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FuelLogix Overview

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FuelLogix Presentation

  1. 1. FuelLogixSolutions, Integration, Efficiency,and System Optimization
  2. 2. Who is FuelLogix? FuelLogix is a full-service systems developer and integrator specializing in the technology and business needs of the petroleum and convenience store Industries. Our core team of professionals bring over 100 years of combined industry experience to work for our clients. We offer a full complement of consulting, implementation, procurement, and management services; serving as a complete source for software, hardware, networking, remote monitoring, and disaster recovery to service all of our clients business computing needs. Leading brand names within the FuelLogix portfolio include Agility, iFlex, FIOS and LoadTrax. FuelLogix provides retailers with a complete enterprise solution from point-of-sale to corporate financial systems through integration services and partnerships with industry leading technology providers. FuelLogix’s focus on the store and host operations, fuel, and category management provides retailers with a best of class, optimized, and efficient solution to operate their business. We appreciate the opportunity to EARN your business!2
  3. 3. FuelLogix Products  Agility  Complete Back Office to Home Office Daily Reporting Solution, With Price Book, for Petroleum Marketers Convenience Retail and QSR Sites  Full Integration into Financial and Fuel Systems, POS, and Other 3rd Party Suppliers  Streamlined Workflow, With Automated Auditing Tools, Exception-based Reporting, and Document Management  User-defined Reporting and Dashboards, With Easy-to-Use Set-up  iFlex  Web-based Business Intelligence System  User-Defined Metrics and Key Performance Indicators  Business Intelligence Dashboards Include Charts, Alerts, Queries, and External Web Content  Ease-of-Use in Setting-up Reports and Dashboards; End- user Manages Setup Versus IT Staff Being Required3
  4. 4. FuelLogix Products  LoadTrax  Streamlines and Automates Fuel Purchases, Bulk Loading, Pricing, and Billing  Reconcile What Was Lifted From the Terminal and Delivered to a Single Site or Split Loads Delivered to Multiple Sites  Terminal Information Automatically Imported  Export BOL Data to Billing Systems in Standard Formats  File Integration and Orchestration Services (FIOS)  Agent based, distributed enterprise system designed to provide reliable, secure, centrally managed, and logged routing of files throughout an organization, like a post office with mailboxes.  Utility Tool to Run Scripts, Monitor Folders for Incoming Files; Moves Files to Designated Folders; Uncompress, Unzips, and Archives Files DataBridge  Parsing Tool to Move and Translate POS and Back Office Data Into SQL Database for Use With Agility, iFlex, and LoadTrax4
  5. 5. Agility Features  Shift and Daily Reporting  Fuel Inventory, Fuel Sales,  Invoice Receiving at Item Gallons, Dollar, and Meter or Category Level, With Tracking Integration to Pricebook  Tank Charts and Exception Handling  Competitor Price Survey  Merchandise, Income,  Pricebook Taxes, QSR, Deposits,  Time and Attendance Tenders, and Paid Outs Tracking  Financial and Data Exports  Retail Inventory  Document Imaging  Inventory Adjustments  SQL Reporting to Integrate Your Own Custom Reports  Physical Counts and Audits  Full Audit Trail Captures All  Manager Counts (Soft Changes Audits)  Single Click Pricebook Validation Across All Sites5
  6. 6. Agility Daily Reporting (BOS / POS) Integration Exception Auditing Agility Home Office Time, Attendance, Pricebook And Scheduling Business Intelligence & Reporting6
  7. 7. Information Workflow Data Collected Daily Report From POS or 3rd Capture Party Backoffice Post Exception Financials Checking Integration to Rules-based Engine Corporate Validates Each Financial System Report With Microsoft Optional Auto-close Dynamics GP Audit Immediate Corrections Reports Station Audit Pre-audited Data Clerks Correct Available for Exception Data Operations Reporting7
  8. 8. Agility  The Agility Home Page Allows Users To Setup and View Pertinent Information at a Glance8
  9. 9. Agility  The Agility End-of-Day Report Allows Managers to Review Store Performance9
