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From Start to Finish Online


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Below are the slides from my presentation, From Start to Finish Online.

I presented the session on the quickest, most effective way to get your student newspaper online at the 90th annual Associated Collegiate Press and College Media Advisers National College Media Convention in Orlando, Fla.

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From Start to Finish Online

  1. 1. From Startto Finish Online
  2. 2. 1. Create goals and objectives
  3. 3. 2. Create a content/updatestrategy - Staffing - Policies - Content sharing - Update frequency
  4. 4. 3. Choose a name
  5. 5. 4. Determine your host - (free hosting, $99/yr customizing, $5/yr domain, $60/yr video) - (self-hosted, BlueHost, $7/ mo., but must pay for first year)
  6. 6. 5. Choose a theme template - Free magazine themes - Consider “ad ready” - Premium themes?
  7. 7. 6. Create a logo/flag
  8. 8. 7. Determine content sections - News - LifeStyles - Opinion - Sports - A&E - About Us
  9. 9. 8. Choose plug-ins - Social sharing - RSS - Email subs
  10. 10. 9. Generate content - Avoid shovelware
  11. 11. 10. Plan marketing October 26, 2011 Volume 106 Issue 8 Officials renovate - Integrated! residence halls due to vandalism By Rachel Morse Staff Writer Campus dorms will undergo renovations to secure dorm entrances. Student vandalism to dorm doors is the cause for the repairs, said Jeff Castleberry, director of facilities. Students are prying doors apart, causing them to spring open. - Don’t forget print “It has happened several times,” he said. “This time we said we are going to get a heavier door that the students hopefully can’t vandalize.” Replacements began Summer 2011 in the parking garage stairwells of Oklahoma United Methodist Hall, he said. Facilities put up walls with steel doors to secure the dorm and prevent manipulation of the doors. “We don’t want outside people getting in,” Castleberry said. This project led to all the dorms receiving new doors, he said. “We decided to go ahead and do the doors on the rest of the build- ings,” Castleberry said. promotion The new doors have been installed in Banning, Smith, and recently Methodist halls, Mark Anthony, assistant director of facilities and lead carpenter. “We completed Methodist Hall this past week,” he said. Emily Hawkins, acting/music freshman, said she saw facilities installing new doors but is not sure if she will benefit from them. “I don’t really use that side much, but they are really nice and help- ful,” she said. The replacement doors are heavy, gauge steel doors, Anthony said. “We’ve had some problems with vandalism on the doors in the past,” he said. “That’s why we’ve gone on to heavier doors.” Each time a door and frame is replaced, the cost is around $1,000, not including hardware, Anthony said. “Since summer we have spent about $15,000 just on doors,” Anthony said. - Key presence (ex: The funding comes from facilities and allotments from Rick Hall, vice Krista Spears/ The Campus president for student affairs, Castleberry said. Crowning achievement The objective of this project is to keep the student residents safe, Castleberry said. The old doors were easily manipulated and needed to April Nelson, music theater sophomore, smiles as she is crowned Miss OCU 2012 on Saturday in Kirkpatrick Fine Arts Center. be more secure. !"#$%&()"*#++#+,-.%/)01%-#-#)+#+/234%)+%5%6")(0%62&1")7#4%4859)4%:);1%"&)+62<-+%&&-"6#+#+,*#-.=230>6"%5 “Just help, we could sure use help on controlling that,” he said. Guthmiller-Cline and a photo session with Photographer Jonathan Walcher. History professor publishes book on Native American displacement university website) By Rachel Morse removal from the landscape, Buss said. finished the book last year, but it has class she feels Buss exposes students next solo work tentatively called, Staff Writer In his book he answers the question, taken a year to finish copyediting. to interesting topics. American Hubris: an Environmental “Where were Indians removed from “I finished the book one year “By publishing a book he would be History of the Maumee and Walbash Jim Buss, associate professor the landscape?” ago, but I am happy to see it’s done,” able to expand the world’s knowledge, River Valleys, Buss said. of history, recently published a “Language and culture were what Buss said. and I for one would definitely read “My piece [in Two Worlds] non-fiction work, shedding light on removed Indians from the landscape,” Andrew R. L. Cayton, president it,” she said. looks to the Miami Indians of prevalent issues in American history. Buss said. of the society of historians of the early The book was officially released Indiana,” he said. It “[American The work entitled, Winning He said his desire to write began American republic and professor of Oct. 25, but is available at Amazon Hubris] looks at the 300 year history the West with Words: Language as early as high school, and writing a history at Miami university of Ohio, and Barnes and Noble for $34.95, of rivers that used to connect to the and Conquest in the Lower Great book was always a goal he had. said in a review of the book, Buss Buss said. He