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10 things I learned from Google and Gertrude - my Sotheby's Institute of Art lecture


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A lecture I gave at Sotheby's Institute of Art on June 10 2013 to share my learnings from working with Google (where I started in 2007) to founding Gertrude (

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10 things I learned from Google and Gertrude - my Sotheby's Institute of Art lecture

  1. Sotheby’s Institute of Art June 10 2013
  2. Experience Collecting Social Education Access Auction house Galleries Online marketplaces (new) Art advisors Art fairs Publications Clubs Museums University $60bn $500Bn* Who sells it today? Annual transaction volume Value creation Artwork In the art market, buying artwork is just the tip of the iceberg * Estimate. In the US alone, the nonprofit arts and culture industry annually generates over $135 billion in economic activity - Source: American Alliance of Museums
  3. and Art is increasingly an intangible experience
  4. Gertrude, Inc. Confidential & Proprietary July 2013 Meet Art is a community of unique art experiences.
  5. we started out by producing Salons - a showcase of what the perfect art experience should be. It is educational, social and you can meet the artist.
  6. Gertrude, Inc. Confidential & Proprietary 2013 1 hour only
  7. Gertrude, Inc. Confidential & Proprietary 2013 10 artworks or under
  8. Gertrude, Inc. Confidential & Proprietary 2013 40 guests or under
  9. Gertrude, Inc. Confidential & Proprietary 2013 1 curator leads the discussion
  10. Gertrude, Inc. Confidential & Proprietary 2013 Join on
  11. now we are a web platform where anyone can find and attend unique art experiences.
  12. Gertrude, Inc. Confidential & Proprietary 2013 Meet art. Gertrude offers intimate experiences to learn, discuss and collect art. JOIN
  13. 10 things I learned from Google and Gertrude
  14. #1 the information exponential
  15. #2 life on the screen & life in the real world
  16. “we want to solve big problems using technology” In October 2010, for example, they invested in a major offshore wind power development to assist the East coast power grid,(...) A week earlier they introduced a car that, with "artificial intelligence," can drive itself using video cameras and radar sensors.(...)They are trying to get companies to create innovative solutions to increasing the world's energy supply (..) investors in Tesla Motors.
  17. #3 building things is important
  19. HackDesign
  20. #4 collecting is a social act
  21. how those in power define aesthetic concepts such as taste.
  22. #5 users vs collectors
  23. #6 Storytelling
  24. #7 Mobile
  25. mobile internet traffic will surpass desktop internet traffic by 2014 source: Morgan Stanley
  26. #8 a brand you love
  27. Artnet, artspace, artsicle, artstar, artsy
  28. launched 2008
  29. #9 Art is magic
  30. #10 things I haven’t learned yet
  31. Help me build the pitch for your favorite tastemaker to curate Salons with Gertrude
  32. 1. Information growth is exponential: why learning everything is useless and knowing where to look is useful. 2. Life on the screen & life in the real world - technology should be about making beautiful things happen in real life. 3. Building things is important: what you should start learning now because you are not learning it at school. 4.Collecting is a social act, understand it.  5.Users, collectors - how they are different. 6.The Power of storytelling and how digital can help. 7.Mobile is everything desktop is disappearing . 8.A brand you love, you trust, you connect to. 9.Art is magic and magic happens in details. 10.Things I still haven't learned and I need to learn from you.