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Safari 2011 team stichting doen


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Safari 2011 team stichting doen

  1. 1. Stichting Doen:Social Safari Vision
  2. 2. “MOSA changed my life. Thank you Stichting Doen forsupporting them.”
  3. 3. Stichting Doen’s Question•  How do we scale our labour (re)integration projects to get more people to know about it? For example, we would like to focus on the care sector as much more can be done•  Also, think big, you have a wild card
  4. 4. The reframed questionHow can Stichting Doen scale their social impact?—Using (re)integration as an exampleOur Journey:Online researchPhone interviewsInterventions: Visits to Doen offices and funded projects
  5. 5. The Entrepreneurial Journey
  6. 6. The Entrepreneurial Journey
  7. 7. Our Intervention
  8. 8. Intervention Results
  9. 9. Live your mission,you’re more than a bank
  10. 10. •  s Celebrate and Share Stories
  11. 11. Leverage Knowledge
  12. 12. •  s Inspire Participation
  13. 13. Our Vision for Stichting DoenStichting Doen to take an activerole in becoming most inspiringFoundation in the world.
  14. 14. Stichting Doen Future Framework Media Knowledge Sharing Incentive Prize Competitions Community Involvement Content Events Doen Labs Consultation
  15. 15. Lead Social InnovationAnnual call for ideas per category The Doen ChallengeTiered cash incentivesPublic votingCelebrity juryThe Doen Challenge will be anincentive based competition to callfor the freshest and brightest ideasand lead social innovation How will YOU change the world?
  16. 16. Adopt Social Media StrategyTonality: Human, Inspiring
  17. 17. Knowledge Sharing: Doen Lab
  18. 18. Create Community Involvement
  19. 19. How to start on Monday?•  Discuss these recommendations•  Move the conversation online•  Pilot connecting to existing online networks•  Empower a community manager•  Tweet to Ali and tell him he’s doing a good job!
  20. 20. Any Questions?
  21. 21. Recommended InspirationOn the fund of the 21st century:www.xprize.orgwww.refresheverything.comMonitoring and evaluation of projects - management computing guidelines