said to expect a book Mississippi.” Lakes, discusses the history of Indian Jim Buss “I always thought of myself as proved to be “a smart and imaginative signing on campus with a discounted Buss said he and other professors removal in the southeast, he said. someone who liked to write,” Buss historian.” student price. have been giving back to their fields, “It’s about trying to understand “It was a question I always had,” said. “People recognized what I was “Winning the West with Words is “I don’t want to charge students and students should engage in their history and how Americans have lied he said. trying to say was important.” a wonderful example of how much we more than what it costs to make the professors’ work. to themselves,” Buss said. The concept of the book was based He spoke to several university can learn about something we think book,” he said. “We are all actively engaged in Buss said he was inspired, grow- on a dissertation topic proposed in presses, and in Oct. 2009 Buss signed we already know,” he said. He is currently developing two our fields,” he said. “I think students ing up, with the concept of the dis- graduate school at Bowling Green to publish with the University of Lo England, photography sopho- other works: Beyond Two Worlds, should support all faculty who are placement of native peoples. State University, concerning Indian Oklahoma press editors, he said. He more and student of Buss, said in a volume he is co-editing, and his publishing.” Organizations prepare for Homecoming “ By Rachel Morse Staff Writer It’s a big showcase Homecoming season is back but with a revised competition focused of what these on unifying campus organizations organizations do and fueling participation. ” The Homecoming kickoff will really well. be at 8 p.m. Thursday in Henry J. Freede Wellness and Activity Center. Marcus Sams The theme, “Written in the Stars,” focuses on spirit, pride and Student Activities Council chairman unity, said Homecoming Commis- sioner Liz Kinney. showcase of what these organizations still want to encourage partici- She said she created the theme do really well.” pants to attend these games.” with campus organizations in mind. Individual categories have under- The basketball game was can- “There are a lot of things orga- gone modification, Kinney said celled because of the scheduled nizations can do with it,” she said. The “Participation Category ” is team backing out, she said. It was “The words are meant to guide now the “Spirit Category,” which is too short a notice to pay another where they take their experience in meant to facilitate a more desirable team to come play. Homecoming.” competition “This was something we had Homecoming experienced many “It changed required participation no control over,” Kinney said. “We revisions, one being the timeframe to desired spirit,” she said. did what we could, but it will be of the event, Kinney said. The revised window competition fine with what we’ve replaced.” Instead of being two weeks, is one Kinney said she looks forward A carnival will replace the organizations will have one month to. The designs will be painted directly basketball game and will be hosted to prepare. on the windows in the Tom and from noon-5 p.m. Nov. 5, she said. “A month will help alleviate Brenda McDaniel University Center, “A lot will be going on at the stress and won’t affect schoolwork,” as opposed to previous years, and carnival,” she said. “It’s where she said. organizations will have three hours awards will be announced.” Marcus Sams, Student Activities to complete their window. Kinney said her goal for Council chairman, said competi- “We have never had such a speedy Homecoming is to provide the tions will be staggered throughout get-up-and-go competition,” she said. university with a fun, unifying the month, building up to the This year’s Homecoming does not competition. final week of competition Monday include mandatory sporting events “I really hope it brings the through Nov. 5, which includes Lip and will not have a Homecoming whole school together to feel a Marianne Pickens/ The Campus Sync and the reveal of the winning organization. basketball game, she said. “We felt we could better create, sense of pride and unity,” she said. Special guest “The final week is a culmina- generate, and encourage spirit and President Robert Henry guest lectures for a Governance in America class for Mohamed Daadaoui, associate professor tion of everyone’s hard work and pride where we can be more interac- of political science, Friday in Room 140 in Walker Center for Arts and Sciences. Henry discussed current topics in world participation,” he said. “It’s a big tive with participants,” she said. “We 1)2#-#/&;&3/.6&-.%?#856+,)7%"+0%+-6+4@36006"A6446<B&4%6-.C ONLINE Chowing down Student Senate Best in show SGA hosts Midnight Senators vote on more than Rowers featured Breakfast, OCUSpeaks $5,000 in requested funding for athletic achievements
  12. 12. 11. Be social - Twitter - Youtube - Facebook - Google+
  13. 13. 12. Measure and adjust - weekly updates: - Google Analytics - Google Adwords for SEO - Social stats
  14. 14. BONUS: Consider furtherdevelopment each month.
  15. 15. Break News Online Write for Print
  16. 16. Kenna Griffin