Local History Insights                                    by Ken LavelleIn our community there are many interesting histor...
                                                                    6/4/2010                 17Other Ohio Historical Mark...
Heights was placed on the National Register in 1978. It was built between 1850 and1857. Mr. Henry (1811-1900) was a succes...
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6607 Pearl Road Photo in 1934 when a member of the Fay family lived there. E-bayphoto 2010.6103 Pearl Rd "The Asa Emerson:...
In the 1970s, several early houses were plaqued by the Historical Society of ParmaHeights (1972 to 2003) as Century Homes....
http://nikehercules.tripod.com/cl-59.html Parma Heights Histsorical Society website.Kenneth J. Lavelle. “History of Crile ...
road leading to the Nike Site Control Center as 12280 West Pleasant Valley Road onpage 161. The 1967 Cleveland West Suburb...
Other Historical Markers in the Berea, North Royalton, Parma, Ohio AreaJohn Shepherd – An American Hero (1729-1847) North ...
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Ohio Historical Markers In Parma Area Article 4232010


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List of Ohio Historical Markers in and near Parma, Ohio.

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Ohio Historical Markers In Parma Area Article 4232010

  1. 1. Local History Insights by Ken LavelleIn our community there are many interesting historical sites that we all walk or drive byeach day. Many go unnoticed in our normal routines of modern living. In the last nineyears several Ohio Historical Markers have been erected to have us pause and reflect onour local past. Each individual marker is a base to move forward with into the future.Currently there are seven (7) Ohio Historical Markers erected in the Parma-Parma Heightsarea. PARMAS BIRTHPLACE Ohio historical marker located at Pearl Road alongRidge Road in a tree lawn was dedicated on April 22, 2010 with much celebration. The Fay home was the first business in Parma – an Inn for stagecoach travelers and visitors.Pearl and Ridge Roads. Fay Home along Wooster Pike. Date of Photo unknown.1908? Thislocation with its inn for travelers was known as (mile house) stagecoach stop number 2 alongthe Southbound Cleveland to Columbus Wooster Pike stagecoach route. House razed 1912. Page 1 04/24/10 02:33:00 PM
  2. 2.  6/4/2010 17Other Ohio Historical Markers are located at the following locations. The StearnsHomestead Farm Marker (2001) along Ridge Road South of Parmatown. The concept ofthis maker is agriculture and cattle raising was one of many elements of rural life learnedhere in Parma. The First Rural Brick Road in the U.S. (2003) Marker at Pearl Road alongOlde York Road in a tree lawn in Parma Heights. The idea of using modern bricks toreplace wooden-planked and dirt roads demonstrated this type of new technology didimprove life, travel and commerce in our area for everyone in Parma. This markermentions that the Wooster Pike (Pearl Road) was the Cleveland to Columbus stagecoachroute from 1820 to the 1890s. The Crile General Hospital Marker (2002) at CuyahogaCommunity College – Western Campus along York Road entrance at Moore Drive. Theconcept of this marker is healing and learning is possible with the rule of law and militaryforce. The General Central Farm (2002) Marker in front of the German Central FarmSocial Hall off York Road near Sprague Rd. The concept for this maker is agriculture andsocial activities are an important part of our lives.Parmas First High School (2011)marker is in front of the former Parma City School District Administration Building at6076 Ridge Rd in the tree lawn..In the near future another Ohio Historical Marker is planned to be dedicated for theElectric Car Storage Battery in a tree lawn in front of Gtech (Union Carbide) on SnowRd. Watch for details in a future issue of The Parma Observer and the Parma Sun Post..Each of these Ohio Historical Markers are historical guideposts tools to promoteour areas Pride of Place to present