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Annual Report Kennispark Twente 2009


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Kennispark Twente is the leading Dutch innovation campus where innovative companies find everything they need to be successful. At Kennispark Twente you gain access to excellent research by the University of Twente, different forms of capital and talented people.

We invite you to read our annual review for an overview of our sciencepark in 2009.

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Annual Report Kennispark Twente 2009

  1. 1. The Power of the Combination 2009 Annual Report
  2. 2. Contents 4 Foreword by Kees Eijkel, CEO of Kennispark Twente 6 Kennispark Twente is on the up 8 Entrepreneurship is second nature at the UT 10 Nominations and awards in 2009 12 Entrepreneurship 14 Talent for entrepreneurship 16 Interview: FAME scheme is a significant step for student enterprise 18 Successful start 20 Successful growth 22 Interview: It is all about long hours in the US 24 TOP places in 2009 26 Innovation 28 From idea to business 28 Knowledge transfer 29 Facility sharing 29 Interview: TPRC underlines UT’s great expertise 32 Events and meetings 34 Area 36 Room for entrepreneurship 37 Events and meetings 38 Guidance in locating business premises 39 Interview: Kennispark - a unique area in Enschede 40 Results of Kennispark Twente 42 Publication details 43 Partners 2 3
  3. 3. Foreword The power of the combination Creating an environment in which Internationally, Kennispark Twente is also every ingredient is present for succes- working to build its reputation, and its sful high-tech enterprise and innova- name, despite not being translated, is tion. Combining the right elements surprisingly well known among internatio- and the right partners. The power of nal contacts. In Melbourne (Australia), they the combination: that is what it is all were so impressed by our system that we about. And this is what we have seen have been asked to be a formal consultant once again over the last year. to the largest park in Australia, labelling us a ‘benchmark project in the global The combination of different partners, arena’. This, too, is the result of the right such as the research institutes at the combination of, in this case, Enschede University of Twente, BTC Twente, NIKOS, municipal council, the Province of Overijs- Innovation Platform Twente and our sel, the University of Twente and, since founding fathers, has ensured that we recently, Saxion University of Applied have been able to make significant Sciences. progress in 2009. An example of this progress was the approval of the Master In this annual report, we are delighted to Plan for the Development of Kennispark take you through the various factors that Twente in January 2009. The launch of the make Kennispark Twente the place to be open innovation centre with Stork Fokker, for high-tech entrepreneurs: ideas for new Ten Cate, Boeing and the University of businesses, business development Twente is another. These companies were support facilities, talent, meetings and an looking for an enterprising area with inspiring environment. We will happily substantial knowledge, and they found it share with you the highlights of 2009 and in Twente. At the end of 2009, Kennispark the power of the combination in Twente. Twente was also officially recognised as an innovation campus of national importance to the Netherlands, alongside Food Valley, Kees Eijkel the High Tech Campus and the BioScience- CEO Kennispark Twente park in Leiden. We and our partners can be proud of this acknowledgement. We have worked hard to achieve it. Kennispark Twente Team 4 5
  4. 4. Kennispark Twente is on the up Things are really on the up for Kennis- The members of the steering committee Close collaboration Saxion has 22,000 students, of whom park Twente. National recognition as one – Carry Abbenhues (representative of the For Carry Abbenhues, the involvement of 14,000 study in Enschede. The impor- of the five innovation campuses in the province of Overijssel) Ineke van Olde- these market partners is critical. tance of Twente as an economic and Netherlands, a unique, open innovation niel (member of the Board of Governors Kennispark Twente is a long-term project, residential base for Saxion is evident. centre with internationally operating at Saxion), Eric Helder (councillor in for which financial support from the Ineke van Oldeniel sees that the companies, a growing number of start- Enschede) and Kees van Ast (vice-chair of business sector is vital. This also applies Kennispark is developing itself as an ups working with the UT, the growing in- the Board of Governors at the University to area development and its physical engine for economic development in the volvement of SMEs, and the space, which, of Twente) – draw this conclusion from aspects. “Moving forward in collaboration region. “The Kennispark is for everyone administratively speaking, Twente has developments in 2009 with becoming with the business sector is increasingly in Twente, not just in Enschede. given to the physical development of the modesty, but with great inner joy. important in order to continue to syste- Fortunately, that idea is increasingly get- Kennispark and the economic develop- matically strengthen the region.” Support ting through to people.” ment that goes with it, all help contribute Incubator from the Twente region, the increasing to this. “Kennispark Twente is a complex pro- involvement of Saxion, the collaboration Strength ject with many social aspects,” says Eric with Boeing, Koninklijke Ten Cate and It is key that the development of the Helder. “In the initial stages, it is always Fokker Aerostructures. The allocation of Kennispark occupies a prominent place difficult to highlight the use or impact €7 million from the Economic Stimulation on the political Agenda of Twente along effectively. I have always seen Kennispark Fund for the High Tech Factory project by with the two other economical develop- Twente as an incubator for economic MESA+. “That’s exactly why we’re doing ments at the airport and the ‘Heart of the developments in Twente. The first results this. I have high expectations for the new South’ (incl. World Trade Center Twente). are now visible. Take the open innovation business activities and employment op- That is a condition for sustained deve- centre with Boeing, Stork Fokker, Ten portunities that will be created.” lopment in the long term. Kees van Ast: Cate and the UT, for example, which is “Partners throughout society are beco- being acknowledged at national and even Coalescing ming ever more involved in Kennispark international level. That is very important Ineke van Oldeniel sees the coalescence Twente. The power of the combination is for the trust of our market partners.” of the UT and Saxion as a significant the key term. We keep everything com- advantage. “Saxion has added value for pact and aim for visibility. The Corridor is the Kennispark. Technological innovation the building in which everything involving The members of the steering committee – begins at the UT, but spin-offs often end innovation and entrepreneurship is con- Carry Abbenhues (representative of the province of up with people at higher professional centrated. This will also occur later in the Overijssel) Ineke van Oldeniel (member of the Board education level. We develop innovation Langezijds building. And not to forget, of of Governors at Saxion), Eric Helder (councillor in programmes too. For some of these pro- course, the successes of the innovation Enschede) and Kees van Ast (vice-chair of the Board grammes, it is better for us to collaborate institutes, or the Medical Imaging pro- of Governors at the University of Twente) – draw this from the very start. In 2010, Saxion will gramme. We must allow knowledge from conclusion from developments in 2009 with becoming be a valuable associate of Kennispark the UT to pervade the business sector. 6 modesty, but with great inner joy. Twente.” That is what leads to employment. That is 7 Kennispark Twente for you.”
