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100 haiku (2012) altered


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Published in: Education
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100 haiku (2012) altered

  2. 2. INTRODUCINGHUMANITYOut of the chaosThe flash of recognitionOf a human eye.
  3. 3. INTRODUCINGIMPARTIALITYSeeing beyondClothes, religion, race, cultureTo life’s beating heart.
  4. 4. INTRODUCINGNEUTRALITYEmbracing difference –Seeing the whole repeatedIn each of the parts.
  5. 5. INTRODUCINGVOLUNTARISMThe well of feelingRising above the surface,Making new pathways.
  6. 6. INTRODUCINGINDEPENDENCEStrong navigator –Not swayed by fear or favour –On course through the maze.
  7. 7. INTRODUCINGUNITYFrom all directions,Streams and rivers creatingHumanity’s sea.
  8. 8. Roots in all cultures,The great tree of humanityUnfurling new leaves.INTRODUCINGUNIVERSALITY
  10. 10. PRACTICAL ACTION:WE CAREWe care. Everywhere.In front page disasters andIn forgotten wars.
  11. 11. PRACTICAL ACTION:WE DELIVERWe deliver. InEmergencies: food, shelter, hope,Water, medicine.
  12. 12. PRACTICAL ACTION:WE STOP HUNGERWe stop hunger. HereAnd now and for tomorrow,Helping rebuild lives.
  13. 13. PRACTICAL ACTION:WE QUENCH THIRSTWe quench thirst. Not justPlastic bottles of water –Tube-wells, irrigation.
  14. 14. PRACTICAL ACTION:WE TEACHWe teach. We explainHumanitarian lawFor every nation.
  15. 15. PRACTICAL ACTION:WE BRING HOPEWe bring hope. We reachBehind locked doors and becomeThe prisoner’s friend.
  16. 16. PRACTICAL ACTION:WE UNITEWe unite the lostChildren of the aftermathWith their families.
  18. 18. COMMUNICATINGHUMANITYHumanity canNever be bought or sold andIt is not a brand.
  19. 19. COMMUNICATINGIMPARTIALITYImpartiality:Don’t lose your meaning inThe cultural gap.
  20. 20. COMMUNICATINGNEUTRALITYNeutrality: freeFrom political, racial,Religious messages.
  21. 21. COMMUNICATINGINDEPENDENCEIndependence: notTo be manipulated,Used, sold or traded.
  22. 22. COMMUNICATINGVOLUNTARY SERVICEVoluntary service:The act born of empathyIs the pure message.
  23. 23. COMMUNICATINGUNITYUnity: openTo everyone: the languageOf humanity.
  24. 24. COMMUNICATINGUNIVERSALITYUniversality:One song of humanityIn every dialect.
  26. 26. TALKING HENRY DUNANT:SAMARITANJean Henry Dunant:Samaritan from Geneva:World citizen.
  27. 27. TALKING HENRY DUNANT:HOME TOWNThe White Gentleman:He is from my home town: atLeast he seems to be.
  28. 28. TALKING HENRY DUNANT:CONSCIENCEThe man of conscienceCannot look away: he hasNo choice but action.
  29. 29. TALKING HENRY DUNANT:BLOODThe uniforms wereDifferent but the blood isAll the same colour.
  30. 30. TALKING HENRY DUNANT:MORTAL DIFFERENCESBoth sides bleed and die:Mortal differences areNot even skin deep.
  31. 31. TALKING HENRY DUNANT:SOLFERINOSolferino dawn:Now they are fallen they haveSo much in common.
  32. 32. TALKING HENRY DUNANT:TUTTI FRATELLIChiesa Maggiore:Five hundred men lie injured:Tutti fratelli.
  33. 33. TALKING HENRY DUNANT:MOTHERSEnmity is death.Castiglione mothersEvery injured son.
  34. 34. TALKING HENRY DUNANT:WITNESSThe witness of warWrote the truth, paid the printerAnd appealed for action.
  35. 35. TALKING HENRY DUNANT:INSTINCTHe did not wait toBe asked, approved or sponsored:He worked on instinct.
  37. 37. TALKING JEAN PICTET:CEMENTRed Cross actions likeStones in an edifice. TheCement: principles.
  38. 38. TALKING JEAN PICTET:FLOWERThe flower of action –Once plucked by officialdom –Will wither and die.