and future residents. There is some local interest toerect more Ohio Historical Markers in the years ahead. Four possible site locationsdiscussed for more historical markers are as follows.One, inside the City of ParmaHeights Cemetery for ParmasFirst Rural One-Room School House located there in 1826.Another possible location is the second B&O Railroad Depot built in1909 and closedin 1926 located at the current CSX R.R. Tracks along Brookpark Road North of theParma Yard. Another possible location is in the treelawn infront of the Parma HeightsWater Facility (Parma Reservior) along Deering Drive and Reservoir Drive. Lastlyanother possible maker maybe erected near the Henninger House along Broadview RoadNorth of Snow Road. No doubt many other locations will considered and discussed in thefuture for more Ohio Historical Markers. Each will have a concept or theme.There is one local structure still standing in our area in 2011 that is on the NationalRegister of Historical Places. The Robert W. Henry House at 6077 Pearl Road in Parma Page 2 04/24/10 02:33:00 PM
  3. 3. Heights was placed on the National Register in 1978. It was built between 1850 and1857. Mr. Henry (1811-1900) was a successful local carpenter who moved to ParmaTwp. in 1843 along the Wooster Pike stagecoach route. The Robert W. Henry house is aexcellent example of a brick winged-temple Greek Revival home. Distinguished by itspedimented portico, twelve-footed Doric Columns, gable-end brick parapets andtransomed main entrance. It has been occupied as a private homes, a local temporaryParma Heights Village Town Hall in 1955 and later used by various small businesses. Page 3 04/24/10 02:33:00 PM
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  6. 6. 6607 Pearl Road Photo in 1934 when a member of the Fay family lived there. E-bayphoto 2010.6103 Pearl Rd "The Asa Emerson:" House. Built in 1826 along the Wooster Pike. Page 6 04/24/10 02:33:00 PM
  7. 7. In the 1970s, several early houses were plaqued by the Historical Society of ParmaHeights (1972 to 2003) as Century Homes. Each had a wooden plaque nailed on itswood sliding near the front door. Some of these plaqued Century Homes and theirwooden plaques can still be seen in 2010. "The Asa Emerson:" House at 6103 Pearl Roadis good example of a two-story Western Reserve Salt Box style home built in 1826 andmoved back from Pearl Road when it was widened to be four lanes between 1929-1931.The Parma Heights Historical Society (2009-Present) is currently compiling andverifying an inventory list of these special century homes to update their records. If youown one with a wooden plaque still visible consider contacting the Parma HeightsHistorical Society.Sources:Parma City Directories. (1946-1963). Published by the Cleveland Directory Company.Parmas Birthplace Ohio Marker Dedication handout booklet dated April 22, 2010.Crile General Hospital Post Card 1940s Photo. Purchased on e-bay by Ken Lavelle.Established in 1943. German P.O.W. Camp No. 234 established there 1943 and closed in1946. Became a V.A. Hospital in 1946 and closed in 1964 moving its operations to theEastside V.A. Hospital. Nike missile base established there in 1956 and closed 1962.Nike Missile Launch Site was located along West Pleasant Valley Rd East and South ofKennedy Circle. The street address of the Nike Site was 12276 West Pleasant ValleyRoad listed in The 1958 Parma City Directory on page 143. Nike Missile launch controlcenter (CL 59) was based in Parma Hts. in present day Nathan Hale Park. Nike Sitebuilding ‘A’ in 1959 aerial photo located between nike missile underground storagebunker and the missile launch control center later became a Parks and RecreationDepartment office and equipment site for the City of Parma Nike Site public park section.The street address of building ‘A’ in 1959 was 11828 West Pleasant Valley Road NearSkylark Drive. Cuyahoga Community College – Western Campus established there in1966 with 183 acres of land that was once part of Crile General Hospital in Parma, Ohio.The local post office for the U.S. Mail