  5. 5. coordination point for the first seven nanotechnology with our scientific years of the EIT ICT Labs. NOKIA, knowledge and equipment. Strengthening Ericsson, Alcatel, SAP, Philips and the the nano-industry in Twente is one of our Entrepreneurship is second nature at the UT three Dutch universities of technology in key objectives.” Eindhoven, Delft and Enschede will develop strategies in a very extensive Venturelab Twente Innovative successes are piling up. Internationally, the six research institutes at the University of Twen- programme with an annual subsidy of For Sjoerd van Tongeren of the IGS, the te have achieved key successes. The number of spin-off companies is increasing steadily. The directors €30 million to help “get technologically establishment of the VentureLab Twente of each institute are doing their utmost to optimise the valorisation together with Kennispark Twente. innovative products into the business in 2009 signified the birth of a new And there you have the key word: valorisation. Described by one director as: “how our knowledge rea- sector” more rapidly. Iddo Bante: “This is instrument that offers starting UT ches society.” European innovation par excellence. entrepreneurs the possibility of becoming There will be numerous opportunities for more successful as an entrepreneur in truly enterprising ICT students. The society. “Technologists are not always the “Entrepreneurship is in the UT’s blood. began as managing director in 2009, is foundation is the knowledge and exper- best business people. They’re too orien- But I have the feeling that the innovative dedicated to “unlocking the expertise that tise within the UT. Kennispark Twente ted towards technology. Starting a potential of the UT can be used even is often hidden within the UT”. “At will be a stepping stone to a more business is actually a social activity. more,” says Martijn Kuit, managing IMPACT, we don’t come up with anything prominent position for the UT within VentureLab Twente is looking for entre- director of MIRA, the institute for ourselves,” he says. “We translate Europe, with SMEs occupying a very preneurs who want to use technology to biomedical technology, since 2009. “The expertise into business activities. How important place. The directors of all our make their company bigger. While the Board provides encouragement where can we make the enormous expertise of biggest companies unanimously acknow- fundamental research carried out at the possible. Kennispark Twente is the the UT more accessible to the business ledge that without SMEs, these plans UT is vital, it has to be translated into catalyst in the valorisation process. If we sector? The challenge for 2010 is to learn could not be achieved.” practice in a business situation. You need can tap every source within the UT, we even more than we do now about what tools for this, tools which have been can experience many exciting things in the UT has to offer. The development of High-Tech Factory developed on the basis of knowledge of the future.” spin-off companies is continuing unaba- For MESA+, the most important activity is social sciences.” ted at high levels and has done so for the High-Tech Factory. This production Employment more than 10 years. For every euro from facility for companies in micro and Product development In 2009, MIRA took a major step forward the UT, we double it in the market. We are nanotechnology receives subsidies Society is not made up of technology but with the Centre for Medical Imaging, a focused more on attracting big compa- totalling more than €11 million from the of people who apply technology. Oscar joint venture with Siemens and the UMC nies such as Philips Drachten, BP and Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Province Peters of the IBR knows this better than Groningen. Martijn Kuit: “I expect an Shell, without, of course, losing sight of of Overijssel and the Twente region. anyone. Launching a particular product is enormous amount of technological the smaller spin-offs.” Managing director Miriam Luizink: “We all about an acceptance process. “We do innovation from this major alliance. Top will focus on the development of produc- not have products as such that we launch Technology for the Patient. In 2011, this Kennispark Twente as a stepping tion processes, the establishment of an ourselves. We supply the market. I have CMI will also be physically located in stone to a more prominent position equipment fund, to support companies noticed that the realisation is growing Kennispark Twente, leading to an in Europe within and outside the UT. We will that products should ultimately be immediate creation of jobs. For Iddo Bante, managing director of primarily try to help smaller SMEs that intended to increase the well-being of CTIT, there was one undisputed highlight find it difficult to attract funding. Where people and society. The IBR are increasin- Attracting big companies in 2009: the European Institute of possible, we will try to facilitate compa- gly involved, also at the beginning of a Jan Emmerzaal of IMPACT, who also Technology (EIT) made the UT the nies based in Twente that work with product development process.” 8 9
  6. 6. Nominations and awards in 2009 Young Technology Award 2009 Nominations for Deloitte Fast 50 for fast-growing Blue4Green Erik Staijen Eastern Netherlands in the engineering companies Innovation Top 100 This is the fourth consecutive year in which 10% Nominated of candidates listed consisted of companies StatiqCooling Rijssen from Twente. Top 30 knowledge and Smart Signs Solutions, Xiophotonics, research institutes in Technisch Twee R Recycling, Mobihealth and Capzo International Ootmarsum Bizz Design Academy Enschede Weekblad magazine Steray. Sqills Enschede, established by two former Nr. 6 MESA+ students from the UT ODS2 Enschede Simon Stevin Meesterschap Nr. 8 ITC ODS2 Enschede Professor Detlef Lohse Nr. 9 CTIT University of Twente TSI Solutions Enschede, spin-off University of Twente Nr. 12 IMPACT UT van den Kroonenberg Prijs Webprint Oldenzaal, winnaar Rising Start Twente, 2007 Nr. 23 Telematica Institute Entrepreneurship Sigmax NWO Spinozapremie Xsens Technologies Enschede, spin-off University of Twente Prof. dr. ir. A. (Albert) van den Berg University of Twente 10 11
  7. 7. Entrepreneurship The entrepreneurial University of Twente (UT) is a breeding ground for new ideas, innovation and new technology. The perfect seed bed for entrepreneurship. For the last 25 years, the UT has actively encouraged its scientists, students and doctoral students to be enterprising. Innovative entrepreneurs are the foundations on which economic progress is built. 12 13
