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De Lorean

  1. 1. John Z DeLorean ahead of his time Economics per. 5 Kenny Drake
  2. 2. • Born 1925 • Graduated with a degree in industrial/automotive engineering and business • Worked with Chrysler for short time • Packard Motor Company 1952-1956 • GM Pontiac division 1956-1969 • GM Cheverolet division 1969-1972 • GM head of car/truck division of N. America 1972 • GM Vice President 1973, however retired later that year • 1975 opened De Lorean Motor Company • Passed away in 2005
  3. 3. Time with Packard • DeLorean began at a $16,000 annual • Worked under Forrest McFarland • High end cars, with precise designs • Quickly came out with improvements to tranmission and torque convertor- “Twin Ultramatic” • Within his four years, DeLorean took over as head of research and design
  4. 4. Pontiac • Starting salary of $18,000 • Began work under “Bunkie” Knudson • Originally a mentor, shortly after became good friends • Pulled up to Chief Engineer in 1961 • Working with the ʻ61 Pontiac Tempest and Lemans, DeLorean The new generation of style recreated Pontiacʼs and speed, the muscle car image with the 1964 Pontiac GTO
  5. 5. • DeLorean was promoted to head of Pontiac division In 1965. • By 1967, DeLorean continued to create his legacy with the ‘67 Pontiac Firebird, a modification to the old Camaro. •1969, DeLorean put out the ‘69 Grand Prix, complete with new body, chasi, and size.
  6. 6. Cheverolet •DeLorean was pulled up to the Cheverolet division, salary now topping $200,000 •Entered the division in a time of chaos and disorder •DeLorean took extra measures to reorder Cheverolet, such as hiring extra inspectors and test drivers •Under DeLorean, Cheverolet soon hit record sales •Despite his success, DeLorean clashed with other executives, not being of the norm.
  7. 7. On Top • DeLorean seperated himself from the his colleagues with his long sideburns and loose flashy clothing. DeLorean had reached pop icon status. • Made investments in NY Yankee and SD Charger franchises • 1972, DeLorean was promoted to the head of N. American car/truck division
  8. 8. DeLorean Motor Company •After leaving GM, DeLorean aimed at establishing his own business. •After being rejected by the U.S. gov. for loans, DeLorean got British support and opened doors in 1975. •The company employed over 2,000 employees in its factory in Dunmurry, Ireland and in 21 months produced around 8,600 DMC’s.
  9. 9. DMC or the De Lorean • DeLorean created a small, 2-seater, gull wing car with a powerful 6-cylinder engine and a stainless steel body. • 6,000 still roam the roads today • Overproduction of sports car however led to the companies downfall and the British goverenment put De Lorean Motos into receivership in 1982. • The same year, DeLorean was arrested for trafficing cocaine, in an attempt to make money to keep up the company. • DeLorean, however was realeased from all charges on the account of the FBIʼs use of entrapment.
  10. 10. The Legacy • Known for his innovations to the auto industry such as noise reduction, wide track tires, turn signals, arched windshield wipers, overhead- cam 6 cylinder engine. • As well as his work with the Tempest and Lemans, the firebird, the Vega, the Pontiac GTO and the De Lorean. • The De Lorean was embeded in history in the movie “Back to the Future” in 1985.