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4 areas where the sign industry continues to change


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Signworld's review of changes occurring in the sign industry

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4 areas where the sign industry continues to change

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  2. 2. A few members from Signworld corporate staff recently attended the SGIA show that took place in Orlando, FL. The focus and goal for attending the show was to learn more about what is currently going on in the industry but more importantly find out what is on the horizon as far as changes in technology and signage are concerned.
  3. 3. Here are a few of our observations: • Equipment • Textiles • Technology advances
  4. 4. Sign Opportunities Sign opportunities continue to grow with the imagination of either the customer or the sign provider. Windows, walls and floors have become hot marketing spaces because the materials available have allowed for better adhesion to these surfaces regardless of the finish. Interior designers and architects have begun to utilize the services of sign companies to produce custom designed wallpapers and window graphics to help complete a theme or design of a room. Digital printing allows for more intricate designs to be implemented where traditional painting practices fall short.
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