  8. 8. Education in entrepreneurship UT students also look for knowledge Entrepreneurship concerning entrepreneurship within the curriculum of the education programmes at the university. In 2009-2010, The enterprising region a compulsory subject focusing on 35 students participated in the minor in In the Netherlands, the University of entrepreneurship was developed in 2009, Entrepreneurship and 27 students Twente leads the way in creating spin-off which students in all faculties will follow enrolled for the master track in Innova- companies. Up until now, the UT has during their Bachelor’s phase. tion & Entrepreneurship. skills during workshops. Some 100 spawned more than 700 companies, with enterprising students took part in this the total still growing. Since 2006, the UT In addition, the Career Center Twente Student entrepreneurship annual event. has worked with Enschede municipal organises monthly get-togethers at which In collaboration with the Student Union, council (on behalf of Network City) and students can get to know companies Kennispark Twente provides support to During a speed-dating dinner in May, the Province of Overijssel to encourage based in Twente. On behalf of Kennispark enterprising students at the University of student entrepreneurs were given the entrepreneurship and innovation in the Twente, a young company explains about Twente through the platform opportunity to meet other such students Twente region. This joint venture is called entrepreneurship as a career option and This platform has as well as entrepreneurs from Twente Kennispark Twente. about working for an SME after gradua- 76 student entrepreneurs currently who have recently set up businesses. tion. registered, with an estimated number of Some 30 entrepreneurs exchanged Kennispark Twente revolves around the some 150 active within the university. experiences and got acquainted with one creation of an environment in which another. knowledge- intensive entrepreneurship In the past year, more than 100 requests and innovation can be optimally utilised; NIKOS for assistance have been submitted to the an environment in which new business Education in entrepreneurship is coordinator for student entrepreneurship. activities can start and develop. The aim provided by the Dutch Institute for These requests vary from help in looking UT News, 17 September 2009 is to create 10,000 new, high-quality jobs Knowledge-Intensive Entrepreneurship for office space to legal support. In 2009, for the Twente region. (NIKOS), which is part of the School of seven student entrepreneurs transferred Spin-off Blue4Green wins an award Management and Governance. This to the TOP scheme after graduation. In Talent for entrepreneurship institute covers areas such as educa- doing so, they took the first step towards On the evening of 5 November, UT alumnus tion, research, business development launching their careers as entrepreneurs. Erik Staijen from the spin-off Blue4Green took Everything begins with talent for entre- support and the interface between preneurship and the awareness of them. NIKOS facilitates the TOP scheme In addition to providing substantial home the Young Technology Award. In the entrepreneurship as a career option - the and VentureLab Twente for Kennispark support, also Prismare Theatre in the Roombeek district of Entrepreneurship seeds of which are sown during the Twente, both of which form part of the organises events for student entrepre- Enschede, the jury chose his lab-on-a-chip period of study at the University of basis of research into methods and neurs, such as the student entrepreneur invention from six nominations as ‘the most Twente. techniques to support entrepreneur- day held in May in collaboration with the convincing product’. The award, a cheque for ship. Chamber of Commerce and Saxion Young five thousand euros and a glass trophy, is in- Entrepreneurship as a career option Business Professionals. During this day, tended for young companies from the province As part of the strategic vision at the student entrepreneurs learned about of Overijssel that have their own in-house University of Twente (Route ’14), support possibilities and developed their technology. 14 15
  9. 9. UT News, 3 September 2009 FAME scheme up and running FAME scheme isis krachtig instrument FAME-regeling a significant step for student enterprise During the opening of the academic year, the first place on the FAME scheme was awarded During ten Route Suc66 sessions, For Wessel Draijer of the Student Union, the creation of the FAME established and successful entrepreneurs scheme is by far the most important achievement of 2009. “It is a to Menno van der Werff from the company shared their experiences on the road to wonderful instrument with which to combine studying and student Wame. The FAME scheme for enterprising success with 50 or so student entrepre- enterprise. The UT is the first university in the Netherlands to offer students was officially launched on Monday. In neurs and students with entrepreneurial students this kind of systematic support in combining study and doing so, the UT is the first university to offer ambitions. entrepreneurship.” students systematic support in combining their studies and their businesses. FAME scheme The FAME scheme was officially launched at the opening of the UT’s academic year Wessel Draijer estimates that there are Applicants must go through a rigorous on 1 September 2009. While compara- between 100 and 150 students involved in selection procedure, however. They must ble to a study scheme for professional a small company in one form or another. be able to show that they excel at both sportsmen and women, FAME revolves “Most begin in their third year, and while I their studies and their business, that they around the offer of guidance in running couldn’t say what the actual numbers are, have a sound business plan and they must a business and following a study pro- I would say that they are definitely guarantee to show progress in their study gramme. FAME offers student entrepre- growing.” programmes. neurs systematic support and guidance The difficulty of combining study with regarding study progress and the pos- running a business is most apparent Employment sibility of arranging an interest-free loan. during the graduation period. Wessel “And not unimportantly,” says Wessel Two student enterprises are currently Draijer: “The students have to choose Draijer, “they must declare a willingness using the scheme, which is established in between graduating or continuing with to remain in the region with their com- cooperation with the Rabobank Enschede- their companies. Combining the two is pany after they graduate. This is key to Haaksbergen and the Student Union. virtually impossible. But FAME provides a Kennispark Twente, one of the reasons solution to that problem.” being that they want to stimulate employ- ment opportunities in Twente.” WAME and Mentor Goal Gorilla were the first two companies Student entrepreneurs who are admitted to make use of the FAME scheme in 2009, Entrepreneurship to the scheme get assigned a mentor and, with another two expected to join in the if required, advice in various fields from coming academic year. Kennispark Twente. They can also secure a €10,000 interest-free loan. 16 17
