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Final v2

  1. 1. HTM 3139 EVENTS TOURISM AND MANAGEMENTHong Kong International Tattoo Fair Energetic CHAN Koon-kiu, Kennis, 11579948D LO Oi-ning, Carly, 11510933D MOK Ka-ho, Ken, 11557380D NG Kai-man, Jason, 11514526D SHEK Kwo-fung, William, 11530876D WONG Pui-yan, Pianna, 11554026D
  3. 3. HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL TATTOO FAIRate: 12-13 May 2012. (Sat. and Sun.)ime: 11:00 – 21:00ee: $ 60 @enue: Hall 5F and G,Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
  4. 4. HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL TATTOO FAIRrganizer: Hong Kong Art Development Councilo-organizer: Hong Kong Trade Development Council
  5. 5. HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL TATTOO FAIRarget: • all public aged 18 or above • People interested in arts of tattoo and body painting
  6. 6. THE PREVIOUS AND SIMILAR EVENT- LOCAL KIN:INKS Hong Kong Tattoo Art Exhibition uration: June 13 - July 9, 2008 ocation: RACKS Tattoo culture has beenpromoted mall scale
  7. 7. THE PREVIOUS AND SIMILAR EVENT -INTERNATIONALn 2011, it has 62 events which Date related tattoo in the world Event are CountryEvent: Tattooed Life Tour April 8-10th,2011 USAIndian Ink Tattoo Fashion 4th and 5th April 2011 India Expo 19th International Tattoo April 15-17, 2011 Germany convention Frankfurtighly demand and potential in the world
  9. 9. ORGANIZERStrengths WeaknessArts and cultural event Inexperienced in holding largeorganizer event with show/trade elementMore understanding theindustry
  10. 10. CO-ORGANIZERStrengths WeaknessVenue owner (HKCEC) Lacking experience on arts eventExperienced exhibition Not familiar with tattooorganizer industryGovernment supportGreat marketerEnhance event awareness
  11. 11. MICRO ENVIRONMENTStrengths WeaknessQuality tattooists Image factorCustomers(less price sensitive) Loose industry relationshipNo direct competitors One of the popular tattooist—Gabe (Center) (Source: Apple daily, 2008)
  12. 12. MACRO ENVIRONMENTOpportunities Threatsdemand of special interest Health concerngroupNew technologies Negative imageCollective memory trend Act of god New tattooing technologies allow tattooists to make more effects (Source: Apple daily, 2008)
  13. 13. POSITIVE IMPACTocio-cultural impactuild image/brand awarenessonvert negative perceptions of publicollective memory preservation
  14. 14. NEGATIVE IMPACTultural impactestrict design freedomocial impactisk of event failure
  16. 16. MAIN AIMS1) Encourage visitors to appreciate tattoo as an art & enhance their awareness.2) Establish business platform →tattoo/ art related companies and studios →catering, travel, other sectors etc.3) Entrench the city’s image on well art development and promotion in long run
  17. 17. SMART OBJECTIVESarget:isitor: 2500/day, 2500 x 2day = 5000xhibitor: >40 from not less than 5 countries
  19. 19. TARGET MARKETTattooists: share their art People: normally young people, interested in tattoo/ standard to the people with body painting appreciation
  20. 20. PEOPLEey personnel: Priscilla Yeungmanager from project planning, HKTDC)peaker: Josephine Wai(director from arts support division, HKADC)hotographer from Canon / Nikon
  21. 21. PARTNERSHIPSponsors:
  22. 22. TREND
  24. 24. FUNCTION-BASED STRUCTURE BOARD OF DIRECTORS BOARD COMMITTEES •Personnel •Hong Kong Arts •Finance Development Council •Policy •HKTDC •Nominating •constitutionSPONSORSHIP MARKETING VOLUNTEERS•The Hong Kong Visual Arts •Hong Kong Arts •The Hong Kong AcademyMagazine Development Council for Performing Arts•Canon / Nikon •HKTDC•Model agency VENUES •HKCEC
  25. 25. THE NETWORK STRUCTUREHKCEC Audiovisual company Legal Venue consultant Special event Catering Marketing Management company consultant company Theatrical Security agency organisation HKTDC Accounting consultant
  26. 26. MULTI-ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTUREvent Organization with sub-contracted affiliatesA: Hong Kong Arts Development CouncilB: HKCECC: HKTDCD: Sponsors in different industry
  27. 27. HONG KONG ARTS DEVELOPMENT COUNCILDirector Josephine Wai will beinvited to be the speaker in theopening ceremony
  30. 30. PROGRAMMINGompetition attoo making demonstrationbest tattoo design’, ‘best service’, ‘best rofessional and experienced Tattoocolor used’ etc. artistsll visitors can vote for their favorite: howing high level techniques -↑enhance the atmosphere latform for experience and technique exchanges
  31. 31. PROGRAMMINGalk / performance alleryattoo artists: nvite art studios and associations -Share view on tattoo development resent art pieces, e.g. graffiti, painting -Share experiences/ storiesop stars and singers:
