tools, then existed, (I really must have a lot of idol time). why hasn't anyone ever taken the initiative to combine them into a powerful enough force capable For me, to me, SUPERSTARCASE is a of ushering in greater, more positive circumstances cause. It's a destiny, from which there is for the world. Using the quot;Renaissance Eraquot; as a no escaping. Of course, you may not primary example of the change I am referring to, the think so, but then... I've asked you to complete psyche and disposition of civilization has consider joining me in this cause, to been at stake. completely reinvent the international entertainment industry. My motto for this whole grand affair has been the same for almost the 11 years or so, quot;Changing the face of entertainment for Hollywood, California the next thousand yearsquot;! Publisher - Kenny Beck 8
  9. 9. SUPERSTARCASE.ORG Our Plan for the Future of Entertainment Something I'm sure the direction will manifest itself in some is definitely on unbelievable fashion, as it always seems to, for the very the horizon. faithful. And while you're doing all of that, contemplate What it is, I the state of affairs, of every aspect of the industry. don't necessarily know, but something is definitely coming. Consider this, one of Starting with product, every area of the business, in some the reasons many folks go into the form or another, is dedicated to the creation, sales, entertainment business is to make a marketing & promotion of product. Product and its sales living. Another, because they have the are the lifeblood of it all. perception that the work is easy and fun. To some measure and in a large degree, The great thing about this is, the diversity of sell-able fair I can see why they think so. comes in all shapes and media and graces a wide spectrum of endeavors associated with the entertainment industry. Still more, they just want to be rich or Remember this fact, for it is the single most important famous or both! Who would blame point in this whole, ridiculous little exercise. Simple, it them? Not bad work, if you can get it. may be, but often its message gets convoluted and obscured by any number of circumstances. Whatever your pleasure, I'm sure there's Success and quot;making itquot; are both subjective themes’ better a category out there that will suit your needs. Just chant on it, fire up some suited to be judged by one's self, rather than a plethora of incense, or mediate. near-do-wells who have no clue of the standards of what is important to each and every one of us. Of course it's not necessary to point out these minor important bits and pieces to Sure, we could have been taller, we could have been you, esteemed colleagues, and captains smaller, we could have been richer, we could have been of the industry. It's just that, wiser, but in the final analysis we must grade our own occasionally, a tiny little reminder can report cards and be truthful to ourselves as to what we be helpful, to push the clutter aside and believe we have done. The only other in authority to usurp clear our minds for vastly more that privilege is....who? important pursuits. Back to the subject at hand....Unless we intelligently start Saving our industry and preserving our addressing the issues that divide us from our audience, we way of life, while progressively moving will all lose. The issues (illegal downloading & piracy) forward into the future and onward to a serpentine wend their way into the psyches of consumers different dimension of intelligence and & embolden them with the audacity to, unquenchable and life, well...who could resist? unrepentantly take on the persona of a glutton. The glutton is never satisfied, never appeased and if unchecked loss is No doubt about it, the future appears to inevitable. bode well for us, citizens of the world community. We just need a little nudging and remembrance of loving that we projected so fiercely, when we were making our bones in the crafts. 9
  10. 10. GET INTO MOBILE SEE THE BEST OF COMPUTING NOW! HOLLYWOOD EARN $3K WEEKLY! The world is going Hollywood Tour Guide Wireless…laptops are replacing desktop PCs…it's all When you about connectivity, Mobile come to computing…we show you how to visit this (quickly) quot;meshquot; this H-U-G-E entertainment new market niche with your Mecca of the emerging career as an west, you will Entertainment Pro! surely want and need to Look at our new, powerful, take in all the extremely knowledgeable leader, history that is Hollywood. Full of haunting President Obama…ever notice manses and winding tributaries, it's best to have a that in many, many photos he's cordial, knowledgeable and pleasant guide. Abbey got quot;a Blackberry on his of Hollywood Tour Guide Tours is certainly all belt?quot;…the whole entertainment that and more. Abbey will take you on an industry is going towards Mobile quot;excursionquot;. computing, which is fast, very powerful and completely She adds that certain something. With a twinkle in wireless …sound interesting? her eye and a tone of delight in her voice, she explains and cajoles you with light brevities of Visit our site…www.Mobile- deep and passionate dalliances, totally befitting Workforce101.com the Hollywood lore from whence they came. We have known Mr. Kenny Beck for $20 for children, $35 for adults provides you with over a decade, and he, also, is a a pleasurable 2 hours for all and it is well worth it. strong proponent of Mobile Computing, wireless connectivity, and, how it is now EXTREMELY relevant to those (like you!) seeking to enter the new, CHANGING world of entertainment…hope to hear from you soon… 10
