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Cloth diapering seasons by Smartipants


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Smartipants cloth diapers are best in the market which is comfortable for new born. We offer one size diaper, smart-fit Diaper Cover which is most versatile , affordable and easy to care for. Cloth diapers are made by mothers in the USA.

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Cloth diapering seasons by Smartipants

  1. 1. Cloth Diapering Solutions for all Seasons Cloth diapering your baby is fun and easy thanks to the new innovations. Gone are the days when using cloth diapers were considered inconvenient. From All-in-ones, Pockets and Hybrid diapers, these are easy to wash and user friendly. Add to the fact that they are low maintenance, affordable and eco-friendly; these reusable diapers have become favorites for smart parents. When it comes to diapers, mums are always worried about how to team up these diapers with other clothes. The diaper is bulky at times and putting a jeans or pant on top is equivalent to stuffing. This sometimes leads to leakage. Also, the children find it uncomfortable and become cranky easily. Here’s a guide to all the tips and tricks you’ll need while styling your tiny tot. Summer style Using Reusable diapers for the summer is extremely simple. If your baby is at home, then put on a little cotton tee that goes with your diaper and you are good to go. You can get multi -colored diapers and other fancy diaper covers as well. Since it is hot, keep the clothing to a minimal to help the baby feel more comfortable. All-time Dresses These are perfect for any season and any occasion. If it is super hot, then picking a cotton dress is all you need for your little princess. If you need to attend a party, then you have loads of options for pretty dresses. When it comes to winter, then you can make them wear leg warmers underneath a dress.
  2. 2. Winter Clothes o Leg-warmers: They look absolutely adorable and serve the purpose completely. They come in myriad colors and patterns. Match them with a dress or any tee. o Sweaters: They are a common option and the best solution to keep your baby warm. You can always color-coordinate these sweaters. o Hats: It is absolutely necessary to cover the baby’s head and ears during the cold weather. Hats with ear flaps and straps are perfect. There are also various options you can choose from. o Mittens: Mittens are must-haves for winters. Lined with polar fleece, they can provide the added protection. Leggings Jeans are hard to wear especially when the diapers are fluffy. Instead, opt for leggings. Their stretchable material makes it comfortable for the baby. The fabric of these leggings will allow at least little air circulation unlike that of jeans. If you do need jeans, try getting one size bigger ones.