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Nac Stech 2012 Fuel Logix


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Slide Deck from NACStech 2012

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Nac Stech 2012 Fuel Logix

  1. 1. Integrated Petroleum Solutions POS Hardware and Software Payment Software Solutions Back Office Operations Home Office Exception Management Central Pricebook Fuel Dispatching and Fleet Maintenance Inventory Management World Class Business Financials Web Based Instant Business Intelligence
  2. 2. Auditing ProductivityDoes it take too long to getmanagement reports andincome statements fromyour current system?Are your store auditors stillreviewing invoice exceptionsone at a time?
  3. 3. Auditing ProductivityLet FuelLogix show you howto increase productivity over80% with our SummaryInvoice Screen to manageexceptions by Vendor!
  4. 4. Agility• Web-based Back Office Daily Reporting and Corporate Auditing solution• Powerful exception-auditing tool; reduces labor and increases accuracy• Comprehensive management reports included; Integrated Microsoft SQL Reporting Services• Enterprise Centrally Managed Pricebook• Franchise DEALERS need to scan too!
  5. 5. Auditing Productivity “The productivity of our auditing team increased 81% using Agility’s Summary Invoice Screen. We’ve added 20 stores without adding another auditor.”Harold Wells: Retail Systems Manager
  6. 6. Fast ImplementationAre software vendorstelling you it will takeweeks or months tosetup, test and go livewith their systems?
  7. 7. Fast ImplementationFuelLogix ProvidesIntegrated Solutions!Let us show you how wecan accurately setup andconvert your companyover a weekend!
  8. 8. Fast Implementation “We migrated our legacy system and historical data with only 2 days of downtime. Amazing for a project of this scope . . . simply amazing!”Ed Freels, CIO
  9. 9. LoadTrax• Logical Workflow solution for BOLs using same data that suppliers use for billing• Automated importing of terminal liftings• Efficient handling of wholesale and retail inventory deliveries and validation• Definable, rules-based queues; ensures accuracy and accurate tax liability reports
  10. 10. Strong Business Fit “Agility has proven to be an efficient turn-key solution for our Island Food Stores.”Craig Barnthouse: COO and Senior VP
  11. 11. Business IntelligenceLet FuelLogix show you how wecan import, migrate and convertyour data to retrieve the businessintelligence you need to moreprofitably run your business!
  12. 12. Business IntelligenceAre you unable toretrieve the valuableinformation hidden inyour Back Office andPOS systems?
  13. 13. Business Intelligence• iFlex – the solution for simple query design for non-technical users• No database skills required!• Dashboard or email alerts provide exceptions for fast corrective action• People move from generating data to managing tasks
  14. 14. FIOS – File Transfers• Agent based, Distributed enterprise solution delivers reliable routing of data files.• Rules based directory monitoring (local path, UNC or remote FTP) for files• Routing to multiple Endpoints (Local or Remote)• Secure Transmissions with resume for interrupted transfers (FTP, SFTP, FTPS, HTTPS)• File Integrity checking and guaranteed delivery• Centralized configuration and scheduled event management with script execution• Top Down Central Management Dashboard
  15. 15. Item Level Inventory?Does operations tell you that itemlevel inventory is too difficult toimplement but they must have thevaluable data it provides?FuelLogix delivers solutions foroperational item level inventory!
  16. 16. Item Level Inventory?Are your managers wasting valuable timeentering item level inventory information?Our solutions provide an easy path toimplement EDI for invoice receiving!Combine with the Agility BOS App forManagers using the Apple iTouch to saveeven more time!
  17. 17. Strategic Partnership“The decision to partnerwith FuelLogix was one ofthe 10 best decisions I’vemade over the last 3 years.”Jim Xenos: Vice President and CIO