  10. 10. Successful start Incubator BTC-Twente At the end of 2009, 69 companies were 2009 also saw close collaboration located in the BTC building and the To actually make a successful start is not between Kennispark Twente and BTC- buildings managed by BTC-Twente easy, even if you have a good idea for a Twente, the oldest incubator in the (Capitool 50, Tpoint, Novay and The company and you have the requisite entre- Netherlands. BTC-Twente provides space Corridor) under one tenancy agreement. preneurial knowledge. Kennispark Twente and services to small and medium-sized Due to the financial crisis, occupancy provides support in starting up new busines- business that wish to establish themsel- rates were lower in 2009 than in previous ses with a range of different schemes. ves in the vicinity of the UT. As an years. In the BTC building, the average incubator, BTC provides services, such as occupancy rate was more than 68%. In the 25 years of TOP coaching and guidance, to entrepreneurs other buildings this varied from 75% to TOP stands for Tijdelijke Ondernemers starting a business. In addition, the more than 94%. Plaats [Temporary Place for Entrepreneurs] network meetings that BTC organises and is a scheme that organises the basic contribute to Kennispark Twente’s funding and coaching for start-ups. In objectives. The monthly entrepreneurs’ addition, start-ups can also use the facilities get-together (BTC Café) is a good of the department with which their company example of this. is affiliated. A total of 27 people were given a TOP place in 2009, 25 of whom qualified Since October 2009, BTC-Twente has as technostarters. 2009 saw the 25th been managing The Corridor, which is anniversary of the TOP scheme and in acting as a pilot location during the TC Tubantia, 7 November 2009 December 2009, NIKOS organised a festive redevelopment phase of the Langezijds reunion with TOP businesses and partners, building. BTC-Twente will fulfil its which was attended by some 100 people. In November 2009, VentureLab Twente also incubator function in this new building Twente’s promising projects received the NBIA Soft Landings Internatio- and may also participate as an operating entice the sharpest minds VentureLab Twente nal Incubator status from a panel of partner in the redevelopment of In collaboration with NIKOS and Saxion’s experienced business incubator managers. Langezijds into The Gallery. Knowledge Centre for Innovative Entrepre- This programme acknowledges incubators A print factory for blood vessels and organs, neurship, the VentureLab Twente was also that help other international companies a pharmaceutical industry, an aviation school launched in 2009. VentureLab Twente is a enter the Dutch market. and the development of biofuel for aircraft. business development support programme Soon, this will all be possible in Twente. In the for ambitious individuals and teams who The Legal Desk VentureLab Twente, dozens of ambitious plans start a new business or reorganise an In 2008, Kennispark Twente launched a such as these by entrepreneurs from all over existing company within the programme, legal desk where young (student) entrepre- the world are being hatched as we speak. The the aim being to establish a high-tech, neurs can go with legal questions and where fast-growing company. In May, an initial they can get examples of standard con- aim: three thousand jobs for highly qualified group of 18 entrepreneurs started in the tracts. The lawyer also assesses legal graduates. pilot programme, to be followed in October documents drawn up by the entrepreneurs by the first official group with 24 partici- themselves. In 2009, the lawyer was asked pants. for support on 53 occasions, most of which involved assessing the general terms and 18 conditions and standard contracts. 19
  11. 11. Technology Circle Twente At the end of May 2009, Kennispark Every entrepreneur knows the importance Twente took part in the Silicon Summit in of networking. In June 2009, the Techno- Palo Alto (USA), together with a number logy Circle Twente (TKT) celebrated its of young entrepreneurs. B&M Business 25th anniversary with a gala dinner. In Development, Recore Systems, Micronit honour of this anniversary, TKT and and Novulo participated in workshops Kennispark Twente published a booklet designed to take a close look at their entitled ‘Startfighters’, containing companies and their skills, and to provide portraits of entrepreneurs with a unique networking opportunities. The job vacancy service on the Kennis- tale to tell. park Twente website was continued in Contact with talent 2009. This website enables Twente-based Successful growth Growing companies need talented em- companies (particularly spin-offs) to ployees. However, fast-growing SMEs are publish their vacancies for free. This site Entrepreneurs often start up alone or with often overlooked by students and the was made known to the UT community a companion, expanding as soon as companies do not yet have the resour- through adverts in the UT News. business starts to go well. Kennispark ces to actively recruit them. Kennispark Twente supports knowledge-intensive Twente, often in cooperation with Career companies in developing their ambitions. Center Twente, facilitates contact with talent in various ways. International growth Too few start-ups succeed in converting During the Twente Recruitment Days in their innovative technologies into succes- October 2009, Kennispark Twente facilita- sful global brands, products and compa- ted the participation of nine companies, UT News, 22 October 2009 nies. Through Embedded Coaching, all of which took part in Career Center Kennispark Twente enables entrepreneurs Twente’s ‘Twenteplein’. Kennispark Twen- to give their business strategy an interna- te also provided young entrepreneurs Minister praises innovative character tional focus. This is achieved by making with the opportunity to present themsel- of the region use of intensive expert coaching, an ves to students during the Bright Twente extensive international network and an get-togethers. These get-togethers are What exactly is the situation in terms of individually tailored programme in Silicon organised by Career Center Twente and Valley (USA) for a period of eight weeks. are aimed at giving students a chance to knowledge and innovation in the Nether- Following a successful pilot in 2008, the get to know employers from the Twente lands? This was the question on Minister of Embedded Coaching programme was region. Foreign Affairs Maxime Verhagen’s lips when Entrepreneurship housed at Kennispark Twente in 2009, he visited the BTC opposite the UT yester- where attention centred on the design of day. Director Rob de Koning took him round the organisation of Embedded Coaching. the complex where spin-offs from the UT and other small businesses are located. The Minister was impressed: “Twente is an excel- lent example of investment in knowledge and innovation”. 20 21