  10. 10. Agility  Powerful Exception  Integrated Document Auditing Function Reduces Imaging Speeds Labor Costs, Increases Workflow, Reduces Accuracy, and Saves Money Archival and Postage Through Reduced Errors Expenses  Simple Integration With  Increased Productivity POS and Backoffice Systems and Lower Training Costs Preserves Existing  Unique Capability of Investment Either Replacing Existing  Migration Capabilities Backoffice or Integrating Reduce Stress and Impact Backoffice Data Into on Operations Agility Optimization and  100% Web-based; Reduces Auditing Processes Costs and Ongoing Support10
  11. 11. Agility Exclusive Feature  One Person Can Manage Invoice Exceptions for ALL Stores! Summary of Invoice Exceptions by Vendor11
  12. 12. Agility Exclusive Feature  Save Time and Money! No More Auditing Invoices One at a Time! Details for One Vendor12
  13. 13. iFlex Features  100% Web-based;  Export to XML, TXT, XLS, or Connects to Most Data PDF Sources; SQL, Sybase,  Build Simple Alert Oracle, Access, My SQL, Thresholds to Monitor Data ODBC, Excel Automatically  Generates SQL Statements  Monitor Alerts From the With Click of Button User Interface, Dashboard,  Build and Save Queries; or Email Date Variables Ensure Data  Drill into Alerts to Analyze is Relevant Underlying Data  Schedule Queries to be  Powerful Dashboards From Delivered Via Email Disparate Systems With  Publish Queries Through- Queries, Charts, Alerts, or out Company External Content13
  14. 14. iFlex Process Flow14
  15. 15. iFlex Report  iFlex Query Shows Invoice Exception Details  Create an Advice Slip to Email the Vendor Telling Them the Amount of Short Pay and Why15
  16. 16. iFlex Benefits  Simple Query Designer  Allows Stakeholders to Allows Non-technical Modify, Manipulate, and Users to Create Views, Consume Data Across the With No Database Skills Organization Required  System Design Protects  People Move From Enterprise Data and Generating Data to Objects; Ensures Users Managing Tasks to Can Not ‘Corrupt’ or Positively Impact Destroy Source Data Bottomline Profitability  Alerts Provide Exceptions, Allowing For Immediate Corrective Action16
  17. 17. LoadTrax Features  Import Data From Terminal  Spilt Load Handling  Bourque Integration for  Setup and Maintain Accurate Railcar Commodities, EPA, and Hazmat Information to Monitor Messages and Cross-reference Supply Chain in the Fuel Accounting System  TransLoad.net Integration  Performance Metrics for Complete Transloading Dashboards Show Rolling Status Solution of Each Queue, Inventory on  Standard Exports to Fuel Hand, and In-Transit Accounting System  Tax Setup Validates Proper Tax  Defined Rules for Loads to Handling Pass Each Queue  Duplicate Load Handing for  Manual BOL Creation and Imports Generation  Browser Support: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Linux, Safari, Windows, and iPhone17
  18. 18. LoadTrax Screen Shot  Bill-Of-Lading Edit Screen – Shows Split Load Between Two Different Sites18
  19. 19. LoadTrax Benefits  Definable Rules-based  Automated Importing of Queues for Fuel Terminal Liftings Procurement and Eliminate Labor Accounting Ensure Bottleneck of Data Entry, Accuracy Throughout As Well As Improving Process Accuracy of Data  Efficient Handling of Price  Distribute Tasks to Teams Loads and Validation of Across the Room or Load Data To Ensure Across the Globe Without Accuracy Before Installing Client Software Exporting to the Fuel or Support Accounting System19
  20. 20. FIOS Features  Agent based, Distributed enterprise system providing reliable routing of data files.  Rules based directory monitoring (local path, UNC or remote FTP) for files  Routing of files to multiple Endpoints (Local or Remote)  Secure Transmissions with resume for interrupted transfers (FTP, SFTP, FTPS, HTTPS)  File Integrity checking and guaranteed delivery  Full logging  Centralized configuration and scheduled event management  Scheduled and Event based script execution  Top Down Central Management Dashboard Console  Drill Down Features20
  21. 21. FIOS Process Flow21
  22. 22. FIOS Screen Shot  Agent Health Status Dashboard allows quick pinpointing of offline sites, and provides drill down to the details of any agent22
  23. 23. FIOS Benefits  Guaranteed Delivery of  Scheduled deliver of Data Operational Data Files such as POS  Flag File Routing Transaction Details, or  Routing after a time Pricebook Scan Files period of inactivity  Distributed , agent based  Franchise File Routing to solution uses a central Multiple End Points archive and holds delivery until the designated  Delivery of Trickle Feed endpoint requests task Data  Centralized Management  Automatic Polling of Fuel Dashboards Price Changes from Fuel Server Database  Logging of schedule exceptions across  Scheduled archival of multiple agents store system data backups23
