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  • www.localplacexpo.com/nacc
  • www.localplacexpo.com/nacc
  • www.localplacexpo.com/nacc
  • www.localplacexpo.com/nacc
  • The PBNM brings you the best of all worlds’ applications such as virtual expo, virtual job fair, social learning, and global trade commerce in a seamless integrated platform for all members.
  • www.localplacexpo.com/nacc
  • www.localplacexpo.com/nacc
  • www.localplacexpo.com/nacc
  • www.localplacexpo.com/nacc
  • www.localplacexpo.com/nacc
  • www.localplacexpo.com/nacc
  • This table clearly shows how PBNM offers a unique competitive advantage over traditional trade shows, and virtual events. With PBNM, you can easily and quickly launch a virtual expo in days instead of weeks or months. With, PBNM you can offer both live, on-demand, and on-going virtual expos 24/7 and 365 days a year. Finally, it is the overall integrated marketing automation system that PBNM can help you to connect, collaborate, network, promote, capture qualified leads, follow-up with every prospect for high sales conversion and funding. PBNM is definitely your secret weapon for today’s down economy.
  • www.localplacexpo.com/nacc
  • www.localplacexpo.com/nacc
  • Pbnm 2.0 nacc limited

    1. 1. Private Business Network Marketplace Connected to Achieve Great Things By Nigerian-American Chamber Of Commerce www.localplacexpo.com/nacc © Copyright eZ-Xpo, All Rights Reserved.
    2. 2. An overview of virtual expo partnership 2.0? Business Development  To help build New markets, products and services Brand Differentiation  Build brand loyalty  Reputation and brand attractiveness Resources Management  For better management and conservation of strategic assets Complete Strategic Partner & Client Life Cycle Strategic partners & client driven -best of both worlds at real-live active engagement and online collaborative events Customer Nurturing- Human Resources Automation Client support Integration with CRM Support for mobile phone SMS messaging & automated email campaign Personalized Exhibit Booth Network, Collaborate, Connect, & Promote Boost Qualified leads and Sales conversation Virtual Business Eco system Network B2B, B2C and other service delivery. Automated Follow-Up System www.localplacexpo.com/nacc 2
    3. 3. What is Private Business Network Marketplace? It is a framework of solutions customized around organizations needs by harnessing the Power of virtual event & cloud applications in a virtual business ecosystem (VBE). It is based on building a Collaborative Network of expo marketplaces namelyTrade fair Job Fair, Talent Show Conferences, e-learning etc Activities are reward based & custom-designed for every organization by city, state and country With a measurable performance index www.localplacexpo.com/nacc 3
    4. 4. Private Business Network Marketplace * Jump Start Job Creation & local business * Jump Start Virtual Contest Competition * Jump Start Social learning * Jump Start Entrepreneurship & Mentoring Program www.localplacexpo.com/nacc 4
    5. 5. The stakeholders at PBNM virtual expo business ecosystem • Event Organizer -In-House HR, CSR, PR, Shareholders, Marketing and Sales Officers, etc • Exhibitors - Chambers of Commerce - Government & Non Profit Organizations - Educational Institutions, SMEs & Every Organization. • Participants or Attendees - Youth / Students , etc NACC virtual exhibit booth www.localplacexpo.com/nacc 5
    6. 6. What is Virtual Business Ecosystem? Next Generation Solution Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage for corporate organizations in communities where they operate www.localplacexpo.com/nacc 6
    7. 7. Game Changer #1 - Virtual Business Ecosystem Community, indigenes, & Corporate. Stakeholders, Offer added-valued services to all members Via eLearning Showcase products/services Using Xpo Network with other Xpos for service delivery. Exhibitors/ Other Virtual Expos Partner with Consultants to Generate High Quality Content Sponsors Corporate Organization Consultants Content Deliver Live and On-Demand Training Using eLearning 7 www.localplacexpo.com/nacc