  11. 11. Purrfection Pin-ups Purrfection Pin-ups Comedy, Games, Purrfection Pinups is a more adult Movies & TV, version of modeling content posted Music, Photography, on many sites like Ujena.com. Style. Comedy, Going back to an earlier time when Games, Movies & photo clubs and Betty Page were TV, Music, popular, Purrfection Pinups dream Photography, Style. to recapture the steamy Online and off line evocativeness and provocative-ness talent competition of this 50's phenomenon. for the cream of the crop Ujena models featuring swim wear. Comedians and artists of all kinds are welcome to join us and compare abilities. Critique available for all who participate in this grand affair, no extra cost. We're simply looking for the absolute best talent Ujena can present of the multitude of beautiful members they have on their site. The very talented ones will have an opportunity to display their acting, singing, dancing, comedic, rap and break-dancing skills in front of an online and off line audience. We are actually looking for a lot of new performers to help us fill our demanding schedule for those before, unseen and unknown. We are creating a series of new traditional and non-traditional television shows for our adventurous foray into the world of broadcast programming. We are not stopping at broadcast television either. 11
  12. 12. We are also venturing into the field of independent movie making, with some added twists. We've added our other venture, Purrfection Pin-ups to the mix, in order to allow some of our more spicy subjects and performers an equality opportunity to display their wares. No we won't be doing any porn or even close to it. We just think we can go to the very cutting edge without compromising the very promising material we have developed. Pin-up models have never been displayed as actual thinking, speech capable individuals. They've only been viewed and displayed as photo club, mannequin- esqe visions that never had anything to say at all. They were always posed in seductive or jungle-sqe type scenarios for the most part. Other times they were posed in brutalized or suggestively bi- sexual dalliances which catered more to the fantasies of photo-club quot;photographersquot; (huh, mere amateurs at bestquot;, who would sometimes pay exorbitant fees, just to be able to participate in these mostly sordid kinds of affairs. 12
  13. 13. Due to the explosive passion of this type of photography, like in the 1950's, the lust factor and the voyeuristic hedonism, has once again struck a chord in the psyche and libido of so many individuals today. I'm not only talking about men here either. Women are becoming very engaged, enthusiastic, happy visual sleuths too. It seems as though Ujena head honcho, Bob Anderson, has hit on something with his passionate pursuit of this. The plan for PP (Purrfection Pin-ups) is a quite interesting one indeed. The company is planning on launching a whole new network, world-wide, to partake in the fare presented by many countries, in their own inimitable style and fashions. To say the least, it will be a very interesting 13 endeavor to say the least.
  14. 14. Truly, it is an amazing day for Hollywood, really. The legendary eatery and flaming margarita consortium has taken giant leaps and bounds into what is definitely going to be, the road map to the future, for so many metamorphosing venues. Who would've thunk it, this dyed in the wool, and icon of paragon-ism has placed its mighty stamp on the fortunes of many others and their resultant future. It has been reasoned so because El Compadre has always been a cut above the rest and has weathered many a storm in these and other, rather tumultuous times. SSC El Kudos are to be laid at their feet and Compadre TV 1 baited breaths must held in anticipation, as their bold new strides can only be viewed as, dare I say, brilliant? No matter who and where you side, the future is coming. As a matter of fact, a careful analysis brings knowledge that it's already …TV 1 has landed here...And you thought all those old science fiction thrillers about interesting new innovations were hogwash. Nothing would be further from the truth. Formulating the beginnings of their own pioneering TV and film network, on the web, well, that will definitely turn a few talking heads in envy. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, El Compadre's mix of delicious food, fine beverages and multi mixed media. Ahhh, what a life! 14
  15. 15.  E's Eclectic Event Taco Nueve - E's Place Emporium Hollywood is a great place to discover the esoteric, eventful E will be reaching and exciting out to swathe a large around E-LA. Oh, segment of the am I that obvious? Hollywood A sort of a population. His recurring theme ambitions are great thing, ya think? and will benefit the community in many ways. The coming summer will see You are correct. E, creation of a number of enjoyable event's from E including as he is known to Reggae concert's of the highest order, a tasteful food fair and his friends, other unique activities that have been missing from the Hollywood scene for a very long time. E wants to breathe a customers, creative life spark back here and any day you’re in the probably his neighborhood of the Cahuenga Corridor (Cahuenga Blvd immediate family, between Hollywood and Sunset, stop in. There's plenty there to catch your eye and attention. This is a true emporium in is definitely one of every sense of the word. Hollywood's definitely up and You can go with this, or you can go with that. Get a little bit of this or a whole lot of that. Take your pick. There's a wide coming variety to choose from. From scented oils to special sprays, quot;entrepreneur'squot;. delicious, inexpensive drinks to art and artifacts, he even has the latest quot;Obamaquot; bling time pieces and a wide selection of tobacco products, hookahs, pipes, Swishers and more.  Now don't forget, his latest tantalizing treats, muy tacos! Delicious! Taco Nueve's & E's Eclectic Event Emporium are located at 1645 1/2 N. Cahuenga Blvd if the heart of Hollywood. You can call them at 323 319 8383. Yea Mon… 15