  24. 24. FuelLogix Technology Components24
  25. 25. FuelLogix Data Flow25
  26. 26. Products and Services Diagram Financial / Microsoft Enterprise Infinium Lawson AIMS Dynamics Resource Planning Financial Business Daily Alerts Price Book FuelLogix Intelligence Reporting Merchandise Time and Functionality Fuel Inventory QSR Inventory Attendance Agility Enterprise Suite Argus DTN Fuel Smart Intellifuel Fuel Systems Kinder OPIS PLATTS Simmons Morgan Professional Factor Pinnacle Oasis Pinnacle PRM Store Level Datasolutions Systems Retalix Store Master Intellifuel Axxis Dresser ComData Gilbarco Palm Point-of Sale Wayne Systems Radiant Retalix VeriFone XPIENT Integration .NET SQL Reporting Microsoft SQL framework Services Internet Server Ajax Services Technology Platform26
  27. 27. Don’t take our word for it… Schedule a live system demonstration!27
  28. 28. Stakeholder Usage Accounting Operations Fuel • Daily Invoice • Daily Reporting • Monitor Fuel Exceptions; Single • Actionable Inventories for Auditor Manages Intelligence Dispatch Across All Sites • Reduced Training • Quick Fuel • Define Tolerances for Store Staff Reconciliation at and System Flags • Dashboard Period-end or Automatically Reporting • Accuracy In Tax Closes Passing Reporting • Real Time Data Reports • Real Time Data • Integrated BI and • Full Audit Trails • Integrated BI and Data Mining for • Real Time Data Investigations Data Mining for • Integrated BI and • Time Keeping Investigations Data Mining for • Real Time Retail • Integrated to POS Investigations Fuel Price Change Tracking28
  29. 29. Implementation Process Implementation Process Convert Legacy Parallel Operation Go Live Agility System for Verification • Cease Using Legacy • Install Agility • Parallel Auditing on System • Setup Agility Designated Stores • Final Check of Data • User and Technical for Validation on Friday Training • Correct Data • Agility Home Office • Review and Validate Anomalies Live on Monday Report Data • Review Period-End • Begin Store Rollout • Customer Sign-off for Accuracy after 60 Days • Customer Sign-off • Plan Rollout to minimize effects on Operations • Live via Web29
  30. 30. Agility Implementation Benefits  Parallel Implementation,  Flexibility in Migration of Allows Retailer to Test Back Office System; Agility ‘Live’ Before Continue Using Existing Converting; Ensures Data Back Office Until Ready Accuracy and Confidence to Convert  Fast Implementation;  Retailer Moves Through Typically Over a Testing, Parallel, and Weekend; Reducing Production Phases With Impact on Operations Limited Involvement  Eliminate Cost Overruns  Focus is on How-to-Use from Prolonged Versus How-to-Setup Consulting Engagements30
  31. 31. More MicroLogix Solutions! Network Services Internet Solutions • Virtual IT Managed • Domain, Email, and Services Website Hosting • Hardware Sales and Service • Dedicated Servers • Network, Security, and • Website Design Wireless Consulting • Off-site Backup • Help Desk • Business Continuity • Infrastructure and Cabling Services • Telephony Systems (VoIP) • Agility Hosting • Agility Failover31
  32. 32. FuelLogix Benefits  Works With Existing POS and Financial Systems  Protects Existing Capital Investment  Reduces Training Requirements  Integration With Leading Industry Suppliers like Microsoft Dynamics GP , Selective Software, AJB Software, and Toshiba/TDX Tech  Optimizes System Functionality and Efficiency  Intuitive Brower-based Interface Simplifies Learning Curve  Lower Cost of Ownership  Fixed Implementation Costs  Less Downtime and Support for IT  Highly Scalable  Integrated Security  Flexibility In Rollout Options  Implement Corporate Office Without Impacting Stores  Stage Rollout of Stores, as Desired32
  33. 33. FuelLogix Customers33
  34. 34. What’s Next?  Follow Up Conference Call?  Date/Time?  Participants?  Questions and Answers?  Sample Project Plan  Business Solutions Review?  Visit your office  We can help with solution recommendations for your entire organization  Is your hardware up to the challenge?  Do you want to consider a hosted solution instead? We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business! Kennon Mullen (888) 445-6449 x2104 kmullen@fuellogix.com34