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Evaluation question

  1. 1. ‘’What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?’’
  2. 2. iMovie iMovie is an editing software that is predominately used on macs and is the editing software our group used to edit clips we had filmed. During the film process, I was one of the characters and therefore my role was to edit a large amount of the film as other members acted as the protagonist in the film and others filmed using the camera. Furthermore, I spent a large amount of time using iMovie and discovering what type of effects and options it had to offer. Mainly, I spent time cutting down clips, detecting what parts our group would incline towards keeping and I did this by following our storyboard and shot list. Separating clips from what our group wanted to keep and get rid off consisted of dragging along the cursor on parts of the clip we wanted and to drag it up into a box which contains all the clips which will be able to be edited. As you can see here.
  3. 3. iMovie continued Also on iMovie, I added in effects which include ‘’cross dissolve’’ and ‘’cross blur’’. These two effects were used in the party scene and to transition between shots. These two were both suitable for the party scene as they are used between zooming in and out of characters whilst they are dancing and the effect they give is that it acts as if they are revealing fun moments of the party which makes the party feel more real to the audience. Another effect used on iMovie was on the audio effects and it was called ‘’large room’’. What this effect did was echo the sound of a character speaking. Our group used this in the Airport scene where Abhi and Amelia say goodbye to each other. ‘’Large room’’ was used effectively as it made the scene feel like it actually was in the past as in the opening the airport scene is 1 week earlier. For the start of our film, we have used the effect ‘’fade to black’’. This has been placed at the start of our opening to allow the first shot to fade in and not just appear from black to a sudden colour. On iMovie, we added titles too which said the members of our group and our roles in the filming process. To add titles I clicked on a ‘’T’’ sign which looks like this:
  4. 4. Edublogs Edublogs is school friendly website which allows students to create blogs which are used for lesson purposes. Before taking on AS Media Studies, I had never used the sit edublogs so throughout the course I have had to discover edublogs and get used to it’s layout. Quickly, I got used to edublogs as I started to add posts on my research and planning and I noticed different features of the website which include : a) Embedding links- Instead of copying and pasting links for videos into text, you are able to copy and past an embed link which allows you to actually see the video on the blog post instead or a typed URL. As the videos I used where from YouTube, to embed these videos, I copied and pasted the embed code and added it into the ‘’ text ‘’ tab on the edit post page and you copy the code into here and place it where you would like it to be located on the post b) Categorising posts – When creating a new post you are able to place them into categorys to keep them ordered, separate and neat. To do this, when your on the edit post you can add a new category or place in an existent category
  5. 5. Edublogs continued c) Inserting Images – To insert images to help explain what I have typed or to show an example of something, I learnt you must be on the edit post page and then click on the ‘’add media’’ button, which then opens up and then click on ‘’upload files’’ and then ‘’select file’’ and then it opens up the image file on the computer. The file of the image must be a JPEG file d) Inserting music – To insert a music file you follow the same route as for the image however you search for a music file instead of an image file. For my blog, I added in two music files which consisted of me interviewing a potential person who would watch our film opening as he was within our target audience. I did this as a music file as it made my blog abit more creative and less boring to look at.
  6. 6. After Effects After affects is another editing software like iMovie however after affects focuses on animation, not filmed clips. Myself and two other members out of my group were fortunate to be picked to take part in a 2 hour after effects workshop, were 3 visitors came in to teach us about the software and we got a step by step tutorial on making a small animation. Luckily we had the software on our macs at school so we were able to take what we had learnt in the workshop and incorporate it into our film opening and us 3 worked together in making our title of the film animated into our film. Using after effects we therefore learnt how to use another editing software.
  7. 7. Prezi Prezi is a software which offers different layouts to allow people to display what they like in different types of formats. I have used prezi to present work in my research and planning folder on my blog. This was my first time prezi so before adding in my work I looked through the website and clicked the buttons to see what everything did first so I would know what I am doing afterwards. To stat a prezi you first choose a template and then click ‘’use template’’. Next, I will take the prezi I made to show the feedback I received from our pitch as an example, you get a bunch of sections which is the template and you can add text and images into here. All the section are linked together as a ‘’path’’ so once you have finished and you have made your prezi, you click an arrow which goes from one section to another like a power point presentation.
  8. 8. Slide Share Slide share is another software which allows people to present information etc. on slide share, you do not edit, you upload a power point file onto the website and slide share makes it into a video where you skip slides by clicking an arrow to the next slide. I have used slide share on my blog to show what props we have chosen to include in our opening and also to explain mise en scene. This was the first time using this website so again I had to explore how you use the website and thankfully there were easy and simple steps to follow.
  9. 9. Digital HD Camera To film our shots, we used a digital HD camera. This was not the first time for me to use a digital camera however I had never used a camera with a tripod before so I was able to learn how to attach a digital camera to a tripod. In our group, for the diary and phone shot, I was using the camera then to film so I had the responsibility to attach the camera onto the tripod and another remember of our group said out loud that I had to get place the hole at the bottom of the camera and twist it onto a screw bolt type of material on top of the tripod.