7 Loudest Muses for your Personal Branding


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There books we have read in 2012, there are Speakers we have listened to, and there words we can never forget as we connected on various Social media platforms. Here is my timeless collection. Good for your personal branding. Enjoy and chew on it.

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7 Loudest Muses for your Personal Branding

  1. 1. #1 STOP WAITING ON OTHERS TO APPROVE OF YOU. THEYWONT.Having been exposed to lots of condemnations from the society, religiousbeliefs, workplace and dysfunctional family systems, lots of people dontlove themselves a bit. So, they just barely live; always waiting for one morevalidation from others.MUSE ON THIS:Dont wait for anyone to approve of you and stop comparing yourself withthemselves. Its your life. Give it your very best shot by being honest withyourself. If you mess up. Too bad! No one has the right to judge you. Pickyourself up while you can and start living. Honestly, how long do youhave to live to please others? its your LIFE.#2 LOVE IS THE TRUE RELIGION NO ONE CAN FAULT. CHASEITWe will always disagree on the basis our beliefs, faith and opinionsbecause, honestly, people have the right to believe what they want to
  2. 2. believe as long as it does not infringe on the freedom of others aroundthem.MUSE ON THIS: But we should never disagree on loving others aroundus irrespective of their beliefs. Love is the only worldview that keeps usgoing. Love is a thoughtful act of kindness to everyone we ever comeacross, no matter how differently we see the world. Its a universallanguage of humankind we should spend our entire life to learn. Itsbigger than any personal belief or opinion and its the leastthing anyone on earth can afford. Spread more love people becausethe world is already filled with so much hates.#3 SHOW A LITTLE KINDNESS AND RUN AWAY. PEOPLEDONT ALWAYS PAY BACKIts natural to expect a favor back from someone you have just shown favor.Life, however, has shown us thats not always the case. In fact, it turns outthat people we care about the most, oftentimes break our hearts. Mosttimes, it hurts so bad we just want to shut others out.MUSE ON THIS: Treat others the same way youd like to be treated evenif they dont deserve it. There will always be ungrateful people in the worldbut that should not prevent us from showing one more little kindness untoothers. There really is no reward in heaven for doing that. The reward isright here on earth. Some call it the law of Karma but I call it the Law of abetter world. If you can help anyone around you, help them andexpect nothing in return. Show that little kindness and runaway#4 BE CURIOUS. BE VERY CURIOUS. IT ONLY KILLS THE CATNOT YOU.Its human nature to quest for everything. Its also human nature to explaineverything. Our brains are wired with a mythic element that seeks biggeranswers for the worlds many why, who, where, how. what, and what if .Why do people die? Where do people go when they die? Why are somepeople abused as children? Why do some of us grow fat easily no matterwhat we do? Why? Why is the world coming to an end? Why is the worldnot coming to an end? Why should there be a God? Why shouldt abeautiful world like have no God ruling over it? Why but why?MUSE ON THIS: There will always be as many answers as we can findbut the quest will never end. What should end is our close-mindedness. We
  3. 3. should stop putting others in our own little boxes of answers. When weclose our mind, we kill the possibilities of new discoveries, new cures todiseases and new possibilities. Every technology we use today is anoutcome of people ever searching for new knowledge and better world. Oneof the biggest highlights of 2012 is the launch of The NASA Mars roverCuriosity. When we stop being curious, we stop growing. We stop knowing.We regress backwards and we destroy others in our own ignorance. Itsokay to say you really cant figure something out than saying you do haveanswers to everything . If you cant prove anything with evidences andreceipts, you should take it easy on others. No one has all the answers.Enjoy being curious, people. It only kills the cat and not our minds.#5.LEAVE YOUR WEAKNESS ALONE FOR A MOMENT ANDWORK ON YOUR STRENGTH. OUR WEAKNESSES ALMOSTNEVER REALLY LEAVE US. [SHAME ]People often tell us to work on our weaknesses and yea, its pretty much thesensible thing to tell anyone as it makes us feel morally good even whensome of these weaknesses never really leave us.MUSE ON THIS: Id rather you work on your strength. Thats one goodthing about you. Thats your advantage over others. Your strength is thatthing you do that blesses others near and far. While its sensible to work onour weaknesses, it makes more sense to own our area of strength. Youknow why? Your perceived weaknesses, as long as they do notharm anyone, are things you can never change about you.Talking too loud, eating too loud, snoring too loud [ yep, I do that when Imtired out ] So, while you make new year resolutions, spend your preciouslittle time to work on your strength and people will start ignoring thoseweaknesses that have hemmed you in for so long. Do you look forward to2013 yet?#6 YEA, YOU KNOW THE STORIES OF PEOPLES LIVES BUTYOU DONT REALLY KNOW THEIR STORIES. SO LISTEN.Oftentimes, we meet someone coming through some moments of their lifeand we are quick to let them know how we have been there, done that. Weeven go as far as judging their actions based on the story of their life. Do wereally have enough to make conclusions about others?
  4. 4. MUSE ON THIS: Theres a major difference between someones storyand the story of their life. The story of my life is what you know about me;what you know of me. Its my life from your own point of view and thatsfine. My story is my life as seen from my own point of view. Its my lesson.My elixir. What I took out of my moment in time as understood by me. Andits different from what you think you know about me. You can never takesomeone beyond their own story. Its a waste of time. Rather, you shouldhelp them find their story and allow them retell it as revealed to them. Thisis the basis of our Personal Branding workshop at Orange Academy. One ofthe things wrong with our world today is because we often impose our ownstories on others. We say if its good for the geese, it must be good for thegander. Listen very hard. Theres a story that child is telling you.Theres a story that lover of yours is trying so hard to tell youbut you keep putting them within your own templates of life.Life is not a cookie cutter and our stories may often have resemblances butour elixirs are so very personal. Listen.#7 EMBRACE FAILURE. ITS BETTER THAN AIMING ATSUCCESSOwing to our many conflicting school reports while growing up, we haveformed a wrong opinion about the word failure that we do anything to livein its denial when it happens to us. We do not want to fail because we havea human need that seeks the approval of others even when we have to keepup appearances.MUSE ON THIS: Its honestly okay to fail. Forget the lies we have beentold all those years. We only need to address the concept of failure from abetter perspective. At Orange Academy, Failure is an art we teach ourstudents to embrace. Here, as succinctly put by Michael Jordan, "Ive failedover and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed". Whatcan you learn from your failed attempts in 2012? How can you use them tosucceed in the coming year? In response to New York Times reportersquestion to Thomas Edison on his many failed attempts with the finalinvention of electric bulb, heres what he had to say "I have not failed 700times. I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those 700ways will not work. When I have eliminated the ways that will not work, Iwill find the way that will work." You may also want to know that this sameman once defined Genius as one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percentperspiration." So, while others wish you a very successful yearahead, may I wish you a year filled with many failed attemptsthat eventually lead to that one unique success that will changethe world.