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American Numismatic Association’s Money Museum


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American Numismatic Association’s Money Museum

  1. 1. By Kenneth Goldman
  2. 2. Introduction  With 50 years’ experience as a coin dealer, Kenneth Goldman has become a leader in the field of numismatics (coin collecting). The man behind Kenneth Goldman Inc. Rare Coins is a frequent contributor to the Guidebook of U.S. Coins, and has testified as an expert witness for the Federal Trade Commission in litigation. He has attended auctions for decades, giving him a sure sense of when and where to sell a coin. Kenneth Goldman Rare Coins is a LIFE MEMBER of the American Numismatic Association (ANA). One of the ANA’s chief attractions is the Money Museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  3. 3. About the Museum  America’s biggest numismatics museum offers exhibits that encompass science and art related to the nation’s coinage. Visitors can look at rare and unusual coins and see how they relate to events in America’s past, as well as examine gold coins and currency. On Saturdays, museum staffers operate the “mini- mint,” a working model of the machines that stamped out coins from the 16th through the 19th centuries. The museum’s collection includes over 250,000 items from ancient through modern times.
  4. 4. Conclusion  Kenneth Goldman is available for orderly acquisition of rare coins or for the liquidation of collection, estates and accumulations of coins, medals, paper money, etc. Kenneth Goldman is available by email at He can also be reached by phone at 781-449-0058, fax at 781-326-6758, or through the mail at P.O. Box 920404, Needham, MA, 02492.