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Medical Preparedness for Seniors & Disabled


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Do you need to get your hands on some extra medication? Why not step up the Medical Preparedness for Elderly and Disabled with these Quick and Dirty Tips?

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Medical Preparedness for Seniors & Disabled

  1. 1. Medical Preparedness for Senior Citizens By Ken Jensen
  2. 2. If you are on any type of maintenance medication, you probably are aware what the implications are if you are forced to go without.
  3. 3.
  4. 4. • You could just be honest about it – Just tell them that you are considering working on medical self- reliance, and leave it at that. • You could tell them a partial truth. – Give them just enough information explaining what you are doing, but explain it in a way that makes since to mainstream. – Say that you had a friend in a flood, tornado, hurricane, or other natural disaster. – Say that they told you their biggest mistake was not having enough meds, so you want an extra supply, just in case the same thing happens here. • Tell them that you “Just Lost It” – work with typical things like blood pressure medication. – will NOT work on mind-altering substances, so don’t even try.
  5. 5. Common Ailments Can Take You Out, So Take Them Out FIRST! • It is typical for people above 30 to begin having pains due to inflammation. • Lots of people have allergies. • Consider the minimalist list of items in which you want to stock an extra bottle or two.
  6. 6. Minimalist list of items in which you want to stock an extra bottle or two. • Inflammation Meds • Fast Melt childrens Benadryl • Immodium • Tums, Rolaids, Etc Follow through on these simple techniques and you will have stepped up that medical preparedness just a little bit more.
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