  32. 32. PROGRAMMING orkshopody Painting Show isitors may design and make a real tattoo inimilar as ‘Cat-walk’ show practice ( e.g. on orange)se of models experience, knowledgehowing variety designs tangible reward
  33. 33. SCHEDULE/ RUNDOWN10 May (Pre- event) Time Event 18:00-22:00 Move-in period for exhibitors11 May (Day1) Time Event 08:00-11:00 Move-in period for exhibitor 12:00 Fair start, Opening Ceremony 12:30 Opening Ceremony of Gallery Talk 1- The Development of Tattoo in HK 13:00 By Alex Lendrum, Editor of Blank Skin 14:00 1st Lucky Draw 15:00 Interview and singing performance- By 24 herbs, local band 16:00 Body painting cat-walk show 1800 Cocktail party ( for VIP guest, exhibitors and buyers only) 18:30 2nd Lucky Draw 19:30 End of voting 20:00 Voting Award presentation for Day 1 21:00 End of Day1
  34. 34. SCHEDULE/ RUNDOWN12 May (Day 2) Time Event 11:00 Day 2 start Talk 2- Experiences sharing 11:00 By Joey Pang , tattoo artist of ‘Tattoo Temple’ 12:00 Tattoo making demonstration- By Joey Pang 13:00 1st Lucky Draw Talk 3- Experiences sharing 13:30 By Phat Chan and Kelvin Li, singer (LMF member) and author 14:00 Body painting cat-walk show 1700 Tattoo making demonstration- By Gabe ( Famous local Tattoo artist) 18:30 End of voting 1900 Voting Award presentation for Day 1 19:30 2nd Lucky Draw 20:00 Closing Ceremony and Voting Award presentation for Day 2 21:00 End of Fair
  35. 35. SPONSORSHIP TYPEoney support• Canon / Nikon / Olympic (Photographing companies)• The Hong Kong Visual Arts MagazineValue in kind• Model Agencies(models)• The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (students as helper)
  36. 36. SPONSORSHIP CATEGORYCategory Amount of sponsorship/ Market value of product sponsoredPlatinum ≧ HK$ 200,000Diamond ≧ HK$ 100,000Gold ≧ HK$ 50,000Silver ≧ HK$ 20,000
  37. 37. SPONSOR BENEFITSnline promotionuide bookignageewsletterpecial booths
  38. 38. STAKEHOLDERSost Organization: Hong Kong Arts Development Councilo-organiser: Hong Kong Trade Development Councilost Community: Hong Kong
  39. 39. STAKEHOLDERSponsors: • The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts • The Hong Kong Visual Arts Magazine • Canon / Nikon / Olympic • Model Agency: e.g. Elite, MIXC, Hkmodelhouse, zmodel, etc.
  40. 40. STAKEHOLDERSedia from: newspaper / magazines / TV
  41. 41. STAKEHOLDERSo-workers: staff from HKADC/ temporary staff/ HKCEC staff/ volunteersfrom the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Artsarticipants and Spectators: Tattoos and Body Arts lovers, tourists, locals
  42. 42. RISK & CONTROL“no event, no matter how well planned and well run,is immune from an occasional calamity or crisis” byShannon Kikenny, 2007ealth and Safetyrowd Management
  43. 43. HEALTH AND SAFETYattoo competition and Tattoo demonstration → damage preventionirst aid stationherefore,MS team as volunteer
  44. 44. CROWD MANAGEMENTCrowd management is a significant element in the planning process forany type of major event, whether it’s an office building, school, sportingevent, concert, or retail store opening” (Stacey A. Hall, 2011).ompetition will attract most of the visitor’ sightvercrowding will occurherefore,
  45. 45. VISITOR VIOLENCEnique features and special interest fans Visitor violence may occur.ncrease opportunity of unwanted physicalimit spectator’s mobilityncreases the waiting time for entry/exit the standing zone.herefore,
  46. 46. BUDGET OF EXHIBITIONstimating Revenue Booth Sales (target 40 exhibitors) Registration fees for exhibitor and attendees • On site registration fee • pre-registered registration fee Sponsorship Grand of government Advertising fee
  47. 47. BUDGET OF EXHIBITIONstimating expense Management costs: Salary and commissions for labor show management team temporary staffs permanent staffs Staff for first aid station Offices expense Business service fee ( Internet access fee, fax etc.) Insurance Marketing promotion expense: Internet advertising Advertisement on Newspapers and Magazines Banner advertising ( MTR Station)
  48. 48. BUDGET OF EXHIBITIONxhibition Production costs: Performance expense Hall rental Set-up cost (Catwalk stage) Prize (Catwalk Show) Electrical and other utilities Directional signs Security service guards Exhibit hall cleaning and trash removal  
  49. 49. REFERENCEong Kong Trade Development Council. (2011). Corporate Structure- Exhibitions. Retrieved November 2, 2011, from Kong Arts Development Council. (2011). Council Structure & Members. Retrieved November 2, 2011, from (2011, September 9). 紋身當衫着 . YAHOO!STYLE. Retrieved from Tattoos/body Piercings (2011). Tattoo Conventions List-2010 and 2011 Tattoo Convention Events and Expos Calendar. RetrievedNovember 14, 2011 from (2011). SKIN:INKS Hong Kong Tattoo Art Exhibition . Retrieved November 14, 2011 from Hong Kong Tattoo Culture Die Before it’s ever Lived? (2011). Retrieved November 13, 2011 from
  50. 50. The End