  12. 12. It is all about long hours in the US It is all about hard work in the US. Late presentation for a group of venture capi- This was an experience the entrepreneurs to bed, early to rise. And all manner of talists at the Summit. That is a significant would not have missed for the world. activities in the period in between, all accomplishment in itself. He failed to “This offer, this chance had added value part of doing business. “It was long day win “despite a formidable performance”, and worked as catalyst,” say the partici- again today. Sleep is not a favourite hobby here; we were told that a according to Paul Heysters. In addition pants. 72- hour work week is not unusual. However, I have the idea that to being a useful experience, the Silicom ‘working’ is a fairly broad notion here,” writes Paul Heysters of Recore Summit also provided the opportunity to Systems in the diary he kept during the Silicom Summit trip to Silicon establish business contacts. Valley organised by Kennispark Twente at the beginning of June 2009. Recore Systems has already been able to attract borrowed capital through a venture capitalist (source: Iddo Bante at It was with the following objectives that approach to the sales process is slightly CTIT, see further in this annual report). Kennispark Twente organised the mission different. It appears in this respect that The Twente-based entrepreneurs also to Silicon Valley: to apply an international networking is very important here, and to found it a very positive experience to be focus, to learn from the examples in a certain extent ‘you are who you know’.” able to make contacts with other Dutch Silicon Valley, to expand the international Jaap Beernink goes on: “Today, I have two delegates with ambitions to expand into network and, in particular, to take a meetings planned, the first is a breakfast the US. closer look at company strategy. Four meeting, which suits me perfectly, by the entrepreneurs were part of the delega- way. I might try to introduce it in the Ne- Access to a network tion: Paul Heysters (Recore Systems), Jaap therlands. Here, business is often done in Part of the programme on the trip was a Beernink (B&M Business Development), cafes and restaurants anyway. At 8 a.m. visit to the PlugAndPlay centre: a good Frank Wille (Novulo) and Ronny van ’t the cafes are full with breakfast meetings example of an American incubator with a Oever (Micronit). “This type of mission and this is also true at lunchtime.” renowned office garden. “The great value contributes to your development as an of PlugAndPlay is not the space that they entrepreneur: how do I present myself, Selling yourself in one pitch lease but the access that you gain to a how does the investment climate operate, Pitching should be common practice for huge network of venture capitalists and what is the situation in the US,” says one entrepreneurs who want to do business partners in the American market. Each Entrepreneurship of the participants. in the US. The Twente delegation expe- week, pitches are given by companies and rienced dozens of pitches, followed trai- you can visit the big venture capitalists You are who you know ning courses, and worked on their own whenever you want. You can also make Networking is also a key part of doing presentations, often into the small hours, continual use of experienced business business in the US. “However,” says Ron- without ever knowing if they would be as- mentors who help you brainstorm about, nie van ‘t Oever, “the way of doing busi- ked to ‘tell their story’. But sure enough, say, your business model and put their ness here is very different to Europe, the Ronnie van ‘t Oever was chosen to hold a network at your disposal,” says Jaap. 22 23
  13. 13. Blue4Green Daan Sistermans TOP Places AKO Lightmotif Engineering Jeroen van Tienhoven Albert Koopman Kryoz Technologies De Hoon Avions Voisin Lievaart Meulenbelt SeeEzi Elisa Gielen Paul Jenkins SocialMine Dennis Doubovski in 2009 Cooll BV Johannes Burger Meijer Amitek Model Factory In 2009, 27 people were given a TOP place.. Rob Wermenbol Inertia Van der Zouw Technology Marin-Perianu Talent, Distimo Mylife Praktijk voor Remco van der Elzen Technologies kind en jeugd Vincent Hoogsteder Inpression Bystrova Mariët Reesink Dynteq Ruben Heerdink Michiel van der Kwast Markvoort Lenferink Haverslag Entrepreneurship ELS Company Agrawal Ecolabs MobiHealth BV Els Holland SMC Pramod Agrawal Knoppel Wolbers 24 25
  14. 14. Innovation Innovative businesses ensure a flexible and vital economy and new employment. In the new knowledge economy, the importance of rapid interpretation, exchange and application of up-to-date knowledge in new products and technologies is increasing. Kennispark Twente provides more knowledge transfer and collaboration between knowledge institutes and companies. 27