  39. 39. TALKING JEAN PICTET:BUREAUCRACYWe must not let theBureaucratic machineryDestroy the garden.
  40. 40. TALKING JEAN PICTET:BEWAREBeware invasiveProfessionalism whichKills initiative.
  41. 41. TALKING JEAN PICTET:DOCTORThe caring doctor:Not only curing sickness:Promoting health.
  42. 42. TALKING JEAN PICTET:PREVENTIONPrevention is better,Cheaper, happier than cure –But makes no headlines.
  43. 43. TALKING JEAN PICTET:HAPPINESSTo give happinessIs the greatest charity –Free and contagious.
  44. 44. TALKING JEAN PICTET:NO MERITThere is no meritTo be found in grey walls, sourFaces, tasteless food.
  45. 45. TALKING JEAN PICTET:NEVER AN OBJECTA human beingIs never an object orA means to an end.
  46. 46. TALKING JEAN PICTET:ONLY CASUALTIESFor the Red Cross thereAre no just or unjust wars:Only casualties.
  48. 48. TALKING JEAN PICTET:SYMBOLThe symbol of peaceIn the midst of combat: aMoral element.
  49. 49. TALKING JEAN PICTET:THE SWIMMERHead above water –Swimming in politics butNever swallowing.
  50. 50. TALKING JEAN PICTET:THE COMPASSThe compass needle:Selflessness. The Golden Rule:Gold counts for nothing.
  51. 51. TALKING JEAN PICTET:LIGHTIf there is no lightWithin us, how shall we findThe path in the darkness?
  52. 52. TALKING JEAN PICTET:SOLIDARITYSolidarity:The duty to help marriesThe right to receive.
  53. 53. TALKING JEAN PICTET:KEEPING ON THE TRACKA train of actions:Not prepared to leave the trackOf the possible.
  54. 54. TALKING JEAN PICTET:TRUE AIDTrue aid consists inMaking the man who suffersInto a free man.
  56. 56. A QUESTION OF QUALITY:CHOICE & INVOLVEMENTIs it generousTo give pork sausagesTo hungry muslims?
  57. 57. A QUESTION OF QUALITY:COMPETENCE & ACCURACYWill the food arriveIf the driver is lost andCannot read the map?
  58. 58. A QUESTION OF QUALITY:EFFECTIVE ACCESSIs the open signContradicted by a closedUnwelcoming face?
  59. 59. A QUESTION OF QUALITY:EFFECTIVE REDRESSAre you too busyTo answer questions? And tooProud to delegate?
  60. 60. A QUESTION OF QUALITY:EMPATHYWhen you meet can youFeel the other heart beat, standIn the other’s shoes?
  61. 61. A QUESTION OF QUALITY:EQUITYIs it a questionOf how long the string is orHow long it needs to be?
  62. 62. A QUESTION OF QUALITY:INFORMATIONDo you stop to checkYou are heard and understoodOr broadcast regardless?
  63. 63. A QUESTION OF QUALITY:RELIABILITYAre your words reallyFoundations for buildingOr castles in the air?
  64. 64. A QUESTION OF QUALITY:REPRESENTATIONDo representativesTell you how it feelsOn the receiving end?
  65. 65. A QUESTION OF QUALITY:RESPONSIVENESSIs there a keyworkerTo open the doorOf co-operation?
  66. 66. A QUESTION OF QUALITY:SECURITY & SAFETYCan you be trusted?Are vulnerable peopleQuite safe in your hands?
  67. 67. A QUESTION OF QUALITY:TANGIBLE ISSUESIs the receptionAs comfortable asThe director’s office?
  68. 68. A QUESTION OF QUALITY:USER STATUSDo you show respect?Or do you look down on thePerson you’re helping?
  69. 69. A QUESTION OF QUALITY:PARTICIPATIONDid you think that youCould make the jigsaw with halfThe pieces missing?
  70. 70. A QUESTION OF QUALITY:ORCHESTRATIONIs our ensembleA concerted harmonyOr a cacophony?
  71. 71. A QUESTION OF QUALITY:IMAGINATIONCan you imagineIf she was in your shoes andYou were barefooted?
  72. 72. A QUESTION OF QUALITY:UNDERSTANDINGThe barefoot Red Cross:Must start from where people are,Build on what they know.
