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Internship application


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Internship in Singapore

Published in: Technology, Education
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Internship application

  1. 1. Photo 4x6 INTERNSHIP APPLICATIONI./ Personal details: Full name: Sex: Male: □ Female: □ Nationality: Date of Birth: Place of Birth: ID: Date of issue: Place of issue: Passport (if any): Date of issue: Place of issue: Family register book: Permanent address: Cell phone: Home phone: Email: Reference: Phone number: Address: Marital status: Single: □ Marriage: □ Hobbies: Height: Weight: Health status (Maim or sick): Pregnant status (If female):II/ Ability: Strength WeaknessIII/ Education: Type of Duration School name Certificate training Specialized Classified (From …/… to …/…)* Language: (Good, Fair, Average, bad) Language Listening Speaking Reading Writing Page 1/3
  2. 2. * Certificate: Name of Certificate Date of issue Place of issue Classified* Other courses:  Other social activities: (Member of club, community or organization)IV/ Work experience: (Still be a student)) Duration: Company: Position: (Describe in brief, achievement, if you are a manager – tell the Salary: number of employer you have: Starting Ending Reason for quitting:V/ Prize, achievement in studying:VII/ If you are chosen for internship, you have:* Plan for job: (In details /Your idea about the job)  Requirement or support you need from recruiting company: Page 2/3
  3. 3. VII./ The reason you are chosen for internship in Singapore:VIII/ Family background: (Parents, husband, wife, children, brother and sister) Full Sex Date of Birth Relation Job - Company namIX/ Your relatives: (2 relatives or 2 persons know you for our contact) Full name Relation Phone number Address or emailX/ The other information:* Do you have relatives living, working or studying in Singapore? (Full name, relation, place of working orstudying)* Have you ever gone abroad? If “yes”: Which country, when and what for?* Why do you know this internship program? …………., ……/ ……/ ……… (dd/mm/yy) Applicant- Thank you for your application, we will consider and inform you with next steps if your application is accepted. Page 3/3