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  1. 1. How Eletoronic Notification Work  s1170041  Kenji Yamada
  2. 2. Nowadays Our Life!  We can receive m any information o n e-mail. And all most all people ha ve mobile phpne! So mobile phpne made it possible t o be convenience!
  3. 3. What is How Electoronic Ntification Electoronic Notification Work is to notify information to the customer
  4. 4. Example of Electoronic Notification !
  5. 5. Example!We can receive e-mail to store, shop and company, if we rigister member.
  6. 6. Luxes service  This is LS600! The re is notification service! We can take appointment hotel!
  7. 7. Notification Worl From Now ON! I think that people all over the world more rely on electoronic notification from now on! It is need to study web for University of aizu students!
  8. 8. UsaabilityAllmost system Electoronic Notificationwe can easy to register! All we have todo is to put some imformation!
  9. 9. Weak Point.However it is not good to rely on notificaion work so hard! Some times we received unwanted e-mail!
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