  15. 15. work placement or graduation assign- Innovation vouchers ments, student entrepreneurs, as well as With the SenterNovem innovation vou- departments and professors. Since it cher, SMEs can gain knowledge by Innovation began two years ago, the SKP has submitting a research assignment to a received 346 requests for knowledge - in- knowledge institute. The results of the cluding 115 requests in 2009 - from 290 assignment can be used within the From idea to business different companies. Only 7% of these company to revamp products, processes requests were not linked to a spin-off, or services. In 2009, 22 innovation Business Development department or UT student. vouchers were submitted to the UT. Many new technologies and ideas are born at the University of Twente. Since Science Shop Facility Sharing 2009, the UT has had a Business Develop- This has resulted in attracting invest- The UT Science Shop (Wewi) is the link ment team in place at the institutes ments, protection through patents, between the university and society. The In 2007, Kennispark Twente started with coordinated by Kennispark Twente. This subsidies such as valorisation grants and Wewi provides services to social organisa- Facility Sharing projects, which involves team supports the invention, develop- agreements concerning the transfer of tions, interest groups, individuals and making university equipment and ment and transfer of ideas that could lead intellectual property. SMEs that need scientific research carried facilities available. Start-ups can use to business. out or require expert knowledge such as these, for example, to conduct tests, do Patents that available at the UT. In 2009, the research in a specific environment or Key tasks are: A key element of the work done by the Wewi conducted the same number of equip a pilot production location. The • scouting & screening of research into Business Development team is the research projects as the year before: 17, MESA+ High-Tech Factory is one such promising ideas; protection of promising knowledge, part of which 14 were published as public example. • process supervision for the protection of which is through patent applications. reports and three embargoed. The of intellectual property; The UT has a special Patent Fund aimed number of applications submitted rose High-Tech Factory • spin-off development and ‘go-to- at enabling the knowledge developed from 73 in 2008 to 89 in 2009. The High-Tech Factory is a new produc- market’, such as support in developing within the UT to transfer through to the tion facility on the UT campus. The old a business plan, subsidies, contracts, business sector in greater quantities, The highlight for the Science Shop was university clean room is being converted contacts, etc.); faster and more efficiently (at a reasona- the publication of the report ‘50 years of into a new production facility for compa- • the transfer of opportunities for ble price). In 2009, 30 patent applications Christian Democratic Cooperation in the nies in the micro and nanotechnology valorisation. were submitted, of which six received a EUREGIO’ in three different languages. sectors, enabling bulk production for the contribution from the Patent Fund. The Dutch, English and German editions commercial market. Business developers are active within the were presented to Mr Hans-Gert Pötte- technical research institutes of the UT. In Knowledge transfer ring, chairman of the European Parlia- The companies involved are mostly this way, they are close to the resear- ment, Prime Minister Jan-Peter Balkenen- spin-offs of MESA+, the Institute for chers. This team is centrally managed by Student Knowledge Portal de and the European CDA party leader Nanotechnology. The arrival of this Kennispark Twente. Since mid-2009, the The UT has various portals that enable Wim van de Camp. The report was written production facility enables them to focus Innovation team has charted some 70 inventions, SMEs and less resolute social organisati- by Shira Godfried, a Master’s student in on their operational management and just under 50% of which are being actively ons to use the knowledge available at the European Studies. growth. supervised. UT. The Student Knowledge Portal (SKP) links requests from SMEs to experts at the UT. These could be students with 28 29
  16. 16. After all, the necessary basic infrastruc- Millions for high-tech factory ture has already been realised within the High-Tech Factory. An equipment fund On 13 July 2009, Maria van der Hoeven has also been formed, from which TPRC underlines UT’s expertise (Minister for Economic Affairs) visited the UT companies can request the necessary to hand over €11.6 million to Miriam Luizink, production equipment. In 2009, the managing director of MESA+, for the High-Tech Factory received €11.6 to In June 2009, a very special open innovation centre opened at High-Tech Factory. The High-Tech Factory support this equipment fund and to Kennispark Twente: the Thermoplastic Composites Research Centre has already received a €4.4 million subsidy redevelop the production environment. (TPRC). Participants are the American airplane manufacturer from the EA programme ‘Pieken in de Delta’ Boeing, Royal Ten Cate, Fokker Aerostructures and the UT. “It is [Peaks in the Delta] and €2.2 million from the Thermoplastic Composites easy to see that this collaboration underlines the expertise in province of Overijssel. The Ministry of EA will Research Center technological innovation at the UT,” says Pia Snijder, Boeing’s Kennispark Twente is also dedicated to strategic director for Northern Europe and managing director of the now contribute a further €7.6 million on the development of open innovation TPRC. condition that the province of Overijssel and centres in which companies and the UT the Twente region guarantee that they will can collaborate on open innovation. In underwrite the co-financing of another € this way, the knowledge within the UT is The world’s biggest airplane manufactu- Employment 4 million, bringing the total available budget also valorised and R&D activities and rer is working on the development of an The global network currently comprises to €11.6 million. employment opportunities in Twente extensive and diverse network of centres twelve innovation centres, none of which created. Establishing such innovation for technological innovation, and in order overlap. Of those centres, only one focuses centres involves intensive collaboration to do so, the company has developed a on the innovation of thermoplastic compo- between Innovation Platform Twente and very special model, a world first. Pia Snij- sites and that is in Twente. And will be for Oost NV. der: “They are open innovation centres, at least five years. Pia Snijder expects the in which the participants contribute their TPRC to boost employment. “We intend to On Friday 12 June 2009, members of the expertise in technology and finances to a involve SMEs in Twente wherever we can, Boards of Boeing, Royal Ten Cate, Stork separate company. Boeing does not have which is one of the reasons the province Fokker and the University of Twente exclusive rights to the products from the of Overijssel is willing to provide us with signed an agreement for the establish- collaboration. The intellectual property of financial support. And it also fits perfectly ment of a new Thermoplastic Composites the new technology lies with the partici- with the aims of Kennispark Twente.” Research Center (TRPC) in Kennispark pants. It is beneficial to Boeing not to have Twente. In the centre, the parties will to carry out technological innovation alone conduct research into the technology of nor to have to buy expertise. Other parties thermoplastic composites for the aviation can also benefit from our knowledge. In industry. This technology has to deliver this way, a scientific and independent new and cost-efficient production and research centre has been set up in which Innovation assembly processes that offer key companies can collaborate on the basis of environmental benefits. Until now, more trust and without fear of competition. This than 50 companies have registered their is the best way to utilise extensive, global interest in the TPRC Community. technological knowledge.” . 30 31
