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  1. 1. 33 St. Andrews Circle Natural Spring Destruction and Possible Wetland Violations and Destruction by Developers Skyland Subdivision, Crested Butte, Colorado Saturday, June 15, 2013 Spring To Grant Lake
  2. 2. Natural Spring at 33 St. Andrews Circle Skyland subdivision, Crested Butte, Colorado This spring runs continuously throughout the year on the coldest days in January and on the driest days in September. There are Federally protected wetlands directly north that may have been violated by Skyland Drive and lot development. Note white stake marking spring in following pictures. Wetlands 50 ft West Spring
  3. 3. 33 St. Andrews Circle Spring Looking North. Note the white stake is the headwater of the spring and the stream it generates flowing into the slate river. Wetlands Proposed development 12 units Spring generating a stream flowing into slate river
  4. 4. Spring Marker at 33 St. Andrews Circle Looking north this photo clearly shows the road separating the remaining wetlands from the existing natural spring marked with white stake at 33 St. Andrews circle. Wetlands Wetlands destroyed
  5. 5. Best View of Remaining Wetlands 33 St. Andrews Circle is 50ft south of this sign. I watch red-tailed hawks and foxes hunt this remaining piece daily. Crested Butte mountain with ski resort on backside is in background. Proposed construction of 12 unit condo complex on destroyed wetlands 100 ft this way
  6. 6. Destroyed wetlands filled in by developer Here is where the original developer, Gallagher, filled in the wetlands that were separated by the road construction. It is the land where he and his partner Geist now want to build 12 units. This “Construction/Destruction” will destroy the natural spring on 33 St. Andrews circle and devastate the remaining wetlands on in this area. Some remaining old growth lupine Remaining wetlands Clear signs of filled in land that once was part of wetlands across road
  7. 7. Investigation and Restoration Request Saturday, June 15, 2013 1. Investigation of the legality of the original wetlands destruction by the building of Skyland Drive. 2. Investigation of the legality of continued wetlands destruction on the southwest side of Skyland Drive by the development in 2010. 3. Investigation of developer on the “fill In” of wetlands cut off by the construction of Skyland Drive. 4. Restoration of wetlands instead of the proposed 12 unit condo development. The restored wetlands should have irrigation tunnels under Skyland Drive to connect them to the original remaining wetlands.