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Numismatics - Valuable Spare Change


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Numismatics, Kenneth Goldman

Published in: Career
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Numismatics - Valuable Spare Change

  1. 1. Numismatics - Valuable Spare Change Kenneth Goldman
  2. 2. Numismatics - Valuable Spare Change If you have ever marveled at the worn appearance of the coins in your spare change or rubbed off the accumulated dirt to find out when the coin was made, then the field of numismatics might hold some interest for you.
  3. 3. Numismatics - Valuable Spare Change Numismatics is the study and/or collection of money and medals, particularly rare coins, which are often highly sought after by coin collectors due to their significantly greater historic and financial value. These rare coins are referred to as numismatic coins. Collectors will attend auctions, conventions, and various events in order to trade for, buy, or obtain the latest expensive addition to their collection.
  4. 4. Numismatics - Valuable Spare Change One such individual with extensive knowledge of rare coins is Kenneth Goldman. As president of his own rare coins appraisal company, Kenneth Goldman Inc., and with 50 years of experience in the field, Mr. Goldman has attended almost every major coin auction and convention in America.