delivery for Crile Hospital was located in ParmaHeights, Ohio near Pearl Road and W. 130th Street.The Nike Missile bunker and launch site area where missiles were stored undergroundwas located West of York Road, along Pleasant Valley Road. Several streets for homeswere planned there on the former Edward and Annie Peterjohn Farm established in 1911.Originally street names were laid out for their farm in the 1920s: Traymore, Loder, Akin,Lockwood, Rosedale, Creighton, Fairfax, Sutherland, Attleboro, Norwood, andHomewood. In the 1930s the streets there were renamed to be West 108, West 109, West111, West 112, West 114, West 115, West 116, West 118, and West 119. None of thesestreets were ever developed for residential housing. Source of the street names is theParma Village Plat Book Volume No. 6 1916-1925 on inside Index Page seen at theCuyahoga County Archives on May 28, 2010. The fomer missile bunker area has beenrestored to natural green spaced on the college campus. Page 7 04/24/10 02:33:00 PM
  8. 8. http://nikehercules.tripod.com/cl-59.html Parma Heights Histsorical Society website.Kenneth J. Lavelle. “History of Crile General Hospital and Crile V.A. Hospital1943-1964”.1995. Map of Crile General Hospital and its streets included with paper.Streets there included England Street, a road leading to the P.O.W. Camp, Finney Place,Fitzsimons Place, Dibble Place, Letterman Drive, Hoff Place, Cushing Place, ThayerPlace, Beaumont Place, and Lagarde Street. Kennedy Circle was infront of the hospitaladministration building. CTS Bus route number 79 had a layover point there with servicefrom Public Square in Cleveland to Parma. The 1946 Parma City Directory listed thestreet address for “Crile General Hospital – U.S. Army” as 7030 York Road. The 1963Parma City Directory listed the street address for Crile Hospital - U.S. Gov’t VeteransAdministration Hospital at 7300 York Road.James W. Day. “Parma Day”. 2005. Photo of Crile General Hospital Ohio Marker p. 49.“Directory of Ohio Historical Places Volume 1: Adams County to Hamilton County”.Published by Somerset Publishers, Inc.: 1999. Post Office Box 160, St. Clair Shores, MI.48080. Page 232 Robert W. Henry House.6607 Pearl Road the Robert W. Henry House. Photo from National Register of HistoricPlaces file number 78002048 dated 12/08/1978.Internet address:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Robert_W._Henry_House,_Parma_Heights.jpgE-bay Photo for sale in April 2010 of Henry Home when Fay Home in 1934.Owner was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Photo among other Parma Hts. home photos.hillcrest-books-paper possible copyright .Ebay Item No.360233992257.Early House Photos.The Parma Heights Historical Society. The House Project 2010.Diana J. Eid. “Images of America: Parma”. Published by Arcadia Publishing: 2010.Fay Home Homestead photos provided by Ruth Fay on page 10. CCPL numberF499.P27E332010. Fay House/Inn razed in 1912 per page 10 entry. C. 1915 photo ofPearl Rd with CRY tracks on page 96 thought to be really a copy of 1921 photo KenLavelle purchased at train show in 1980s left in file cabinet with Historical Society ofParma Heights on page 96. Diana viewed photo in cabinet. Parma Nike site photos onpages 68,104. Parma-Parma Heights Nike Site listed as 11000 York Road on page 68.At the Parma South library, Ken checked the Parma City Directory published in 1958 tofind the address of the Nike Site on Pleasant Valley Road. On page 143 the item listed is"12276 Nike Site" near Parma Park under addresses of Pleasant Valley Road West ofhomes from York Road. The Parma City Directory published in 1962 listed the Nikemissile launch site at 11400 West Pleasant Valley Road at W. 114st Street and listed the Page 8 04/24/10 02:33:00 PM
