Ken Kindt of Signworld Attends Annual Convention of The Entrepreneur Source


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Laguna Hills, CA – February 23, 2012- President & founder of Signworld, Ken Kindt
attended The Entrepreneur Source annual convention. The Entrepreneur's Source offers a
more organized and user-friendl

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Ken Kindt of Signworld Attends Annual Convention of The Entrepreneur Source

  1. 1. Ken Kindt of Signworld Attends Annual Conventionof The Entrepreneur SourceLaguna Hills, CA – February 23, 2012- President & founder of Signworld, Ken Kindtattended The Entrepreneur Source annual convention. The Entrepreneurs Source offers amore organized and user-friendlHonolulu, Feb 23, 2012 -- During the annual convention, Ken Kindt was there toexplain the TES coaches about Signworld opportunities. He gave them each & everydetail regarding the culture of Signworld. He let all the coaches to know about therecent technology they are working on.According to Ken Kindt "We value our partnership with TES. They have introducedus with many business owners, who aim to take the Signworld as their business. TheEntrepreneur Source provides education, coaching and resources to individuals whodesire to achieve their dream of becoming self-sufficient through business ownership.They help business owners boost their bottom line. Terry Powell, President andFounder of TES, has put together a great organization that continues to nurture andget better each and every year."Ken Kindt explained the procedure of hiring a new franchise owner to the Signworldbusiness, "The Entrepreneur Source helps us in finding a good franchise owner.Firstly, a person approaches The Entrepreneur Source for building their rewardingcareers, taking control of their lives and creating financial freedom. Then the personis referred to Signworld.""For those that want to own their own business, we provide a time tested process andaccountability. Together we identify the persons Investment tolerances. Then theyget the training, to know more about the graphic Designs and the Signage business.Lastly they are provided a territory of their own choice to start their new business.The new business owners are allowed to select the name according to their choice."added Ken Kindt of Signworld.Ken Kindt said, "The new business owners are allowed to share their toughestproblems and make them work with their coach and the team of other SignworldOwners to find solutions and fix them. They are also provided the facility toexperience the added benefit of Signworlds over 24 years of experience to guidethem along the way. They are connected to the extranet to share the problems theyface while working with the Signworld."About SignworldSignworld is a national organization with more than 250 independently owned signcompanies, which provide commercial custom signage and graphics. Jack Warnerand Ken Kindt lead the Top management at Signworld. It is personable, creative,rewarding and ideal for people-oriented individuals who have the desire to learn howto manage a sales and production business. Signworld affiliates are a cut above Page 1 of 2
  2. 2. traditional sign companies. Ongoing support and training is provided along with state-of-the-art equipment. Signworld business model runs on a no royalty concept. You can learn more about Signworld at Contact Information: Name: Ken Kindt Signworld Company: Signworld Corporation Telephone: 888-765-7446 Email: Page 2 of 2Powered by TCPDF (