School bullying


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  • It's good to know that a lot of youngsters are become awaring of the effects of bullying and are now ready to stand up against bullying. Yet, not all youngsters are becoming one. I am a parent and I am worried that my son may not be as strong as enough like them to fight against these bullies and so I tried to find solutions and luckily I found one. It's a solution which featured a safety app which gets me connected to a Safety Network or escalate my call to the nearest 911 when needed, it has other cool features that are helpful for your kids with just a press of a Panic Button. Check it here:
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School bullying

  1. 1. Unit 1Lesson 1
  2. 2.  Bully- (v.) to treat abusively or to put in wrong proper of use
  3. 3.  Physical Verbal Indirect Social Intimidation Cyber
  4. 4.  This type of bullying is when the bully would hurt and injure the victim by hitting, punching, kicking, pushing, etc. In elementary and middle schools, thirty and a half percent of bullying is physical.
  5. 5.  This type of bullying involves calling the victim hurtful names. This also includes making fun of religion, ethnicity, social status (or popularity group), the way they look, or disabilities they might have. Forty-six and a half of verbal bullying happens in elementary and middle schools.
  6. 6.  Indirect bullying is when the bully is not in the victims face, but will spread rumors about the victim. This can mean that the bully can tell any secrets that the victim has told the bully. Such as the bully can be the victims best friend, but can tell their secrets. About eighteen and a half of this type of bullying happens.
  7. 7.  This type of bullying is when the victim is excluded from any games and fun that the bullies are playing. This also can lead up to indirect bullying.
  8. 8.  This type of bullying is when the bully threatened the victim. This can get the victim frightened by the bully. This type can also lead up to the bully making the victim do whatever the bully wants.
  9. 9.  This type of bullying can be done by texting, messaging, and sending pictures. Basically this type of bullying involves technology of electronic media. Four percent of cyber bullying happens today.
  10. 10.  Have you ever bullied someone using these six types? Physical Verbal Indirect Social Intimidation Cyber