  17. 17. Events 5 November 2009: Young Technology Award and 12 May 2009: Meetings Speed-dating dinner for young entrepreneurs 13 May 2009: Student entrepreneurs’ day 13 May and 10 December 2009: Symposium Entrepreneurship for PhD students 12 June 2009: Getting acquainted with Nano4 Vitality and UT Innovation 12 June 2009: lecture 10 December 2009: 25 years of Technology Circle Twente and the launch of ‘Startfighters’ 25th anniversary reunion of TOP scheme Entrepreneurship 12 June 2009: Launch of the Thermoplastic 32 33 Composites Research Center
  18. 18. Area One of the preconditions for successful entrepreneurship is a physical environment that inspires starters and attracts established companies. An inviting research and business climate in an exciting location where talent is present in abundance. Kennispark Twente’s physical area covers the UT campus and the adjacent Business & Science Park. An area of some 180 hectares, with more than 300 companies. Together they represent 5,000 jobs in the industry and another 3,000 or so in education and research. In the last year, work has largely focused on the Master Plan for the Development of Kennispark Twente and the redevelopment of the UT’s Langezijds building. 34 35
  19. 19. Area addition, Kennispark Twente’s calendar, and those of its partners, is full with meetings at which entrepreneurs can get Room for entrepreneurship knowledge campuses. Of the 55 initia- together, with financiers, talented tives that call themselves campuses, more students and partners. Below are a Area Development Master Plan than 50% are nothing more than an number of examples. The ‘Master Plan for the Development of industrial estate. There are a mere four Kennispark Twente’ is the spatial transla- fully developed campuses in the Nether- Young Technology Award 2009 tion of Kennispark Twente’s ambitions. lands, one of which is Kennispark Twente. The finals of the Young Technology New companies require space and an Award 2009 were held on the evening of attractive environment that fits the bill A campus of national importance is not Thursday,5 November, and was attended and draws new companies. The master only a natural and, for knowledge gateway to The Gallery’ and was officially by some 90 interested parties. Six plan transforms the three areas of workers and R&D departments, attractive opened in the first quarter of 2010. It is nominees battled for the award for most Kennispark Twente into a single spatial crystallisation point for open innovation now frequently used by young start-up promising technology company. During unit that stimulates the coming together and public-private R&D collaborative VentureLab participants, the Twentse lab the final, each company presented itself and collaboration of knowledge and opportunities, it is also an innovation for Telemedicine and several other young to the jury and the audience in an business. The UT campus, the Business & accelerator nationwide on account of its companies. Kennispark Twente has also elevator pitch. The jury comprised Geert Science Park and the interjacent provin- distinctive capabilities and ability to relocated its organisation to these Kolthof (Service2Media, winner of the cial road will become one. anticipate national priorities. In the premises, as has Innovation Platform national Rising Star Award in 2008), international competition climate sur- Twente. The Corridor and The Gallery are Martijn Kuit (managing director of MIRA In January 2009, Enschede council rounding R&D centres and knowledge a key part of the Area Development biomedical research institute) and Mark approved the ‘Master Plan for the Deve- workers, a good campus can be a Master Plan on account of the concentra- van Buiten (Eurosafe Solutions, serial lopment of Kennispark Twente’. The UT significant asset. tion of innovation and entrepreneurship entrepreneur). Board had already approved the plan. there. 2009 saw the further search for funding The Corridor: Gateway to The Gallery The nominees were Blue4Green, Smart for the implementation of the plan and The redevelopment of the UT’s Lange- Events and meetings Signs Solutions, Xiophotonics, Twee R the alteration of the zoning plan. A study zijds building into The Gallery was also Recycling, Mobihealth and Steray. The was also carried out into the existing continued in 2009 in collaboration with Meetings between scientists and entrepre- award went to Erik Staijen with his amenities for entrepreneurs in the area Kondor Wessels Projecten. The project neurial talent and financiers are a vital company Blue4Green, who received a and how these could be shared. scheduling was changed due to market element in the Kennispark Twente area. cheque for €5,000 from Kennispark conditions, which is why a pilot started in These meetings can be both planned and Twente and Innovation Platform Twente Campus of national importance October 2009 in an empty building of ad hoc. In the latter case, people can intended to boost his company. In late 2009, Kennispark Twente was Enschede municipal council. In this bump into one another in any one of the declared an innovation campus of building, the concept of incubator, many facilities in the area: at a match of national importance. On behalf of the events, contact with talent, financiers and the national soccer champion FC Twente, Area Ministry of Economic Affairs, BUCK others was created and refined. The an evening at Cinestar movie theatre or consultants conducted a study into Dutch building is called: ‘The Corridor, your while skating at Twente ice rink. In 36 37
