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118 Memorial Day 2016


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What is the true meaning of Memorial Day? What date is Memorial Day celebrated and why? Who is Tommy Atkins? Visit to learn more.

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118 Memorial Day 2016

  1. 1. 118: Memorial Day 2016 By Ken Jensen
  2. 2. What is the Meaning of Memorial Day for Many People? • Most people see it as Thank a Veteran Day. • Some people see it as Wear Something Patriotic Day • Almost everyone sees it as Grill-Out With the Family Day. • Almost the same number of people will see it as Take the Family to the Beach (Lake) Day.
  3. 3. What Date is Memorial Day Celebrated and Why? • The holiday used to be on May 30th every year. • In 1968, it was moved to the last Monday of the month to give people a three day weekend. • There are some veteran groups that would like to see the weekend disappear, because it became just another family holiday, and the real meaning or remembrance is disappearing.
  4. 4. What is the True Meaning of Memorial Day? •Memorial Day isn’t about veterans, what you wear, grilling out, or going to swim. •Memorial Day is somber. •The purpose is to remember the fallen. •People fought and died for “liberty” and “freedom” for us!
  5. 5. A Memorial Day Story about the Sacrifice of a Soldier Tommy (A True Story) • Tommy was 17 years of age. – He was in INDOC, which is where you are pledged to pledge. • At 18, he signed papers and swore an oath to defend the constitution of the United States. – This was against enemies foreign and domestic. – He meant every single word of the oath. – He CHOSE to protect us at great cost – If there was an order, he would follow it – He understood SACRIFICE – Salute him, applaud his service, tell him thank you, shake his hand, and MOVE out of his way when he walks down the street.
  6. 6. • He came home on leave. – He visited – Everyone hugged him and applauded him – They asked him what the army was like. • He went to school after. • The he was sent to join his platoon. – Almost immediately after, they were given orders to go to Iraq. – He wasn't excited about this, but it was his duty and he never complained. – He did very well and gained rank quickly (pay and authority).
  7. 7. • He was given a new job of Gunner for the Lieutenant’s Humvee because he was one of the best shots. • One day, they were travelling. They were the second Humvee. – The medic ran over to #2 humvee. • Another EFP went off. • It penetrated two layers of armor, turned 180 degrees, exited two layers of armor, and hit the medic. • The medic was killed on the spot. • After hours of pain and agony, Tommy and a few others were rescued. • Tommy lives today and this was not the only explosion he had been in. • He suffers Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) today. • But this is not a story about Tommy, he was just the window for you to look through. • Sure we honor Tommy and his sacrifice, but this is about: – The Medic – Gomez – Many Other Fallen Soldiers
  8. 8. • Gomez didn’t die on the spot. – He knew the medic as well. – They were teammates. • Gomez was Tommy’s best friend. – He knew the medic as well. – They were teammates. • He watched his friends die. • He watched Gomez’s neck splatter through the Humvee. – But he is alive. – They are dead. – They paid the ultimate sacrifice. • Tommy lost 8 friends while in service. – One to friendly fire – One to suicide (stress of combat) – Six to explosives. • This is EIGHT PEOPLE DEAD. They did this for YOUR freedom. • Their parents paid the price for you as well. • They lost a beloved child • They are the ones that decorate their graves every: – Birthday – Memorial Day – Veterans Day
  9. 9. How to Make this Memorial Day, One that Matters •Have a talk with a veteran about the wonderful people they knew. About their Fellow Fallen Soldiers. •Cherish the veterans that live and celebrate the lives of those that don’t.
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