  16. 16. New Appointments Congratulations to our new associated Talent & Production Facilitator/ East Coast, Lisa Thor. Lisa will be on the lookout for promising potential international performers and productions able to fit in the Superstarcase mold. The mold is for productions to be created for the int'l world market (various countries). These productions will include film, television, music and video gaming. Lisa will report directly to Superstarcase principal Kenny Beck. 16
  17. 17. Scott Hamilton Director of Public Relations & Publicity Stray Angel Films Photographer, director and publicist extraordinaire, doffing just one of his many hats, he knows how to get the job done. Being surrounded by the quot;bizquot; since he was a young child, he has gained many insights as to the ways of a show biz Ninja. Scott’s done a lot and seen a lot too. He’s not easily impressed by many things. He maintains an impressive focus on the tasks at hand and strives as best he can, to get the job done with a minimal amount of distractions. Whether shooting a photo layout, for one of the promising young stars he so quot;By a wide margin, Scott is one of the most emphatically believes in, or an resourceful, intelligent filming and episode of one of and hardest working people I have ever his latest television been associated with in my adventures, he is a taskmaster life. His ability to properly assess a situation driven to fulfill and implement a solid completion. Nothing solution is uncanny. I have the greatest half-assed here. Considering respect for the man.” the depth of knowledge and great skills he has acquired, it seems that Scott Hamilton is more suited to be a player in a high profile fortune 500 company, cleaning up messes and rectifying major faux pas. As well, his skills as a publicist are unmatched, but he has one major fault, his penchant for unrelenting labor. Simply, he works himself to death. Well, maybe not death, yet…? 17
  18. 18. Tirelessly, he assaults press junkets, industry events and the most happening party spots in town, only in order to publicize his various charges and give them the one- upmanship they so desperately need. As the child-light only birth of well known Hollywood director Fred Hamilton, Scott's path was laid before him before he could speak. Scott found his real talents behind the scenes while working on set with his father at a tender young age. He then spent a good deal of his younger years as a Unit photographer and publicist. His first really significant gig was with United Artist Publicity at MGM where he worked on important, star studded features like quot;The Pink Panther Strikes Again, “Breakheart Pass” and one of my all time favorites Logan's Runquot;, not to mention the James Bond thriller quot;Live and Let Diequot;. Serious flicks for sure. After that storied stint he went on to work for a number of important production companies including the legendary Spelling/Goldberg megalith with their long string of hits that are still important today. He left the quot;industryquot; for a minute to pursue his passion for product and fashion photography, so many beautiful girls, so little time. Currently, Scott works with Blackjack Entertainment, Inc and is a partner with True Fiction Entertainment, Inc. Their current slate of films include quot;Sons of Thunderquot;, based upon the book, in talks are Cuba Gooding Jr., Courtney Vance, Angela Bassett, Billy Bob Thornton and Terrance Howard and quot;Arethaquot; a biopic about legendary songstress quot;Aretha Franklinquot; Jennifer Hudson is in talks for the lead. Later this year, two feature films, quot;Not another, Not another Moviequot; starring Chevy Chase, Burt Reynolds and Michael Madsen will be released along with Chris Kattan's new comedy quot;Scout's Honorquot; both produced under the True Fiction Entertainment brand. Scott donned the hat of quot;Associate Producerquot; on the musical feature quot;Forever Plaidquot; starring the original cast, Stan Chandler, David Engel and Larry Rabin with Daniel Reichard filling in as the lead. This was produced by The Company Pictures and Stray Angel Films and is due out later this year. Alan Heim, who won the Oscar for quot;All That Jazzquot; is the supervising editor. As head of Acquisitions and Director of Public Relations for T.F.E, Scott is always on the lookout for the quot;next project.quot; His client and people skills precede him and he is a true expert in his field. Throughout his lengthily career he has made it a point to remain unbiased and give everyone access to him and the plethora of knowledge and experience he represents. Last year, he made introduction of quot;The Company Pictures, Incquot; to Suzanne DePasse resulting in the critically successful HBO/Cinemax series quot;Zane Sex Chroniclesquot; which he acted as a Production Liaison on behalf of quot;The Company Pictures.quot; Even after shooting for Elle/Milan, Cosmopolitan and Jordache, his hankering for showbiz lingered and he started shooting for record labels Arista Records and Island Records. To add to his diversity, Scott is a published writer in 5 different languages, has written some 400 articles or more and has in excess of 75 cover shoots. Scott has worked on numerous indie and major productions as cinematographer, director and stuntman. He was the segment producer of quot;In the Mixquot; and co-producer of the 15th Annual LA Music Awards. 18
  19. 19. LOCAL SPONSORS El Compadre (Auténtico 7408 Sunset Blvd Mexicana Restaurant) Hollywood, CA 90046 (323) 472 6039 ssc-elcompadretv1.blogspot.com The Grafton (Hotel) 8262 West Sunset Blvd on Sunset Strip West Hollywood, CA 90069 ssc-graftontv1.blogspot.com (323) 654 4600 1645 N. Cahuenga Blvd E's Eclectic Event Hollywood, CA 90028-6201 Emporium (323) 469 9444 taconueve.blogspot.com 1617 N. Cahuenga Blvd The West Inn Hollywood, CA 90028 (Hotel) (323) 465 7898 The Curry Palace-Balti 7617 Sunset Blvd House Hollywood, CA 90046 the curry palace- (323) 876 2799 baltihouse.blogspot.com 19
  20. 20. 20