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Principoems pictures

  1. 1. HUMANITYHumanity. Protecting life and health.Respecting people. Working. Not for wealth.For friendship, understanding, lasting peace –towards the day when injustice will cease.Aware of human suffering. Opening doorsof prisons; entering into conflicts, wars,disaster zones. Getting the hungry fed.To boldly go where angels fear to tread.Humanitys unique and caring faceof any gender, religion or race.Not frightened to be different - working stillwhere no one else can work, or no one will.Alleviating suffering, bringing hope,food, water, shelter, resources to cope.Ploughing the no-mans-land, planting the treeGrowing a future for humanity.
  2. 2. IMPARTIALITYAn open mind. Impartialiiy.A non..discriminating claritywhere race, religion, nationalityare never barriers to charity.At Solferino Henry Dunantsaw both sides bleeding, dying. Both sides hauntthe man whose human sympathy cant bearthe inhumanity of wars mad glare.To help a man, no matter what his creed,not bandage one and let another bleed.To understand and follow Dunants leadand give to each according to his need.An empathy with Everyman despitebeliefs of who was wrong and who was right.Impartiality prompts us to movein human solidarity and love.
  3. 3. NEUTRALITYNeutrality is not indifference,inaction, incapacity or coldcompassionless closed doors behind the fence.Neutrality cannot be bought and sold.Neutraliiy is action with a heartwhich beats the rhythms of humanity;with both ears open wide to hear each voiceabove chaotic wars insanity.The neutral volunteer does not forgether ideology, religion, raceor politics. She knows herself. And yetshe knows there is more than one human faceNeutrality is not weak or naïve,steps boldly through barbed-wire, sees no sensein suffering, Not frightened to believe –neutrality embraces difference.
  4. 4. INDEPENDENCENot influenced by media, politics,power, or money with its dirty tricks.An independent movement has to beimmune to interference, honest, free.Its money must come freely with no strings.The movement must not get bogged down in thingsand processes and protocols, grey shapes,locked doors, closed files, dark secrets and red tapes.The independent movement targets need,not heeding animosity or greed.It does not race, compete, or join the queue –it does the jobs which no-one else will do.A democratic movement which is free,impartial, neutral, loves humanity.Its strength comes from its roots, right from the start –an independent person with a heart.
  5. 5. VOLUNTARY SERVICEThe volunteer has eyes which see the need,ears which hear the voice above the creed,an open heart which will respond with care,working hands, a spirit which will dare.Not under orders sent from far away,nor saying what he has been told to say.The volunteers strength comes from within –the reason for his work is up to him.The selfless gesture can restore a hope,reintroduce capacity to cope.A faith in life, an energy to live,part of a world whose nature is to give.The volunteer is not inspired by gainof money, prizes, status. Hes not vain.A taste for life. A thirst for what is true.His love for others tells him what to do
  6. 6. UNITYA unity of action, one for alland all for one. No factions, big or small.No splinter groups, divisions, no lost souls,white elephants, red herrings or black holes.Reaching remotest regions, reaching out.Inclusiveness is what its all about.Network of local branches bearing fruitsand drawing energy from common roots.Organization with a human face –discrimination never has a place.Organization with a human heart –open to everyone, right from the start.Including the whole country, every childand man and woman, every distant mile.Facing disasters, injustices, wars.Humans united in a common cause.
  7. 7. UNIVERSALITYRespect for human beings, love for life.Universality in times of strifeand times of peace. Awareness of the other,the victim, the poor country, the lost brother.Co-operation, reciprocity,and self-awareness in the family tree.A song where different voices all belong.The weak must not be silenced by the strong.Roots in all different cultures, branches freeto reach the sky and celebrate the tree.Fruits of humanity, green leaves unfurled- responsibiliiy around the world.If universal suffering gives us pause,then universal healing gives us cause.Were all in chains unless we all are free.We are all one big human family.