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Safari 2011 team stedelijk museum


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Safari 2011 team stedelijk museum

  1. 1. Team Stedelijk MuseumSocial Safari – July 22, 2011
  2. 2. A uncompromising open strategy will help The Stedelijk Museum to become a cultural hub, reclaim itssocietal position and achieve its visitor objectives
  3. 3. The potential of the open strategyis substantiated based on three core arguments
  4. 4. MACBA, Barcelona
  5. 5. What are the top 3 words that spring to mind when you hear #MACBA?#Barcelona #Museum
  6. 6. Whitney Museum, New York
  7. 7. What are the top 3 words that spring to mind when you hear #WhitneyMuseum? #NYC #Museum
  8. 8. PS1/Moma, New York
  9. 9. What are the top 3 words that spring to mind when you hear #STEDELIJKMUSEUM? #Amsterdam #Museum
  10. 10. fear
  11. 11. The Dutch public anxiously awaits the re-opening andexpects the Museum to take a central role in society
  12. 12. An intervention proved int’l visitors can be triggeredwith a new marketingconcept where enthusiasm is key
  13. 13. …is highly accessible
  14. 14. … and resulted in a very positive evaluation by ALL visitors
  15. 15. …although this will require impactful measures based on existing resources
  16. 16. There is actual momentum to further exploit many of the ingredients already in place
  17. 17. …having one of the world’s greatest collections
  18. 18. …and an already imposing building
  19. 19. …while the new ‘bathtub’ offers much potentialfor all kinds of public activities
  20. 20. …adopt a freemium business model and develop new revenue streams
  21. 21. …further increase open programming throughpublic curation, events, and involving art students
  22. 22. …and find a more contemporary name that reflects the identity and propositionThe Amsterdam Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (AMCAD)
  23. 23. Becoming the hip-and-happening engineof 21st century cultural life (again)generates new visitors and fuels social impact
  24. 24. What’s holding you back?