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Amazing prepping gadgets and gear as christmas


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Get these amazing items that may not seem “responsible” but are extremely fun Christmas gifts. Give them to your loved ones that will also help them in Survival

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Amazing prepping gadgets and gear as christmas

  1. 1. Amazing Prepping Gadgets and Gear As Christmas Gifts 2015
  2. 2. Amazing Preparedness Christmas Presents for that Prepper in your life! Christmas is fast approaching and you haven’t figured out what to get your prepper spouse. Or you want to help your children become more prepared and realize this is the perfect opportunity to get them prepared.
  3. 3. Preparedness is the Best Gift You Could Ever Give a Loved One. • You get the FUN Prepping Gear • Introducing others to survival • You can provide others with multi-purpose items • You can borrow the really cool survival items you chose
  4. 4. Superb Stocking Stuffers for Prepping Prowess Small doesn’t mean “not-useful.” Some of the most important survival gear can fit directly in a sock on Your Fireplace Mantle. Take notes, because you won’t want to forget these cool little items.
  5. 5. Schrade SCPEN4BK Survival Tactical Pen with Ferro Fire-Starting Rod and Whistle Neat pen with the following: • Glass Breaker • Incorporated Whistle • Fire Starter • Replaceable Ink Cartridge
  6. 6. UltraFire® Mini Cree 7w 300lm Led Flashlight This is one bright little flashlight! You can also get a 3 mode version that is about 200 lumens. • Zoomable • Waterproof • A perfect item for hiking and other outdoor sports, focus adjustable, support Zoom in and zoom out. • Up to 100,000 hours long life LED • Aluminum alloy body
  7. 7. Coast HP1 Focusing 220 Lumen LED Flashlight • 220 lumen light • 1 hour 15 minute runtime using Li-Ion battery • Uses AA or 14500 Rechargeable Batteries • Aluminum Body • Water Resistant • One step up from the Cree Flashlight
  8. 8. Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System This is good for outdoor recreation, hiking, camping, travel and emergency preparedness.
  9. 9. Suunto A-10 Compass The Suunto is a basic and reliable compass design for map navigation.
  10. 10. U.S. MADE P-51 & P-38 Can Opener Tiny but Invaluable resource to have in any bug out bag. • Stainless steel construction • P-38 can opener, 1 1/2" long • P-51 can opener, 2" long
  11. 11. Fisher's Yo Yo Fishing Reels This is a really cool and cheap item. • Very Sensitive Flat Trigger • Mechanism • Stainless Steel Spring & • Galvanized Steel Frame • Pre-Spooled with 9-12' of 60# • Test Nylon Line • Adjustable Spring Tension • Made In The USA
  12. 12. Bic Mini Lighters Perfect size to fit in your EDC, especially if you use an altoids tin to carry it all. Obviously, this is built with the exact same design as the normal bic lighter.
  13. 13. Card Survival Tools (multiple versions) There are so many versions of these out there. Each one has its own purpose and design. I will name a couple of them.
  14. 14. 11 in 1 Credit Card Wallet Stainless Steel Survival Multitool Utility Some of the tools on this one are: • Knife • Saw • Bottle Opener • Can Opener • Flat Head Screwdrive • Ruler • 4 Position Wrench
  15. 15. Credit Card Knife Not a big fan of these but it folds into a little 3 inch knife. Not a bad backup for your backup.
  16. 16. Credit Card Companion with 9 Tools • 2-inch serrated edge steel blade • Removable blade • tweezers • toothpick • Can opener/flathead screwdriver • 3.375-inches by 2.125-inches and weighs 1.4-ounces
  17. 17. Readyman Wilderness Survival Card This is my favorite of all the EDC Wallet Cards. It has: • arrowhead, small game arrowhead • fishing hooks, double sided fishing hooks • snare locks, trident for gigging fish and frogs or small game. • sewing needles, tweezers, multiple saw blades
  18. 18. Everstryke Emergency Survival Match
  19. 19. Columbia River Eat N' Tool •spoon •fork •bottle opener •three hex wrenches •caribiner Multitool weighs 1.6 ounces and includes:
  20. 20. Encrypted Thumb Drive •Hardware encryption •Superior password protection •No application installation required •Durable metal casing with built-in key loop
  21. 21. Top-Notch Gadgets for High Class Survival If you need something a little larger to make you feel more prepared, I have generated a list of great quality items that are sure to put your christmas gifts about 3 steps ahead of all the rest.
  22. 22. Israeli Bandage Battle Dressing First Aid Compression Bandage, 6 Inch This is such an amazing first aid tool, that I have to add it to the list. Israeli Battle Dressings are a mix between a gauze dressing, a compression bandage, with the potential to be used as a makeshift tourniquet. Never leave home without one.
  23. 23. BaoFeng BF-F8HP 8-Watt Dual Band Two- Way Radio This is the cadillac of the baofeng brand. It is an 8 watt radio with a high gain antenna. It comes with battery, charger and earpiece with mic.
  24. 24. Gerber or Leatherman MultiTool Typical high quality multitools can save you in a pinch. The one I have in the photo is the Legend, which is my EDC multitool.
  25. 25. Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Hammock •Grey No-See-Um Mesh •Triple Stitching
  26. 26. KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife •100% Leather Sheath •1095 Cro-van steel •7" Straight Edge Blade •The most famous fixed blade knife design in the world •Leather Handle, USMC Fightning Knife
  27. 27. Garmin eTrex 20X gps •Elevation, odometer, speed, etc. •Compass •Waypoint Marking •WAAS •Geocaching
  28. 28. Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack This is a high-quality, but expensive molle capable backpack from Maxpedition. Anyone recieving this from you would be extremely excited.
  29. 29. Chroma Camera Drone The chroma is a professional drone with an hd camera. I have seen these in action and the video quality is amazing.
  30. 30. pStyle - Clear When you are all geared up, and you need to go, men just unzip and go. What about women? Introducing, the p-Style. Unzip, place it below, and go. The reviews I have seen have said this one is better than the Go- Girl brand.
  31. 31. The Scout Slingshot This thing is 40 dollars and you can find professional grade sling shots for half the price.
  32. 32. Solo Stove with Backup Alcohol Burner •Boils water in 8-10 mins (34 fl oz water). •Solo Stove weighs only 9 oz. Made of premium stainless steel and nichrome wire. Nylon stuff sack included.
  33. 33. Foldable Pocket Cooker This is a neat little, all-metal, 2 lb stove, that folds flat, so it will fit easily in your gear.
  34. 34. Elite First Aid Military IFAK Individual First Aid Kit
  35. 35. Covert Cabinets Gun Cabinet Wall Shelf
  36. 36. Colt Tactical Paracord Belt It is a full belt of paracord, so you will get at least a half pound of paracord
  37. 37. Waterproof 3 Modes LED Headlight Bundle This headlamp: •Is Rechargeable •Has a 2200 Lumens LED •Has a Car and AC charger and USB Cable •3 mode:High/Low/Strobe
  38. 38. Berkey Sport Bottle Portable Water Purifier You can get the awesome ability of the Berkey Water Purifier in a bottle.
  39. 39. Firefield 5x50 Nightfall 2 Night Vision Monocula •High quality image and resolution •High power built-in infrared illumination •High magnification and large objective lens
  40. 40. Wartech 8" Tactical Folding Knife Not the best knife in the world, but this is a good introductory knife for children for the money when they are learning to use them.
  41. 41. The Prepper podcast