    8. 8. Game Changer # 2  Complete Customer Life Cycle  Customer Acquisition – Virtual Event  Customer Nurturing - Human Resource Automation  Client Support – Integration with CRM BENEFIT #1: Sustainable Leads & Profits & Unique Advantage www.localplacexpo.com/nacc
    9. 9. Game Changer #3 All-in-1Virtual Office for Your Business Customers CRM for Marketing Manager Contact Xpo for Sales Manager SINGLE DATA SOURCE Web Meeting XpoContact & CRM for Sales Rep XPO Integrating Virtual Expo into Marketing Automation LMS for Training Manager CRM for Support Manager Partners Trainer http://www.eZ-Xpo.com 9
    10. 10. Unique Value Proposition - #1  Automated Follow-up System  Fixing the industry challenge - 80% leads not follow-up from both physical and virtual events  Automatically send qualified leads to exhibitor, and sponsors before, during, and after each event  Email Campaign for up-sell & cross-sell  Personalized Exhibit Hall  Customer-driven exhibit hall  Product Category  Solution-Driven BENEFIT #3: Boost Marketing ROI & Sales Conversion www.localplacexpo.com/nacc
    11. 11. Unique Value Proposition - #2 Web 2.0 - Virtual Booth Executing tasks that physical show cannot:  Engage live interactions with customers, attendees or participants.  Launch live chat & webinar anytime  Showcase products/services 24/7  Conduct survey for customer feedback  Laser-focus ideal customer using built-in marketing intelligence   Seamless Integration  CRM (i.e., SugarCRM, SalesForce)  Event Management (i.e., Eventbrite.com)  Mobile (i.e., iPhone, iPad, Android)  Videoconferencing  Support over 40 languages Viral Marketing (eZ-Social Inviter)  Linkedin  Twitter  Facebook Benefit #3: Boost Qualified Leads & Sales Conversion www.localplacexpo.com/nacc
    12. 12. PBNM features & Unique Competitive Advantages FeaturesEvent Platform Traditional Community Social & Business Network Ability to Collaborate/Network with others 24/7 NO Online Contest, Vote, Polling, Rewards NO Live chat, audio, video, forum, group NO Automatic Follow-up with Email Campaign NO NO Personalized Virtual Showcase & Expo NO NO Ability to Launch Xpo & Online Training NO NO Mentorship, Job Fair, Talent Show, Book Expo NO NO Facilitate Fundraising & Crowdfunding NO NO Integration with Facebook, Twitter, & Linkedin NO NO Unlimited scalability by city, states, & country NO NO Very Expensive Still Expensive Private Business Network Marketplace Costs & time Low Cost & Fast
    13. 13. What are the benefits to stakeholders? Organization: Active Engagement & Collaboration  Unlimited Online Revenues Boost productivity, sales, Collective Wisdom, Unity & Synergy Automatically retains a follow-up with every participants during and after the main events with measurable ROI Communities: Expand business & job opportunities for all indigenes Increase Knowledge Base & Productivity– empowers youths to create events, post own projects & research; publish and contribute to industry publications. Boost Collective Wisdom, Unity & Synergy across the community. Benefit: Boost Entrepreneurship, Job Creation, Productivity, Sales, & Synergy www.localplacexpo.com/nacc 13
    14. 14. All-In-One Integrated Portal JumpStart Special  eLearning Private Training Portal  Web Conferencing – FREE ($149 monthly value)  Launch Webinar anytime up to 25 users  Desktop Screen Sharing  Whiteboard  Virtual Trade Show –  One-time set-up fee- $500 at 75% discount - Offer till June 2014) $2,000 value  Monthly platform maintenance subscription fees - $200  Launch Virtual Trade Show anytime  Fully integrated with your Private Training Portal 14 Unlimited Revenue Sharing Opportunities
    15. 15. Private Business Network Marketplace Biz Model Org StructurePBNM Platform One time set-up Fee – $500 (Special offer at 75% discount) Revenue Share Business Model : Attendee, Exhibitor & Sponsorship Subscription Fees Organization – PBNM Platform * Channels(Xpo Channel Marketplace) Monthly Subscription fees ($200) 20% – 80% * Multi-Channels(Multiple Xpo Channel Marketplace at Special Deal) Online Course Seminar/Workshop At special deal 20%– 80% 30%– 70% Conferences, Health Expo, Book Fair, TalentExpo, JobExpo, LocalPlaceXpo, Social Learning,
    16. 16. Want a FREE Consultation www.localplacexpo.com/nacc 16