  20. 20. Powered by Twente: events for entre- preneurship and innovation The Powered by Twente Foundation was set up on 17 November 2009. This is a Kennispark: a unique district in Enschede foundation that organises events aimed at entrepreneurship and innovation, events not only organised by the foundation For UT campus manager Pieter Binsbergen, the approval of the Area itself but also by other parties in the Guidance in locating business premises Development Master plan in 2009 signifies an important step region that are proud that their event is forward in the redevelopment of the entire area. “We are busy held in Twente and are only to happy to Knowledge intensive companies looking creating a new district in Enschede. Kennispark Twente must give it the ‘Powered by Twente’ name. for premises in Twente can be assisted by become a key district, like Roombeek. An area that has a green The Innoversum Innovation Conference Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Oost NV at character and a dynamic appeal, with high levels of activity and was planned for June 2009, but due to the behest of Kennispark Twente. This interesting events held on a regular basis.” poor market conditions has been moved involves the establishment of contact with forward to April 2010, where it will be potential partners, as well as information held under the ‘Powered by Twente’ label. concerning office locations, projects and funding. Pieter Binsbergen envisages a large here, which FC Twente chairman Joop Workshops for entrepreneurial Kennispark Twente: the campus plus the Munsterman continually cites in his pep scientists New premises and expansions area on the other side of the Hengelose- talks.” A workshop was held for doctoral In 2009, a total of eight new companies straat: the Business and Science Park, students from the UT on 13 May and 10 were established in Twente with a direct Go Planet, the ice rink, the Grolsch Veste. Train station Kennispark Twente December 2009. On these two occasions, link to the UT or other knowledge In Pieter Binsbergen’s eyes, Kennispark some 30 scientists looked more closely at institutes. Two companies were linked as International ambitions Twente is the vehicle with which to get an setting up their own companies. After a part of Kennispark Twente. Together, “2,500 people live on campus, and 12,000 effective Twente Promotie up and short introduction about the support these projects bring with them some €12 currently work and study in the whole running, without forgetting to emphasise possibilities offered by Kennispark million in investments and 158 jobs. area every day. In a year’s time, Lange- the green character of Twente. “But Twente, the workshop went into the value In this way, Kennispark Twente has zijds will be bristling with new activity. Twente is also a great place for young of patents in more depth. Other subjects become an important magnet for the The amenities for recreation on the people to live. The economic spin-off included writing an application for an Eastern Netherlands. Half of the R&D campus alone are already of a very high from the UT is by far the biggest in the STW Valorisation Grant and how to apply projects supported by Oost NV in 2009 standard. This should be used for the Netherlands. With all the opportunities for a patent. In the December workshop, were realised within Kennispark Twente. creation of a new profile for Kennispark, that that creates. Green. Young. Dynamic. additional topics included patents and The same is true for 50% of the R&D-rela- where people can work and relax at a Technological. That is Twente. That is business development at the UT. ted jobs and almost 42% of R&D invest- high level. The area around Amsterdam Kennispark. Drienerlo Station should ments from the Eastern Netherlands. has a natural appeal. Here, we have to go really be renamed Kennispark Twente that little bit further. Everything is Station. You can feel that you are in a possible. It is a question of alerting the unique area straight away.” rest of the Netherlands to that fact. We have to take some important steps. I am Area very much drawn to the level of ambition 38 39
  21. 21. ‘Financieel dagblad’ newspaper, 15 June 2009 Looking at the Eastern Netherlands, time, create 158 extra jobs. This makes Results of Kennispark Twente 50% of the R&D projects supported by Kennispark Twente an important magnet TPRC Oost NV are located in the Kennispark. for knowledge-intensive companies in the These projects bring with them some Eastern Netherlands. Airplane manufacturer Boeing will be a Entrepreneurship €12 million in investments and will, in partner in a new research centre for thermo- plastic materials at the University of Twente. The figures for Kennispark Twente show Together with companies such as Royal Ten that student entrepreneurs turn out to Cate and Stork Fokker, Boeing hopes to become serious entrepreneurs. After develop new composite materials here graduation, seven student entrepreneurs Kennispark Twente in cijfers 2006 2007 2008 2009 Totaal “within several years” that are lighter, stronger received a TOP place, which enabled them and more environmentally friendly than the to put serious effort into pursuing their current generation of composites. Jan businesses. In September, two student Stimulation of entrepreneurship entrepreneurs made immediate use of Närlinge, president of Boeing Northern the new FAME scheme, enabling them to Number of active student businesses Unknown 55 82 76 Europe, expects that, within five years, the combine their studies and entrepreneur- Number of students in FAME scheme 2 new Thermoplastic Composites Research ship and indicate their willingness to re- TOP places granted 10 21 21 27 336* Centre (TPRC) in Twente will be producing main in Twente after graduation. We also Number of jobs at TOP materials that can actually be used in saw an increase in the number of TOP companies 1984-2008 2254 airplanes. places granted and a large number of par- Participants in Venturelab Twente (started in 2009) 42 ticipants in the new Venturelab Twente: 42. As a result, knowledge- intensive entrepreneurship remains an enduringly Companies and jobs popular career option in Twente. Jobs in the area (excl. UT) 4669 5332 5549 5611 +62 Number of companies in the area 302 324 355 323 -32 Companies and jobs The total number of companies in the Knowledge transfer park has dropped slightly, while the number of jobs in the area increased Patent applications 24 20 14 30 marginally. R&D activities in the park Number of requests from SMEs remain high. This means that despite the through the Knowledge Portal (start 2007) 114 121 115 financial and economic crisis, knowledge- Number of requests to Science Shop 72 69 73 89 intensive companies have grown in volume. Area * Total number of TOP companies since the TOP Scheme began in 1984. The total number of spin-off companies from the UT (including TOP companies) is approx. 700. 40 41
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