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SoC 2013 - Mapeat Emptor


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My talk from 2013 Society of Cartographers Summer School talking about some of the consequences of the modern mapping paradigm.

Published in: Design, Technology, Education
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SoC 2013 - Mapeat Emptor

  1. 1. Society of Cartographer’s Summer School Stoke-on-Trent 2013 Mapeat Emptor consequences of the modern mapping paradigm Kenneth Field
  2. 2. Live fast, die young
  3. 3. Tools are easy peasy
  4. 4. Backgrounds are no indicator
  5. 5. 7.30am 2.30am 2.30pm
  6. 6. Culture of criticism
  7. 7. Form is over-taking function
  8. 8. The production paradox
  9. 9. Short-attention-spans
  10. 10. A template for cartography
  11. 11. 1. Consider the effects of what you create in and of your map 2. Understand the consequences of your map-making decisions 3. Take your map-making charge seriously for it isn’t trivial 4. Be aware of both the story and how you tell it 5. Leave the mapping landscape a little better than you found it 6. Build consensus through your mapping 7. Lead by example 8. Limit your desire for the one-hit wonder 9. Avoid being too bound by the technology of the moment 10. Protect what you have, edit carefully, invent when necessary
  12. 12. Society of Cartographer’s Summer School Stoke-on-Trent 2013 Thankyou @kennethfield