  9. 9. road leading to the Nike Site Control Center as 12280 West Pleasant Valley Road onpage 161. The 1967 Cleveland West Suburban Directory on page 459 listed the “U. S.Nike Site” as 11400 West Pleasant Valley Road. The CCC-West Campus 1975 addresswas 11000 West Pleasant Valley Road. The CCC-Western Campus 1966 address was7300 York Road in Parma. Lynette Filips lived at 11613 W. Pleasant Valley.Loder farm page 117. Kaiser farm page 26. Old German church at Peterjohn farm sitealong York Road mentioned on page 117. View of Parma Incinerator at W.130th andBrookpark near Parma B&O R.R. yard page 82. GM Plant pages 68-71. Photo ofWooster Pike mentioned as 1884 on page thought to be really 1894 since the brick roadwas there on left and the drainage ditch was enlarged for the brick road south of York Rd.My criticism of this book is lack of content concerning local people and their contributions.Nike Site information was inaccurate. There was no mention of local organizations, streetnames origins, wooden toll roads, historical markers, P.O.W. Camp WWII, and no mentionof the CL&W (B&O) Parma Train Station Depot in Rockport Township. There was a lack oflocal detailed research presented in this photo type book.“Prisoner of War Report”. War Department – Office of The Provost Marshal General. PeriodEnding 15 February 1946. Crile General Hospital, Cleveland (Parma) 9, Ohio. CampNationality: German. Camp Personnel: 1560th SCU Cp Detail #4. Seen at Crile ArchivesCuyahoga Community College-Western Campus, September 2010. P.O.W. Camp No. 243.From: amrs1969@aol.com<Jcreeves6217@aol.com>21874_13438107621874_1343810762189_1438834543_30962763_164946_n.jpgFay Home Photo data unknown. Sent to Ken Lavelle February 22, 2010. Before 1912.Laura Watson. “Founding of Parma Historical Marker Unveiling Ceremony”.The Parma Observer. April 2010. Page 10.Daniel P. McCarthy. “Humble Roots”. The Parma Observer. June 2010. Page 8.Key Persons involved with each Ohio Historical Marker: Reference NumbersStearns Homestead – Annjean Slater (2001) 22-18First Rural Brick Road in U.S. - Kenneth J. Lavelle (2003) 49-18Crile General Hospital – Dr. James W. Banks (2002) 30-18Parmas Birthplace – Sean P. Brennan (2010) 91-18Parmas First High School – Lee Bailey, Tony DeMarco and the Parma Sr. High School Alumni Association members. (2011) 100-18German Central Farm – Members of their association. 69-18Parma Heights Water Facility – Parma Reservoir – Planned for 2033-34 XX-18Parma CLW/B&O Train Station Depot – Planned for after 2023 XX-18Parma Heights Cemetery – Site of First Parma Twp. School Planned after 2015 XXX-18GrafTech International Ltd –Snow Rd.(2011)Parma-Developed Storage Battery 106-18 Page 9 04/24/10 02:33:00 PM
  10. 10. Other Historical Markers in the Berea, North Royalton, Parma, Ohio AreaJohn Shepherd – An American Hero (1729-1847) North Royalton Cemetery 95-18Adams Street Cemetery(1834-1977) – William Boone’s Berea High School AP History Class 2008-2009 93-18B-W College Campus: Baldwin University 61-18B-W College Campus: Lyceum Square 23-18Berea District 7 Schoolhouse 18-18Berea Old District 10 Schoolhouse 6-18Berea Union Train Depot 43-18Berea Triangle 20-18Berea Sandstone Quarries Photo of Big Quarry 16-18Lake Shore and Southern Michigan(N.Y.C.)Train Depot (1877)-Olmsted Falls 96-18 ARADCOM Detroit - Cleveland Defense Area Site CL-59 - Parma/Midpark StationUnit: 7/56 - 9/58, HHB, 351st USA7/56 - 9/58, Battery B, 351st USA9/58 - 8/61, HHB, 1st Battalion, 68th USA9/58 - 8/61, Battery B, 1st Battalion, 68th USA Activation Date: July 1956 De-activationDate: 1961 IFC Area: GPS: +41° 22 14", -81° 45 31" Launch Area: GPS: +41° 21 49",-81° 45 57" Radar(s): LOPAR Missiles: 30 Ajax Magazine(s): 1 type B, 2 type CLaunchers: 12 Ajax Current Status: Comments:CL-59 Aerial Photo of Nike Site as seen in 1959.http://nikehercules.tripod.com/cl-59.html Parma Heights Histsorical Society website.Written for Parma Observer April 23, 2010 for consideration in June 2010 Issue. Updatesdone later to original article submitted for proposed idea of 2011 Parma HeightsPowerPoint Centennial presentation as that project was assembled for Parma HeightsHistorical Society. Other area historical markers added to list as more were erected.Information used for Parma Heights Centennial 1911-2011 PowerPoint presentation and2011 Walking Tour Handout distributed afterward. Page 10 04/24/10 02:33:00 PM