  74. 74. BATTLING BABEL:BATTLEBattle of language:Principles are hostages,Prisoners of thought.
  75. 75. BATTLING BABEL:HI-JACKEmpty, hi-jacked words- justice, human rights, charity -stolen from humanity.
  76. 76. BATTLING BABEL:SNOW TYRESThey cannot buy youCredibility bySelling you like snow tyres.
  77. 77. BATTLING BABEL:TEN PER CENTAdding ten per centOf black to all your coloursDoes not help you care.
  78. 78. BATTLING BABEL:THE OTHER SIDEWaiting for posters:Wrong messages but the backsAre virgin paper.
  79. 79. BATTLING BABEL:MISSING THE POINTWord processed papers,Power point presentations,Miles from reality.
  80. 80. BATTLING BABEL:MINUTESMinutes of meetings.Tick. Tock. Worlds apart from theMinutes of agony.
  81. 81. BATTLING BABEL:BRIDGESWe can only travelOn bridges built fromBoth sides of the river.
  82. 82. BATTLING BABEL:MEANINGSay what you mean andMean what you say. In that wayWe know where we are.
  83. 83. BATTLING BABEL:LISTEN!Have you come here toTell me what I need or toAsk me what I want?
  84. 84. BATTLING BABEL:TWO-WAYCommunicationIs a two-way processOr a waste of time.
  85. 85. BATTLING BABEL:TOUCHThe touch of your handCan communicate hope ifYou have hope to give.
  86. 86. BATTLING BABEL:TONEThe tone of your voiceCan offer more shelter thanThe refugee tent.
  87. 87. BATTLING BABEL:LOOKThe look in your eyeCan offer more strength than theFood you are serving.
  88. 88. BATTLING BABEL:SECRETSBeware protocols,Locked doors, closed files, dark secrets,Red tape inertia.
  89. 89. BATTLING BABEL:THINK!Acting without thoughtCompounds disaster. Think! AndThink and think. Then Act.
  90. 90. BATTLING BABEL:RESPONSIBILITYEveryone isResponsible to everyone:Eyes, ears, hands, heart, brain.
  92. 92. TODAY’S DILEMMAS:WHEN TO SPEAKTo understand whenTo speak out and when to workAnonymously.
  93. 93. TODAY’S DILEMMAS:HOW TO SPEAKTo avoid the tricksOf advertising: to giveReal information.
  94. 94. TODAY’S DILEMMAS:BRIDGING THE GAPTo bridge the gapBetween clean theory andMuddy reality.
  95. 95. TODAY’S DILEMMAS:LOST FOR WORDSTo communicateIn this strange world of spin andStolen languages.
  96. 96. TODAY’S DILEMMAS:ORIENTATIONTo keep our bearingsWhen the compass swings wildlyAnd the sky is dark.
  97. 97. TODAY’S DILEMMAS:RESISTING POLITICSTo resist the lureOf politics, slippery slopeTo partisanship.
  98. 98. TODAY’S DILEMMAS:CONTINUING TO CARETo keep caring inDisasters which threaten toOverwhelm reason.
  99. 99. TODAY’S DILEMMAS:STRIKING A BALANCETo strike a balanceBetween helping others andLiving our own life.
  100. 100. TODAY’S DILEMMAS:INSPIRED BY LOVETo continue toBe inspired by love and notBy selfish motives.
  101. 101. TODAY’S DILEMMAS:PERSPECTIVETo stand back from theSingle thread we weave and seeThe entire fabric.
  103. 103. THE KEY OFHUMANITYHumanity.Respect for others. The key toA human future.
  104. 104. THE KEY OFIMPARTIALITYImpartiality.The key which opens bordersIn lands and minds.
  105. 105. THE KEY OFNEUTRALITYNeutrality. TheKey which opens prison doorsAnd must never be sold.
  106. 106. THE KEY OFINDEPENDENCEIndependence. TheKey to the kindergarten,Research lab and truth.
  107. 107. THE KEY OFVOLUNTARY SERVICEVoluntary service.Key to connectedness andGateway to action.
  108. 108. THE KEY OFUNITYUnity. The keyTo symbiosis, synergy,Co-operation.
  109. 109. THE KEY OFUNIVERSALITYUniversality.Cultural diversity.The key to liberty.