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Jacket bag


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school project by Sean Lim, Crane Lim and Kenneth Kiang

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Jacket bag

  1. 1. Has this ever happened?
  2. 2. The Jacket BagProtects.Simple.Warm.Epic
  3. 3. But How?• Super Strong Jacket Material• MagSafe Protect.• Lightning iPhone/iPod holder.• Micro-Fibre Macbook Sleeve.• Mac IOS status check App
  4. 4. Charge in every way.• Charging pads get energy to charge your Apple stuff in every way.• Heat absorbers• Kinect-charge
  5. 5. Advantages• You don’t have to wear a jacket then a bag, you can wear it in one shot, you’re also actually using the (super strong)jacket to carry the bag.• Charge your Apple stuff• Maximum protection for your Apple stuff.• Life proof.
  6. 6. Thank You