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Email Marketing: Building a Loyal Following

  1. Email Marketing: Building a Loyal Following… and Keep Sales Flowing with Ken Lizotte CMC
  2. “ Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet!” Ralph Waldo Emerson
  3. Questions Entrepreneurs Ask Each Other: How do you find new business? How do your customers find you? How do people hear about you? How do you market your services? How do you generate leads?
  4. … off in the WRONG Directions! Panic sets in, leading to disagreeable, impersonal, “outer-focused” next steps: Cold Calls… UGH! Advertising… EXPENSIVE! Direct Mail… TIME, $$$, FRUSTRATION
  5. Pillar # 1: Publish Your Ideas
  6. Pillar # 2: Speak to Groups and Followers
  7. Pillar # 3: Fresh Thinking!
  8. Pillar # 4: Creatively Leverage the Internet
  9. Pillar # 5: Vigorously Use the Media
  10. Objective: Get Your Prospects to… CALL YOU !!!
  11. … and then Keep Them CONNECTED !!!
  12. RESULT #2: No more cold calls, advertising, direct mail, bewildering questions… serenity!